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“This is rpg mods fan and in this video. I will be discussing two mods mods for the divinity original sin two definitive edition video game for the pc they free pet pal and pet pal revival both mods are available and can be downloaded from the nexus mods comm website. Free pet pal grants a free pet pal talent to the characters of your party. If you already have chosen pet pal.

As your talent then you ll have an extra talent point that you can use to get another talent with so that s what free pet pal. Does just as the website for the free pet. Pal. Mod states.

The free talent or points. Will not show up during character creation. It will show up once you are in the game itself. And there s also instructions on how to install it on the bottom alright now to go to pet revival.

What pet revival does it brings your long lost pets back to life there are two specific pets in the game. Minor spoiler warning. One is the black cat that follows. You and the other is sir.

Laura oh okay. And it also brings back peeper. I ve forgot about peeper. But for this video.

I m just going to be demonstrating for the black cat and for sir laura. Oh. I love this disclaimer and the pet revival. Maude.

Disclaimer. No pets were harmed in the making of this mod..

Speaking of who created this mod. I should say both mods were created by lady cassandra lady cassandra has also created other mods as well for divinity original sin too however in this video. I m just going to be covering these two mods alright so once you ve downloaded the mods and then have installed them into divinity original sin you need to go onto the mods tab. And then have them activated as you see i have a number of mods already however in this video.

I m only going to be demonstrating the free pet pal and the pet peeve ival gonna click confirm actually sorry so for this initial demonstration i am not going to have any mods active or activated just to show you how what the game functions or looks like or plays. Without these mods in place. Okay. So here.

We are in the game. And here s the black cat. Oh. I guess my main character already has pet pal.

So let me choose a character that doesn t like the red prince. The cats are clouded and gray. But it stares at you with acute intensity its ailee s clear. And it shakes.

Its head confuse and likewise. Sir bara. This girl s nose twitches as you approach. But the creature turns away before you can say anything it seems.

She doesn t want to talk to you so. If i go into the character sheet under civil abilities. Whoops under excuse. Me talents as you can see let me start.

With my custom character he does have pet pal. But oh..

And so does well actually. I believe yvonne been measured already has a pet pal as well. But if i look at the red prints and fain. They both don t have the pet palette allan s the other thing i m going to do which is going to be cruel is i m gonna be how should i put this politely killing off my two pets youth euthanizing.

My two pets again for demonstration purposes for this mod. He messed oh alright this might take a little longer than expected. But actually i know the cat gets killed by an arrow. When you go to a certain section by this archer called holland beam guy doesn t like cats all right any minute now.

I know after night be sweeter for you and as you see the cat is gone and don t have any way of reviving the cat any case mods i m gonna click on free pet pal and pets revival alright welcome back and now if i go into my character sheets. Remember my custom character and yvonne. Both already had the pet pal talents. However now that i have installed the free pet pal.

I have one more talent that i can use for both of these characters so for myself i m gonna choose opportunist is always good to have since my custom character is pretty much amelie and likewise for yvonne yvonne s since i ve basically have him playing more of a fighter or as a fighter role alright. Where is the opportunities. There it is and for both the red prince sir and for thane you can see they both now can also speak to animals or have pet pal and all right. So let s use the right.

The red. It s gonna say red wizard. The red prince and talked to the cat oops. The cat s eyes are clouded and gray.

But it stands at you the cute intensity. Me i know i know i know who i am well since the red prince is a lizard out of them then you think harder than the cat shakes. Its head as if trying to wake up from a deep sleep his mouth as if to speak. But his eyes lose focus and with a jerk he turns away from you all right.

Now. Let s try sir laura at this time..

I m going to use spain. Another giant speaks crevice. No never i will pay it no notice. One wonder why it s going you all right let s go back to where the black cats got slaughtered all right.

So. I guess need to wait here a while to was magister holland. So it s taking potshots at the black cat there we go i never thought that demonstrating a mock and these so all right i m gonna say the red prince likes cats and if i go into the inventory. The pet revival gives a jug that can be used to each of your characters.

And unfortunately weighs five kilos or pounds at five kilos this games and metrics. So gonna do use you remember the faint feeling of animal life running through you when holding the urn earlier you pull it out and the feeling is much stronger. Now a voice in your head. Speaks to you of course choose number one revive the black cat and voila your previously slaughtered pet is now back to life and now.

What now no let s okay this is rpg mods fan. I hope you found this little demonstration of these two mods helpful and well i ll be saying cheers. omething that s doing for just a microsecond longer than a faster phone. It s pretty usable.

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