Far Cry 5 Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

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” s up everybody. This is carrick with ac jian as always its my continuing mission mission to bring you reviews that aren t two minutes long or filled with sponsored and today. I bring you another review for another day for another game and it s far cry. 5.

Now this is basically the run and gun of far cry. 4. But you rub little duck dynasty in there you grab your matthew mcconaughey david koresh mixed figure and sprinkle the game world with folks who think the second amendments like the original night writer and it can t be outdone. It is really a tongue in cheek look at the patriotic results of people left to their own devices.

And most likely a tremendous amount of first cousin humping also thanks to ubisoft for making. Sure that the codes were available. A week in advance. Which always makes things easier so as always if you liked the video maybe subscribe.

So here s my review for far cry. 5. Religious leaders allergic to shirts universal soldier bear and proof that man buns will bring society to its knees graphics art. First well on the ps4 and the xbox original you get the 30 fps 1080p.

Most likely expect with these games on the ps4 pro and xbox x. You get 30 fps at 4k resolution. And i can say. There was supposed to be a higher fps option so you could run it at 1080p.

But get that increased frame rate. But updated fully needed the xbox x. Nor. The ps4 pro popped that so i m assuming.

It s for a patch. Later also hd are across all platforms. That can support it and well not the best replication of its traits. It s still really well done here flying through the night sky and a helicopter outfitted with two people that you hire.

Because you thought folks walking down the road with a 308 rifle was normal. It s easy to notice that jump in color gamut and brightness when it comes to the pc. It is also. Supported which is always nice now on a.

Current gen. I7 at 45. And a 1080 ti. The game actually hit 4k 60fps.

With just a couple settings turned down from ultra with only a couple bumps here and there when comparing platforms the console versions of course have a small number of changes like less trees far away and even some actual structural differences to rock formations. Now that being said on all systems. There is a bit of popping in this game s world. And it can get pretty brutal on the consoles with the occasional moment where it looks like you re recording somebody s garden in time lapse photography as you re flying a helicopter or riding in a plane.

Let s talk about carnage for a second because like the past far cry games. Primal notwithstanding. The games have always been known for throwing the largest number of explosives towards the largest number of exploding things and then seeing what happens and have to say it s nice have a game that doesn t really drop down to unplayable frame rates when you smash the light the world on fire button and you have or grenades going off a car. Exploding a chick turning into a puma next to you in a vision quest.

Moment right then an enemy plane is taken down and explodes like 30 feet in front of you. But sadly that also shows a number of the game s weaknesses..

Collision detection fails a large number of times resulting in enemies dying and flying through the side of a wall. Their body hanging out of it like something from jacob s ladder. That is actually going to happen quite often also why they can usually navigate locations many times. It s like the ai is like dude.

I m too busy for this ladder. And about 3 4 of the way up they just sort of slide into being at the top of it here s the thing. Though i adore the world design. I love verticality especially in games like this and while far cry.

5. Doesn t trump the insane acrophobia moments of some of the past titles. There is this natural looking location and environment throughout the entire time you play the game. And it s drawing your eyes towards those locations.

That helps in the feeling of exploration. There s always one more hill one more fire tower on it with a mysterious light or something else to cause you to want to explore the main npcs run from good to great in their overall look. But they do have a bit of that ubisoft roughness to them that i think we ve come to expect for example. The leader of the religious mafia.

Looks like he fell down. A friggin hill covered in blackberries brushed himself off and then got a facial. There were the sheriff who is obviously trying to win a worst mustache award. But it s apparently the only person in the running overall.

I have to say the fps is mostly solid on the consoles and very good on the pc and in combination with that and the fact you have hdr on all the systems. Where it can be supported and i love the overall look sound music and voice. You look at hell. Yeah.

Well i feel like it to need help getting back inside hell. No i ll manage let s do music. First. It s everything that the incredible music from the tv show justify did for that but in game.

Form a naturalistic soundtrack with folksy moments. Interspersed with what sounds like the world s most depressed banjos playing in the background. Incredible tracks and there are a couple moments like that when you take over an outpost and the celebration music goes off. And you keep looking around for a 4th of july fireworks display.

This also translates though to different musical choices to reflect the bosses themselves and their locations altering from the mystical and melodic country tunes to heavy industrial depending on which of the leaders land you re traveling into which was an interesting way of doing it and i liked it that brings us to sound. It s got a nice wide spectrum of sounds and the throaty explosions in deep bass of large ordnance is something that you noticed right away as i ve talked about in past. Reviews. Good audio is with separate excellent games from the just good ones.

As information is imparted to the player in a way that allows for more than just the sense of sight to be used here for the most part it is good. But i ran into one hell of a bug that would not go away. Occasionally. The surround sound would just lose its mind.

And everyone sounded like they all ran off to hide in a train tunnel to record all their lines. All the explosions and all the directional audio and lastly. I have to say i think we re all past the point. Where we thought suppressors work like you should have steven seagal asked first over the barrel or your weapon.

And when you fired it sounds like he s whispering during a movie here you really do have that all the time though and weapons in which you can suppress really have such a tight tonal layer to him that they sound a little goofy they sound a little bit like paintball guns. And i would have loved to have seen that actually replicated in a more accurate fashion especially because the rest of the guns..

At least try to in some way that brings us to voice. Now this is really well done from faiths representation of hotness gone crazy singing and dancing through trees one moment conspiratorial tones. The next she sets the stage for what i think the other remaining leaders do which is solidly entrenched themselves in their belief systems tonally you can hear that come out you can recognize that feeling of what happens. When leaders of this kind end up gathering groups around them and i can t lie and say joseph seeds as material as voss or as maniacal as pagan men.

But he makes up for that with a more nuanced style here that of a leader. Who suggests rather than orders. Who believes and of course. He makes others do so.

This is delivered with x speech direction throughout almost all of the game. But one special thing i have to absolutely talk about is the standout moment of a wickedly scary campfire story told in broad daylight while trucking down a camp trail. It s about somebody simply named the cook. Very awesome moment in the game.

Everybody here really seems to have pretty good voice directions. Gameplay and a bit about the story so far cry. 5. Starts with you is the unnamed sheriff s deputy heading into eden s gate compound to arrest the radical preacher joseph seed.

Who apparently spends all his time suffering from glaucoma working out and fixing his man bun. What follows is a series of misadventures that runs through the tutorial as things go. Unsurprisingly. Poor for your small group.

A lawman and yes. The story does have a fairly rambunctious ending by the way. But we ll discuss the journey and when it comes to journey let s get this out of the way the towers are gone. This is not how the game divides out its locations at all you travel to see what you see exploration for better or worse.

Is hightail. It in a car setting a waypoint just driving from point to point to point to point or running or walking whichever way you want to after the tutorial. The game actually opens up and it s about you rampaging through the territories killing game fish and taking down enemy strongholds hiring resistance fighters in re enacting clan of the cave bear as best as you can as you try to take down seed and his family each location has a variety of different activities. You can perform and stories to tell.

And it s in those stories. And it s in that almost novelization of the quests where far cry. 5. Has some incredibly entertaining moments.

The way the game doles out information isn t really new with major story elements unlocked as you work through one of the herald s locations. But it s a side quest that feels so natural here you might find a person wandering lost in the woods. Who s looking for a family member and help track them down or liberate a truckstop from enemy forces and find inside various hints of horrible things done wrong to the family members and then you find someone there who can start you off on another killing spree. Overall.

It s just a more natural progression of quests and the fact that they overlap one another and as you continue to explore and understand the lore everything starts to fill in the gaps and the layers. It is very well done also i have to say i love the fact that as you travel through the lands. And you hire people to fight with you and you can get perks to actually have even more of them each of these specialized fighters of which there ix has a story to tell and those stories not only open up the game s fiction. But they overlap like i said with the other quests also the fact that ubisoft went with a number of quests that don t involve shooting or involve some odd antic to the side helps to minimize a bit of the repetition that we might feel in other games.

Now speaking of shootin. Let s discuss those who might join you the specialist fighters. You can get all have powerful side abilities like adelaide who can bring a chopper at full speed allowing for you to quick exit some of the locations if you need or beaches a wild mountain lion barely tamed that kills enemies on the sly well this is an extension of the past far cry games. I love that it also allows for you to really hire three other generic fighters from the game world.

Each one of them having two random skills as well from more than 15 for example their skills like veterinarian. Which raises the other partners..

If they re hurt and they re in an animal type or no tracks. Which makes you completely unseen in long grass. Well the animals can t throw down suppressing fire like grace can if you couple them with someone who can heal them they can extend your stealth outreach farther than almost anything else in the game it allows for a building on and to me an experimentation of how you put everything. Together you can also bring a friend in to co op and while it doesn t impact their game.

At all think of them as sort of a named hired gun you can play all the way to the end with somebody else and of course. Whether you re alone or somebody else. The shooting mechanics or what matter here in far cry doesn t stray too far from its past titles. It s a bit change.

Though it does track bullet drop and loss of velocity over distance a little more here but admittedly at times. It feels almost too aggressive. There s these moments where non armored enemies can soak up shots. Like the latest victim of a comic roast and just sort of shrug them off it didn t happen a ton of times.

But it happened a few times. Now as you shoot stab burn blow up and punch enemies into the sweet delicious hereafter. You can also complete challenges. Which unlock perk points.

Make three dynamite kills it s a perk point stealth kill allegiant enemies perk points. And use those to buy the perks that allow you to carry more items sabotage enemy trucks return downed friends to battle even faster craft a wingsuit or be able to lockpick safes versus blowing them up all the time also they have the crafting which is based around mostly hunting and collecting what s nice though is if you want you can buy a perk that for a lot of those craftable items be purchasable. So if you don t want to hunt. You really don t have to but that sadly brings us to far cry fives issues.

First each area you want to take down. You have a number of enemy patrols and this really doesn t thin out until you ve taken down the leader of that location and actually it ramps up a bit as you come near the end this means running into enemy patrols every friggin second because the number of people you re gonna see is actually a little staggering. And that s also an issue because the game s ai loses its friggin mind all the time. It s not strange to see a bear on fire running in circles around a dude who absolutely apparently hates the wall of a nearby building.

No one has to be inside that building by the way he just hates. It and then to their right is a guy getting into and out of a truck repeatedly like the world s loneliest version of last man standing also don t ask him to drive anywhere or anything. But the slowest of vehicles they just panic driving off to the side of the roads smashing into enemies on the other side of the road in fact friendlies on the other side of the road everything they just seem to always want to go to the other side of the road also the order in which you do the locations is gonna dramatically impact your playthrough if you do faiths area first it s easiest to consider her missions like down in a ten pound bucket of peyote and then handing out guns and telling everybody they shoot friggin rainbows. It s a mine screw.

It s an unadulterated. What the hell series of moments with random visions in the middle of firefights cats. Turning into humans. Humans turning into bears.

And some hot chick. Trying to sell you her version of the end times with a passionate voice while pulling off some sound of music dance. Number in the center of a gun battle and none of that is hyperbole that actually happens this means that tonally the game shifts a great deal from the somewhat realistic idea of a cult gone wrong to pure fantasy. And then back again of course you don t have to do the campaign mode.

You can do the arcade mode. It s here in all its glory with a full editor to make your own levels and throw them into the game. And also have them seen by others downloading maps is pretty easy you just click play it and it does so and last. But not least let s talk about microtransactions are they there yes and everything can be purchased with in game cash.

But prestige items think the normal items. But with better skins are purchased with either money or silver bars. And there s a bit of a rub here that i don t like every time you go into almost any store. And there are a number of them in the game world.

You re beset by the typical two prong pricing approach in the better looking items. This is something that really didn t happen as much in origins it happens every time here and also they re downright expensive..

Five bucks is the lowest buy in getting you 500 silver bars and while some of the guns and cars cost less than that many don t it should also be noted that you get silver bars in the game. Also if you save outpost and also the fact that there s so many of them there s so many vehicles so many boats so many airplanes that it feels like you could never really get anywhere close to all of them in the end those are pretty bothersome as a complete package. I would say far cry. 5.

Can be an absolute blast to explore due to the way the game is experienced the entire tale can change and that is to the developers credit whether you engage in that or not or like that or not as of course something different. I did 20 hours into it and suddenly the entire tone shifted and it wasn t halfway through even and it was just this interesting take on the title fun factor. There is a ton to do in far cry. 5.

And much of it is fun its quest progression is magnificent compared to many other games as is the exploration style of gameplay that we ve seen other titles take far cry. 5. Leaps onto their shoulders and adds. More and with a friend of course in co op.

The fun factor can be insanely high. But the ai really does hurt the game it just does it spawns far too often and it s a reliance on spawning behind you to surprise you during battles. Just never really feels as organic as the world. I think would like you to see and feel that it is additionally.

Anna may be a far cry for where you re in this contested zone. It seems a little bit more realistic here not so much. But let s be honest this needed a more judicious hand to controlling the game world when it makes far cry. 4.

Feel like it s empty. You know you might have a little issue so as you guys know are 8 games. On a bye wait for sell rent or never touch it again rating scale. This is a wait for a sale for far cry games.

It s always two steps forward one step back and the improvements here are keen. But what my gameplay always came down to was the fact that the spawning system was just so out of control. And everything felt so messy over time any engagement. I wanted to have would always be infected by some type of badger or creature leaping in and attacking everybody and at first that was fine.

But when it stopped characters from being able to talk to me because they get halfway through their sentence. And then some animal would attack. And it reset. Everybody that just started to get a little bit bothersome.

So that s it for me. If you liked the video give it a thumbs up if you disliked. It give it a thumbs down maybe check out reddit or twitter. And of course.

You can become a patron on the patreon website for the channel. Because that will continue to help me do reviews that aren t 2 minutes long or filled. A sponsored bullcrap and as always i buy every single game. I review.

Even if i got a code from the dead peace out and enjoy. ” ..

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