FlexiSpot vs VariDesk Comparison

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“Guys i recently got the flexi spots 35 inch sit stand desk in for review review and i also have been a longtime very desk user this is the pro model and they re very similar products so i wanted to give you guys a side by side comparison. And tell you what i like and dislike about each model so to start off with i ve been using the very deaths for ages and ages and ages. I ll link in the description down below to my very desk. Only review.

I ll also link to my flexi spot. Only review. So you can you want to see more in depth stuff about each desk you can but let s start off with their similarities they are both obviously sit stand desks. Meaning that you can go from the sitting position for typing and move the desks into the standing position.

Now the way the desks do this is different the mechanics behind. It is different the flexi spot is more of a straight up and down mechanic. So let me go ahead and show you that so i m going to grab the handles on both sides of this and just gently glide it up and you ll notice that just goes straight up now this is really nice for confined spaces. If you really want to save on space.

The flexi spot is nice because it just goes straight up now. I was do the same thing with a very desk now this time you ll notice that instead of going straight up. I m moving backwards as i m lifting this out. So this comes out quite a bit.

I would say that s a good foot and a half maybe even two feet out that you move back away from your primary desk..

Now there are some benefits that let s say you want to get away from your main desk. That could be nice um. It just kind of depends on how much space you have but if you re in a small cubicle and space is really important to you the flexi spot may be better the other big noticeable difference between the two of these is how large the keyboard tray is the very desk has a cutout space. Here.

That makes the keyboard tray larger area whereas. The flexi spot. Even though. It has about the same size keyboard tray all together.

Doesn t have that cutout even though it keeps going back. Now for me. I use a fairly large microsoft keyboard with this big padded area. And i m still able to use plenty of space on the flexi spot no problem.

But what i have found is for my workflow. One of the things i will do is what i have this in the seated position. I often will sit with my laptop we re not my laptop my keyboard and mouse in my actual lap and then i ll use the area on the very desk this keyboard area actually has a writing spot. Um.

Do i have a pin of course..

Not now uh using this as a writing spot on the very desk is really nice when you have your keyboard in your lap. There s plenty of area for a full size notepad whereas with this there s really not now for most people. That s not going to be an issue. Most of the time.

You re just going to be using this as a typing area and if you just need this as a tithing area. Then the flexi spot is going to be perfect for you. But if you re planning on using this as a writing area on the actual keyboard tray then you may want to consider the very desk now here s another on the very desk. The very desk has a pretty small area for your mouse at least the model that i have i know very desk has come out with newer models that has made the mouse area wider.

But on the very desk. It s not that large and it is a bit larger on the flexi spot. Which is nice just you know that extra inch and a half two inches makes a big difference. But either way it s enough room for your mouse.

I just like the extra room they have on the flexi spot both of these really solid products. They re both comparable in the price range. Um. Let s do a maximum height.


Make sure i have these both up. There i think the flexi spot. Yeah. The flexi spot at least with the model.

I have is say hmm 2 inches taller on the maximum height than the very desk now when you re taking in maximum height consideration. What you also have to think about is what is the starting height of your actual desk. That you re going to be putting your sit stand desk on both of these can support two monitors. Which is typically how i like to have my monitors set up typically.

I have one in the vertical position one in the horizontal position. So you can put both in the horizontal position. If you want for reference. I believe these are two 20 inch monitors or sorry two 22 inch monitors.

The flexi spot also has an area where you can put your ipad if you wanted now. I personally don t really have any use for that because i don t use an ipad in my daily workflow and that s really what this all comes down to is if you re trying to decide between the very desk and the flexi spot you have to take in consideration your workflow because both of these are reasonably priced. They re really close to each other a price range. They re both really solidly built.

But if you are working in a small area and space is really important to you the flexi spot will probably better because it s not coming out towards you when you re standing..

But if you want more room on for your keyboard area then the very desk may be better now. There is one other factor that i haven t mentioned yet. And that is the keyboard tray on the flexi spot is removable. And really easily you could you could probably remove the keyboard tray on here too using like a screwdriver.

But the flexi spot makes it just so darn easy they actually have these little screw. I don t know what the technical term for these is but they ve got these little knock nubs nubbins screws that you can just unscrew with your can literally. And there s four of these that hold it up and so if you want to remove this you could do that really easily and then you could just use this main area. So if you were planning on if you re not going to be using keyboard tray again the flexi spot may be the better choice for you because it has the detachable keyboard tray although i think very desk also makes ones that don t have a keep or trade all.

But i like having the option of being able to have a keyboard tray or not and having it being easily removable so again both of these are awesome products. I ve used a very desk for years now i love it i ve been using the flexi spot for a while now and it s amazing. It s solid. It s strong so either way you re going to be set you re going to be great.

If you try to do these desks leave your comments down below. I d love to hear what your experience has been and i ll ” ..

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