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“Cash for amazon hi. I m the youtube deal guy matt granite. This is my my friend abby. I was doing this with her hair today because nshe said her didn t look good.

I think you look beautiful today. Thank you for rescuing me hello thank you for coming back all of the deals i. Find ..


None of which nare paid products located right under this video screen before we get to whatever i m. Doing. Today. Nthese are the best bluetooth headphones that i ve personally tested.

I love them. And we are giving them away for nfree to subscribers subscribers get free products right here for nevery video randomly selected engaged subcscribers people you get the free stuff for every nvideo click subscribe if you are not yet subscribed. Nto win..


And i will make sure you get your freebies first if you re unfamiliar with amazon s ncurrency amazon s coins can be used in the amazon app store available on android devices nas well as fire devices and great for game downloads the usually popular currency which has been naround for a few years is a simple measurement. 100 coins. 1. So today if you want to buy nmore than 40 worth of coins i.

Have a link to lower your cost by 20 if you were to buy 100 worth of amazon coins nyou of course only pay 80 think of this simply as free dollars that nyou can use toward the amazon app store and a credit. Which you can also gift online perfect nfor the holidays. I m a gamer and i m an android user so these namazon coins are the perfect way to use money on amazon..


But it s less than money. But better nthan money i download a ton of games and apps and use namazon coins. All the time as you can see i need to replenish. So.

I m going to be using ntoday s offer because it s a much better way of using cash if i use cash. I pay full price. If i use this ni..


m saving 20 at least on the dollar do you want to add anything i love you me or our subscribers. Everybody she s just a lover of everything that s great i really appreciate you being here. If there s nanything you want me to hunt down. Remember we are on it come black friday floor director jeannie and a bunch of other npeople coming back it will be all hands on deck very soon thank you for watching for free stuff click the subscribe button nyou see ” .


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