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“Right new execution time hopefully. Shinobi got a good execution oh man i was scared scared to go to it alright let s check let s check all bad wish luck man. A shinobi means to eat that luck. Where is it throwing stars yeah.

Like this yo actually like this way. They did good baby good. Lately s low clap bad maybe a good on that execution. This is dope ok.

We re buying this for sure. This is better than like the past what two or three season execution. I like this big. Yeah what are y all thing in the comments let me know we re gonna buy this equip.

It and i m gonna play some 1v1 duels check this out in the game pull it out a big ass ninja sora from nowhere just randomly appears in his hand. Oh finally something good alright here. We go time to check out the execution in game. We re up against a concur.

Let s get it all these full bars all to the heavy. Oh. I kind of messed that up nice. Oh crap.

Mr. Cake dude. Forget this oh we got it execution execution..


Time gotta have a red eye effect on that yeah that biggest stars gold. I like that execution alright here we go round two started off pretty good let s go to evolve back me that well i definitely click my heavy button didn t not register there we go break them again i ll break him out at our shit. A car broke him out of that i got some editing work nice nice. I was gonna go into the zone.

I was kind of a choke round i definitely click my heavy button on that light parry apparently not it s a parry can t get that anymore. Donna. Oh. Man okay trying to go for my kick.

And punish that i ll break up the timing nope okay. I m sound pretty good hollowed out. I was a shitty around when i go from my regular. She dodges and when i go for a quad.

She light attacks. Me hard man it s hard pushing over you main punished. Oh. I ll break them and get that settled wit and you can t get that reward.

Oh. My goodness game. I m just in this round. Right here yo.

It is hard for shinobi man. This character is just a struggle last round coming down below who you think is gonna win. Oh i just go for my combos and he s just still in my face trying to stop that oh i didn t not think that was connect right there night holla number one let s get it and we in there with execution hmm that was a tough battle all right here we go we re back in another match against the bow creek..


See how those goals for your boy should have went for the second light. Nice our break on some lights adds on go for a nice barbara cone. I break him again whoa. He dodged forward.

But how was i not able to get that nice nice crap all right all right ah so much damage our break on oh cool with right my goodness. This is a tough one. It seems like it s hard for me to pull off the kick. I ll try to a qua um.

See how that works we go. Whoa. Yeah. I break that have you like that me.

Um nope zone them our break. There we go all right letters how to use that dashing cautiously pretty tricky fighting against characters with dash attacks usually it s like a 50 50 chance if they re gonna follow through with something that s parry oh. No he s just his body hey that just happened alright. Let s see do that cameras are off good.

But i couldn t get that got to keep that damn it okay and i stamina is low don t do this to me we go i break that i break again zono our break nope. I ll stand on those law heavy our break. I m so scared right now. I m sorry guys.

Let s just finish with lights. I m sold yeah. Peter was right there..


But we caught it with some spicy d flex god. Mrs neck bite. Let s get it man are we coming in this aggressive. Okay coming in this aggressive.

Okay okay. I ll see this shaman all right well. We know we re up against oh. There we go other heavy.

Oh here we go. I was hoping he dodged back so i can catch him with the range to it all right let s get it do that okay. That is it feels bad. Oh.

My goodness. That is so unfortunate that i got hit by heavy that out of stam heavy attack in the middle of my lights. There we go okay okay. I was intense right there thought he will pull something to make a comeback that is feels bad understand hey there we go and we enter knew what execution was giddy whoo off with your head ettore yugi.

Another close match whelp apparently. This is the only dude playing 1p. One duel is at midnight. So rematching them again he whipped out his mane this time keep that distance.

But he got distance oh trying to keep it safe. I soul man do that if you like victory nope out of stamina oughta. Take advantage of this while we can in dodge..


It s a heavy attack. He had a full blown heavy attack on me. Oh nice here we go naruto run it up you know. He s not abusing them top lights as much because those top lights can can be brutal against shinobi.

Yeah. Is he gonna let me win come on no. No now we re fighting. We re fighting buddy come on come on this might last match for the video.

You got to put up a fight put up a fight. Bro l. bri was extremely good again shinobi. Oh.

My goodness i feel bad jiji. I guess. The bots. Named unsubscribed yo.

Do not listen to that bots name all right y all. I m in the video hopefully. You enjoyed it if you did be sure to drop a like and subscribe if you re new to the channel. Sorry this video took a bit long to come out because the execution is did come out thursday and this video is going out on a saturday.

I believe yeah sorry for me taking too long on this again hopefully you enjoy it and peace. ” ..

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