FARGO Season 1 Review (Spoiler Free)

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“Binge watchers. Where we talk about the stories and characters we love in the shows shows they live in my name is rana let s talk about season 1 of finally fargo takes place on the same timeline as the original movie. It s not really a sequel. But more like another story that happens in the same world and roughly in the same area at first.

I was kind of worried that the show is just gonna use the same name as the movie to get more people to watch it without actually having too much to do with the movie because again it s not really a sequel. But i don t feel that s the case anymore. I watched the original movie years ago and i recently yuri watched it after i was done watching season 1 of the show. And i always thought the movie was good it was never one of my absolute favorite films.

My thoughts about it always kind of came to yeah fargo. That s a good movie. But the show actually did something pretty special. It actually made me enjoy the movie.

More the second time. I saw it season 1 of fargo takes place in 2006. The movie takes place in 1987..


And the show tells a story that plays out in the same area between minnesota and north dakota. As the move the show doesn t really revisit the same characters you only get one character from the original movie. And he s not really one of the main characters. But there are a lot of very interesting similarities between the main characters of fargo.

And the main characters of fargo. And i thought that was done extremely well. It s obvious and very subtle at the same time. Well you don t have to watch the movie to enjoy the show it definitely enhances your experience.

If you haven t watched the movie. I would say maybe even watch the movie after you re done. Watching season. 1.

It s it s a lot of fun ok from now on when i say fargo. I mean the show. So fargo has a very distinct style..


It actually took me a couple of episodes to get used to the editing style that pacing for the first few episodes at least is kind of slow and then it really picks up at first. It bothered me a little bit that the scenes tend to end very abruptly. But as soon as i got used to it i felt that it fits very well with the overall style. Which is surprisingly consistent with the move well the performances are great all around martin freeman and al tolman blew me away the show goes pretty deep with both of these characters and i loved everything about them the way these characters were written and how they handled situations and how they acted and the accents.

Molly solverson has to be one of my favorite characters in tv. Lately she she was incredible the show does a lot of things to teach us about these characters not just molly and lester. But also other characters as well the way fargo teaches us about these characters. Though is pretty clever.

You ve got the main story and the choices they make and you can see the transitions these characters go through as a result of these choices and these decisions. But every now and then you get a little moment or an analogy something that hints to the true personality of that character sometime. I only really got it after a few episodes and i loved that like that moment of like well this show obviously has more than one villain billy bob thornton plays a very interesting character he also gets a lot of these little moments that kind of give us some insight into why he s doing these these things that he s doing races the story itself very much like the movie has a theme of a chain of unbelievable connected events that happened in a place where usually nothing happens so no one is really ready for and through the crucible of these events. The true nature of these people is revealed the scale of the story is much bigger than in the movie.

But it s still pretty much contained it s not a huge story and i feel that allowed the show to dig pretty deep into these characters especially molly and lester i freaking loved molly and lester there s a point in the show where they do a one year later type of things. That is where the show took a step back for me at least for a little bit. I had a hard time buying all the things that i needed to believe happened over the course of one year..


It s a minor thing really. But i do wish they would have made it a bit long several people asked me if i think they need to watch the movie in order to enjoy the show or understand something about the show not really the show functions perfectly well on its own. It s really. Only it really only shares the location in general style and atmosphere with the movie.

But i do think the movie is worth watching especially because the show just somehow makes it better. Plus. There are some really great tributes in the movie. That are just fun.

Oh yeah bottom line. Should you watch. It that came out more irish than i wanted fargo is an interesting and pretty special piece of television. The story is beautifully told and the characters feel real and very well rounded the story is messy and wrong and often told with a pretty healthy dose of dark humor.

The pacing is sometimes a bit inconsistent some may find the show to be a little bit slow it didn t really bother me all that much because usually if they did slow down. It was for something like character development. It was for form or focus on a single character and the performance here was so great that i didn t mind that type of thing at all..


But all of that is just my opinion. What about you what did you think about season. 1 of fargo. Let me know in the comments.

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But in any case keep binging and i will see you next time ” ..

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