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“Guys today we re replacing a printhead or taking a printhead out of work force force epson workforce. Wf 2650. There are similar models to it that uses a 220 and that kind of look like this here. They usually are the ones that are wf printers that have the duplexer on the back so if you have this tray up front.

Then this is going to be the replacement process of the printhead. So we re gonna start with i already have the door as the front cover the top cover open. I m gonna go to setup and maintenance. I m gonna send the printer to replace ink cartridges because i want this press start.

I want the carriage to be here in the opening or not locked in there after it s in there i m just gonna unplug the printer and we re gonna remove the cartridges first this is our printhead in here. So what we re gonna do is we have this moving freely. Now since we have the unlock position. So first what we re gonna do we re gonna take a flathead screwdriver and we need to remove this cover on the side okay.

So we re moving not the site. Sorry we re removing this back basically. The contacts area of the print for the ink cartridges. So we re what we re gonna do is we re gonna put a flathead screwdriver in here like so here.

I want to make sure i show it to you it s not that hard so you re gonna put a screwdriver in there and you need to lift this unit up like you saw before okay just now and we re gonna need to do the same thing here and in this case. They just went up so just pull it straight up. And you re gonna have a connection on the back that you need to disconnect so it s this here. Just carefully unwind the cord from around the plastic.

And let s connect this chord. Then you need to remove this here. This piece is now removed easy just like that now we have exposed our printhead and we have three screws that we need to remove as you can see there s two on the top and one is going to be down here below. So there s three screws.

I m going to take a phillips screwdriver and do that with a phillips screwdriver. Make sure i remove that one and then third screw pair of these could be handy. Whenever you have small carriers you re working with so we have three screws out. And now we re going to use the same tool to bring it up you can just do it with your hands.

She s gonna go straight up take it gently by the court on this side and either by fingers or by some clamp tool and just bring it up then unplug this cord here like so so now. When you re going to be putting a new one in or after you clean this one thoroughly this is what it looks like on the bottom for this model. You re just going to make sure you plug it back in the right wing. I m putting the same one in just demonstrating how it goes back in because.

It s really not that hard. Then you re going to make sure you put it back in without clamping. Any unnecessary wires..


There it s gonna go right over these things here so when these pop out you know that it s in place. And then you re gonna put the screws back in get one screw in then we re gonna do the second one our third one make sure you tighten them in there not too hard just make sure the print head doesn t swivel around okay. Now we re gonna put this cover back. So and then we re going to just connect this piece again.

So this is how it goes. If it was staying like this here. Just how it would be connected and put it in here. So this is what it s going to look like right here.

I have it around this hook. Here and then the wires going to go back in there. When you re doing this don t pull too hard to avoid any damage. This is a little bit of a tricky part so you re gonna set it like this here and just position it and just take it down until it snaps in so now we have the printhead back in we re gonna turn the printer on to make sure we got it right so now we re gonna i already plugged in the printer.

I m going to turn it on and give it some time to start up so. When the printer starts up and then it asks you for the cartridges go ahead and follow those and you should be all good to go do the ink nozzles eka. Few were flushing your friend head. Then just make sure you you have some ink in the cartridge that you re putting into not just maybe like 10 percent or 15 make sure they re at least 50 percent.

Full and you should be good to go. It should be it should be nothing to just prime the print heads and you should get back to work on this printer. So now as we can see it s asking for the ink cartridges. I m going to insert those and basically our printhead is now replaced.

If you need to see the video of this or similar model being taken apart to get further into other parts. Please check out our youtube channel and search for this model. And you should be able to we have another video that shows how to take apart this printer. Thank you for watching please subscribe to our channel like this video.

If we were able to help you and have a wonderful day weight of this little quadro. So this thing s definitely. It s not drawn say nice this thing s gonna be flying all over this room pretty soon. I don t know how the fuck that s going to happen with this controller.

Though i don t know it s kind flimsy feel super fucking weak one l1 and all one back there as well. But it s time to get this shit charged stream. And then i ll be back with the vlog all right real quick looks like in the packaging. They ve given us like some spare rotors just in case.

The other fucking ones break because these things literally like as light as fucking paper. Nothing you know. Four of them..


I m going to break up the strong during its first flight to be honest alright. So as you guys can see everything has been unboxed. We have the controller you guys can probably just tell by you know how i m picking it up or the noise. That it s making when i drop it down how light the controller itself actually is literally feels empty on the inside.

Then we have the drone itself the big daddy or well. I mean not really cuz it this thing s small as fuck. But yeah i can pick this up my freaking pinky finger no problem. But um yeah.

I mean. It s pretty cool hopefully fly s good hopefully flies like the mq 27 dragon fire in the game obviously. It s just a small little stunt drone. But it better be worth the fucking price alright guys.

I m back with a quick little update. She has a charizard slippers always comfy as fuck so open up the instruction manual actually for this one kind of complicated did need to read some of the instructions. So the batteries doesn t go into the controller. The battery comes out of this thing right here.

The drone itself and then plugs into the usb charger. So that s the first time. I ve ever seen anything like this so the battery for this drone is charged via usb and that s going to take about 40 minutes and also this thing right here does take normal. I think it s triple a batteries or some shit as you guys can see that thing right there takes normal batteries.

And then the controller takes three double a batteries okay. So um. Yeah. Might need to go to walmart for those.

And that s justin already has some cuz. He s the only other person in the house. Don t wanna be running up through other men s rooms rummaging through that shit looking for bath. Looking for batteries because that d be super fucked up.

I don t know i might just go in their rooms. And just break shit anyway start stamping on their fucking monitors. And you know smash up their playstations. Just before they get back in time for the new year s so i don t know that s something i might do we re waiting for this to charge and then we ll see what happens alright guys.

This is the first time this drone. Which you guys saw me unbox and everything with krispies night. Who s actually..


The cameraman would you like to say hi okay. So it s about to take flight for the first time. All that baboon area aside. I m hoping that this is going to be a good test flight because i ve already crashed it once on the table just by taking it a couple feet up.

It s my first time flying your drone by the way it going. Oh oh okay. This is bad. It s gone down.

There. I m trying to get it back here. That s the route that s the route okay otherwise turn this thing huh all right this is bad okay wait we re gonna stop that right there you re gonna try that again all right i need to brace myself for this one because the turning is definitely a lot harder. I have no idea what these paddles are okay scared right now because he s just usually crack and break any second now and i ve only got a couple sparrows.

You re right all right trying to figure out how the fuck to land it fucking happens this things about to break like i feel like after five minutes of me flying it it s honestly gonna break you re gonna try that again why is it turning by itself why does it do that why does it do that krispy. Why does it do that can you explain how i can t explain it out of a book. Okay we re just trying to fly off no don t turn don t go there i m gonna fuck you re playing this shit indoors flying outside it would have been broken by now what i m going to try. And do is actually catch it.

While it s flying let s see if i can do that for other land on my hands. Oh. My god. I ve been getting out of it no way no way thumbnail.

Phil never get where are you going. I do not get to move. Although. Where is it going there we go then you guys have it that s the fucking nq.

27 stunt drawn sold to me my corner of duty was it worth 150 bucks. I ll let you guys decide in the comment section crispy. I think there s something you need to tell everyone watching the video to do right now. We will frog bruce war.

Yeah. Okay like the video and one of you lucky people watching this can win this drone to enter the giveaway all you need to do is leave a like or what bottom does what all right so you got big man cruise. But you got to try and figure that out who s gonna try and fly the drone hahahaha. Oh shit oh my fucking days well rip drone.

Rip. Crispy. See you later mate..


We are literally flying. This thing. With like a broke ass like fucking xbox 360. Or gamecube controller.

It s it s pretty bad. But you know it s still fun to mess about with i might take outdoors. Let me know in the comments section. If that s something you guys want to see i could take outdoors.

Let me try and fly it just one more time myself right here. Oh my god it flies without me even doing anything great. And it s already been slammed like 50 times. Okay.

There is is a drone where there is ah gone wild. Thank. You gone wild hey hold on a second. Okay.

Now. I m trying to hold the camera and fly the drone at the same time okay. That s bad that s gone under the table. What s up okay stop okay.

We this this videos over like the video guys like the video. And i m gonna give the drone to one lucky person that likes the video else i ll fucking fly this shit to your doorstep alright. Is that fair okay thankfully. It s still intact.

So i mean yeah. Thank you call of duty for the mq. 27. Fucking stunt.

Drone like i said. I m not sure if this is the exact same one that they sold it bl to but ” ..

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