First Look! : Mavin Air XR True Wireless

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19. Now all of this information will be below in the description. But i d like to thank dot tech domains for sponsoring today s video all right guys so today s video. We re going to take a look at a new pair of truly wireless earbuds from the company maven now a little while back.

I reviewed the maven airs and i absolutely loved them so i was excited to get my hands on the new maven air xr. Now. This is a pair of truly wireless earbuds that come in at 119. And has some very impressive features let s go ahead and check out some of the specs and what you get inside the.

Box now the first thing is these do use bluetooth 50..

And they also use qualcomm 3020 chip. So you re getting a very stable connection and honestly this is one of the best connections. I ve seen on a pair of truly wireless earbuds because you can get up to a hundred feet line of sight. And i also noticed within my house even with all the walls and everything and never experienced a drop connection now these also have ab decks and aac playback.

So you re getting some of the best bluetooth sound you can get right out of the box now on top of that the ip rating of these is ipx7 waterproof. So this is one of those pairs that you can just go out. And do whatever you need to do and not have to worry about anything fact you can submerge these into water and they will be fine. Now also inside the box.

They include so many pairs of ear. Tips you get small medium and large silicone round ear tips. But they also include a small and large like oval size ear tip. As well and that just kind of helps depending on what size ear canal.

That you have and even another bonus is they also include what they call a small and large like sport stabilizer so if you re going to the gym. If you re going to workout. Or anything like that it s more like a silicone grip. It kind of fits over the earbud.

Which just causes them to stay in your ear. A little bit better now sadly these come with a micro usb. Charging cable. Which is kind of baffling considering all of the features that they have that they include an older charging cable.

But speaking of the charging cable..

The battery life is very impressive you re going to get around 10 hours of use on the earbuds individually with a total of 30 hours with using the case. Now if you do pick the earbuds up and they happen to be dead a 15 minute charge is gonna get you around 2 hours of use now moving over to the charging case. You can see that it is extremely tiny. That s kind of the theme of these truly wireless earbuds all together because even the earbuds themselves are very tiny as well.

But the charging case has the micro usb input on the back. And then you have your three indicator lights on the front to let you know the battery life of the case. So now let s move over to the earbuds themselves first off these are extremely comfortable and so lightweight that at times. You can forget that you even have them in your ear.

Now these utilize the touch controls and i m happy to say. These control everything you have your play your pause. Skipping forward going backwards and then also turning your volume up and down. As well speaking of the touch controls for the most part it worked completely fun.

But i did notice at tom s it wouldn t register my touch. So you d have to sit there and just do it a couple of times or maybe just hit like the exact right spot for it to work and so at tom s. When you think you re skipping your track forward. It didn t do it you just have to do it again.

And that s kind of the case with most truly wireless earbuds that have touch control. And so for you guys that like to use your earbuds. Individually. You ll be happy to know that you can use either the left or the right because these use the true wireless stereo plus connection so it s not one of those connections.

Where it s connecting to one..

And then the other one is then connecting to that earbud. It s sending a signal to both earbuds individually. Which calls us for a more stable connection. But also allows you to use them individually.

Now as far as the microphones go on here. It s doing a very very decent job calls and it uses the cvc 80. Technology. Which is doing its best to block out your outside surroundings when taking calls.

So people can just hear you and not what s going on around you. But you guys can be a judge by listening to a test here alright guys so here is the mic quality on the maven air eggs are this is definitely not one of its strong points. But this is what it would sound like if you were to take a call and so here is the microphone with a crowd noise being played in the background. So you get an idea of what it would sound like if you took a call in public.

So now let s talk about the sound. The sound on these are incredible. I love the sound that comes out of these i like the sound signature. It is a very boosted and dynamic sound signature and this is one of the loudest pair of truly wireless earbuds that you re going to hear in fact at tom s it can get ear piercing ly loud.

Which some of you guys may be happy with but to save your hearing. You probably don t want to do that all the time now the sound signature of these is very turned up especially on the treble son in fact when you re listening to these. Very loudly it can get extremely bright. So do know that it s leaning towards a more detail and clean oriented sound.

But the bass is also very tight punch everything about this pair of truly wireless earbuds is more to the accuracy and detail..

It s bringing everything out the most that it can same thing with the mids. The details that you re hearing in male and female vocals everything feels very upfront. But the details that you re able to pick up in voices and also in instruments is just great on a pair of truly wireless earbuds that s just slightly over a hundred bucks now the bass on these is also very accurate. But it is punchy you can definitely feel the bass.

It s not one of those it just kind of resonates or sits around for a little bit it hits and then it moves on so that works incredible with metal. Because of the double bass of the drums. You can hear that accuracy of each hit same thing with guitar riffs everything is just very clean and distinctive now the soundstage and the sound imaging on these are actually very decent as well. I would say it makes you feel like you re in a more medium to large sized room.

I wouldn t say it s very open sounding. But the ability to be able to tell where instruments are coming from are very strong in these. This is a very detail oriented earbud and that leans very well towards instruments and focus on where things are coming from so as far as my cons with these i will definitely say that the micro usb cable is a con. The touch controls having issues at time registering touches is just more annoying than anything else.

But it s something that i wish there was a little more accurate but outside of that this is an excellent pair of truly wireless earbuds it fits a sound signature that i like it s a style that i like in the fact that it is so small and has that kind of battery life is very very impressive. But guys. That s my video on the brand new maven air xr. Thank you so much for checking out this video.

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