First rip on the drag scooter ( half throttle )

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” s up everybody she boy burnout bobby. I finally made it down to mexico could could do my first couple hits hopefully with the vent. Though as you can see it out make sure everything was good last night. So i m gonna do now is put on the gopro and even make a couple hits.

With. I know y all been waiting for this is hot okay here we go i ll choose either then i m gonna plug in this white band. I don t know if you guys can even hear me right now it s so loud so i m gonna plug in the white van. So i can get an idea of what we re doing air fuel lines.

Oh. My god is really good. I have been waiting for this for a long time. She s rich that s all right it s very humid out here right now in florida.

I don t know if any of you around here live in florida. But it is terrible here okay. I m not gonna go wide open on this i don t have the wheelie bars on and i really don t want to lift this thing up. So i m just gonna do about like a half throttle pass just to see what s going on i don t know if i m gonna do a pass.

I just throw it in there from here to here there we go i only got one rear drum break that makes it very difficult..

It s just bearing down to ten. Oh. So i think i have like a to have a to something main jet in here. Oh we are low.

I have a to something manger in here. I need to go maybe to it in 200 go around this water here. She is really rich. So you can probably hear breaking up.

A little bit. Just 10 o. 10. 110.

O. It sounds really good pretty loaded up a little bit alvarado winning holy crap. It wants to go it wants to just go i ll do it another quick one. Oh.

My god those a little more than half throttle that break was that slow me down at all i should just keep going down the concrete patio..

I figured grass a little bit softer. I m gonna bring this back put the wheelie bar on it and see if i can give it a full hit and now have the wheelie bar on so i m going to go a little bit more wide open this time. I might do it on the side of the road. There s a little bit more real estate first let me get my helmet fixed got some water here and we try to go around i m going to do a 3 4.

Pass and then maybe one hit back and forth. And that s it holy crap. Nothing his mess. Sadly the tire just wants to spin.

She s low i keep her again i got a crimp some tabs off of this it s not ready yet do a quick one all right well i got those in now. It s time to fine tune. It up next up is gonna be put some more jets in there. So i m gonna put a manger in this thing.

A new main jet and then new main jet and then come back out tune. It up again. See what it s doing all right so that s gonna wrap it up for this video today. I was really excited to get the bike out and riding and being able to do please make a first couple hits on it not i know where i needed to be with their feel wise.

I did plan on making this video longer..

I went back to shop. And i bought a couple extra jess and i was gonna reach at the car. But unfortunately. It has been raining every day and again even now it s raining.

I just heard a thundering so i m gonna have to wait for there be a break. And it might have to be after work one day. I ll go down start recording. I ll just do another video of me tuning the beds over there and getting it valid and then after that i think i just have to find out like i think wednesday night.

Some clear water. They have a little drag event so take it down there make some test passes do eighth mile passes. My goal is i want to be in the eights somewhere in the eights for the eighth mile. I don t care about the mile per hour.

I just wanna be able to get to the eighth if i can t do it out in the motor with race gas. Then i m gonna put that twenty shot of nitrous on there and then send it send it to the moon. See what happens. But thank you for everyone that s been part of this build you gotta take the workshop of course baby.

Let me get the plastics and everyone else has been involved in the video bullock who built a motor..

All the other companies. I reached out to for help just with guidance with this because it s not a popular thing. It s not a big thing to do so i had to reach out to companies that were and like kissing me. A couple companies that were in puerto rico.

And they helped me big time with giving me the guidance. I needed because otherwise this community is a very like hush hush community. They don t like giving out secrets and they like to keep everything to themselves. So i m sure there s a lot i m still missing.

But i ll learn throughout the way cuz. I don t plan on being done with it you know i want to keep pushing as far as i can go i don t care about it as much as i care about the ruckus so if it pops. It is what it is it was a mess. I had fun doing it so until the next video.

Where i ll be tuned in the vento and taking it back out see if i can get someone on board to erase me in a car maybe the mini. But it s a far trip to mexico remember that i just came back you see i m a different clothes. So i i ll see you guys on the next. One be ” .


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