First Day of Rule Full Episode Elena of Avalor Disney Channel

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“Say every story has a beginning except mine. My story has to that s me me princess elena of avalor on my 15th birthday. My parents gave me a special that day a magical amulet. They said would always protect me from harm.

I didn t think i d ever need it but one fateful day an evil power hungry sorceress named shiriki invaded avalor she attacked my parents when you came after the rest of us our royal wizard alcazar. You ve a spell that could protect my little sister and grandparents in an enchanted painting. But he needed time to cast. It so i decided to face shiriki bring my own furry key tried to strike me down.

But the ambulance saved my life by pulling me inside. It alec azar found the amulet and summoned his spirit animal luzo who sent him on a journey to free me it took a little longer than i d hoped 41 years. But one magical day. I was freed from the amulet.

It was finally my time to take back my kingdom. I rescued my grandparents and sister isabelle from the enchanted painting and with the help of the brave people of avalor. I just eated the wiki avalor was free once more and as heir to the throne. I was gonna be the new ruler.

So as it turned out my adventure wasn t over it was just beginning again rulz with her family by her side first day of luna come on it is too early for these shenanigans. Oh. What are you so cranky about meg s the evil queen is gone the majesty of avalor has returned and we re back on the flag strike a pose. Hey let s go see if princess.

Elaine is a great idea uh huh. No way you two it s bad enough you want leader should we knock hey. Princess you up. Now.

She is now well good morning sorry if they woke you up princess woke me up i barely slept last night i mean how are you supposed to sleep. The night before you become queen. So when do you get your crown tonight at the royal ball. We will be there we were not invited skylar.

Oh you re always invited. I ll see you tonight. You can see. Me yeah.

Oh no yeah. No yeah. But yeah. Um.

I thought i couldn t see spirit animals. Unless. A wizard conjured them up hi thought so too huh. So why can t i i have no idea do you well you know i have felt a little different since i was freed from the amulet now that you mention it you were trapped in there for a long time.

Maybe you know when you got out of the amulet you took some of its magic with you huh so i m magical now i m just destined. But whatever s going on it s all good cuz. Now you can get an extra helping of animal spirit was there any time you like in fact i m gonna hit you with some right now if you don t get downstairs right away you re gonna be late for breakfast go on you don t want to get called down isabelle time for breakfast. I know oh you re up already how can i sleep after being trapped in an enchanted painting for 41 years that s fourteen thousand nine hundred sixty five days there s so much stuff i want to do ooh.

What s that well since i m getting your crown today. I wanted to get you something oh yeah you can use it to design all your inventions..

My little sister for your big ideas love elena. Thanks elena you re the best big sister. But am. I the the food is getting cold up willa.

Oh. We can wait a little longer still. This is no way for princesses to behave don t worry cousin after tonight. Elena won t be a princess anymore.

She ll be queen should i tell her tell me what elena you are not becoming queen tonight. I was looking through the kingdoms bylaws last night and discovered that you are too young to become queen too young. I was trapped in that angle and for 41 years. But you did not age me huh.

Technically you re still 16 your grandmother is right. According to the laws. You must rule a vallauris crown princess until you come of age with the help of a grand council who must approve all your major decisions. I have to get permission to rule not exactly.

It is like having a group of advisers. Who can help you make the best decision and look on the bright side. There s a bright side. There s always a bright side you get to choose the four members of the grand council tonight at the royal ball and may i be the first to offer my grand counseling services that s a kind offer esteban.

But i don t think i need a grand council. I m ready to roll now this is how i know you re still a teenager you think you re ready. But ruling a kingdom is not so simple it reminds me of a story. It always does there are once was a king who had lost his new crown of he frantically searched for lead all over town.

Alas. He did not hear the shouts as he sped off everyone saying. It was right on his head ah. He thought he was ready to lose.

But he still had some burning true if you listen up more than you think you will soon gain their wisdom you see so there s no need to rush keep your cool. And one day. You ll be ready to roll. I fully intend to take orchid and bikes with the years i spent watching my dad should suffice to teach me the things that i need to chop down like how to know when i am wearing a bra.

Oh. I know i m ready to roll. Though you think i have learning. So i ll have to come up with a way i can prove it to you on the day already ready to move how will i show them i can be as good.

A leader as you the city of course today. I will meet with all the city leaders and make sure they have what they need to restore our kingdom to greatness can you arrange that armando o. Is the chief of the castles supposed to arrange ships things i m still getting used to the job. I know everyone who s anyone in a velour.

I will take care of everything then what are we waiting for hold you in the highest esteem. There s more to the leadership. Then he may see. But you still have some learning to do now i really must be on my way even though.

I am begging you stay so you will say what i say it s true ready good luck me huh. I ll be back in time for the ball let s go your majesty..

I haven t seen you in the castle before that s my first day i mean. It s my first day being your royal guard. I am. Lieutenant gabriel nunez.

But you can call me gabe okay gabe this way elena how many ships there are now a lot has changed. While you and your sister were gone. Pablo is now the busiest ports in the world merchants come from all over to trade in the market place at the via mercado. We we go there next your majesty.

I am captain turner. The harbor master what can i do for you this fine day actually i came here to see what i can do for you is there anything you need to make the port run better anything i need well. I suppose we could use a few more docks a bigger lighthouse place some of the plows missing. I m with the princess naomi even better she should know what s going on it s the third ship.

That s been stolen today. Three ships in one day well we better start looking for them right away. I ll lead the search. You will hey just a moment princess.

Elena. It is time for you to meet with anya paloma. The magister of the trading guild. I can meet with her after we find the ships no no the harbor patrol.

We locate the ships we ve already sent out a search brought princess see your help is not needed. Elena. You said you wanted to meet with the leaders of the city and dona paloma is the most important leader of them all we cannot keep her waiting of course. You can who are the one in charge.

So. If you want to stay in help stay and help for now. Let s have the navy join the search. I ll come back right after i ve met with dona paloma.

I promise can i stay i want to finish sketching. The boats sure uh gabe could you stay with isabel it would be my honor thank you esteban. So what was it like when your sister battled that sorceress weird weird what was weird about it no that s weird why our jobs grunting a let s go investigate princess. What are those things get him don t worry i ll protect you this is so not how i wanted my first day to go.

Oh. No dona paloma. Personally make all trade deals from now on that s a pretty long list oh. There s more but we can discuss it tonight at the ball.

Another ship was stolen and your sister was on it isabelle. They took isabelle and your guard. They were tied up. I will alert the navy right away higgins alert.

The navy. I just got isa back. I can t lose her again. What was i thinking.

I never should have left the harbor skyler skyler is everything okay princess no my sister was taken. No..

Isabel and just when i thought the kingdom was getting safer climb on we will search from the air. Hey lena. No. It is far too dangerous for you to go after both thieves well if i m gonna rule this kingdom.

I can t be afraid of taking on a few thieves exactly come on naomi wait what you want me to go with you on one of those things. Hello. We are jack wins national symbols. You may have seen us on the flag.

You re the only one who knows what the ship looks like you ll be fine do you see the no. But that s impossible they just left did you see who stole it they were these weird purplish creatures and one of them was breathing huge gusts of wind so they were magical looked like it you have any idea what they are no. But i know someone who might princess elena mateo niomi. You know each other sorta go to school together.

I need your help mateo. It s an emergency hey. What s with the bathroom mateo is a wizard in training since when since always i just had to keep it a secret before my grandfather alec kisara wrote a book about all the magical creatures in the kingdom. When he was the royal wizard.

Oh thanks okay so what do these creatures look like purple right. With pointy ears and spots hmm that sounds familiar uh huh na blin s are magical shapeshifters. They can transform into dogs and have the power to turn objects into gold. Who wish i had that power look here.

It says. The na blends live deep in the jungle. And never stray far from home. Then what were they doing in the city.

Stealing ships apparently well if they don t like leaving home it maybe. That s where they re headed that s why we didn t see the ships on the ocean. Because they took them up the river. That s where we should look mateo can you come with we might need some magical assistance.

I m your wizard for you i m sorry zuzu. I m kind of in a hurry well. That s actually part of the advice later. Okay.

Oh. This is not good. What s not good the turning down a side river. The more twists and turns we make the harder it ll be for anyone to find us.

I have an idea elena. There s a fork in the river. Which way do we go we could split up no wait there s something in the water. How dare they did you re our beautiful kingdom.

It s a page from isabelle s journal. She must be leaving us a trail. What s the plan first we untie isabel and gabe then we get our ship back yeah. But how don t worry i have a few tricks up my sleeve.

You ve been waiting all day to say that haven t you you came for me. I m never losing you again hold them off into your safe schuyler protectee isabel you got it what are you doing taking back her ship as a future queen of avalor..

I order you to leave this vessel at once. I will not let my novel ends be captured again again. I know y all ai. N t serious princess you should go i m not going anywhere.

It s my job to protect you and it s my top what so you have time for my advice now you have to help me save my friends first things first why are you in such a rush because they re trouble no no i mean why have you been rushing around all day. Oh well. I was trying to prove that i m ready to rule. Now.

And how s that working out for you not so. Well hmm did you ever stop. And think why the noblin took the ships in the first place no. But you re right i should have oh.

I was so busy trying to prove i could be a great queen. I forgot to act like one my grandfather was right i m not ready to roll. But are you ready to learn cuz that s all that matters just take your time. And you ll do great thanks for the advice.

Suzhou or given advice is easy taking it as the tough part wait don t hurt my friends i m just coming down to talk i am princess elena i am chiku leader of the novel ins chiku. I should have asked before but why are you taking our ships. We are just trying to get home the old queen took us and locked us up in your city for many years. Shiriki.

Imprisoned. You why because we have the golden touch shiriki forced us to turn all sorts of things to gold to make a rich but then one day the bars of our prison vanished. We were free but we were so far from home in a strange city and i had to get my fellow knob lens to safety the ships were the quickest way. I had no idea the reason you re all free is because elena defeated that evil queen.

I had no idea well that we know what s really going on i have a royal decree to make chiku you can borrow our ships to take you home as long as we get them back after thank you your majesty knobblies. We re going home speaking of home. We should get going if we want to make it back in time for the ball right the ball. And what was i supposed to do she just took off on the jack win look.

It s a track down the ships princess. Elena castillo flores. Do you swear to protect and defend the kingdom of avalor before i answer that there s something i d like to say today. I set out to prove that i was ready to be queen of avalor and i learned that i have a lot to learn before i become queen so with that in mind i am ready to appoint my grand council luisa.

My grandmother because you always find a way to look on the bright side of things no matter how dark it gets naomi turner. Me today you gave me great advice and wouldn t stop trying to get me to take it i could use your common sense and resolve on my council. I m on the grand council. I am on the grand council that s mine i owe me chancellor a stefan hey you know so much about the kingdom and everyone in it i would be foolish not to seek your expertise yes.

This is true and finally my grandfather francisco. The wisest person. I know today you acted like a true queen and one day. I hope to be but today i vow to protect and defend the kingdom of avalor as crown princess is it supposed to do this it s never glowed like that before ladies and gentlemen.

We have arrived we re still invited right it is my honor to present crown princess elena of avalor not bad for your first day. But are you ready for day two are you oh this is ” ..

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