Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6 – Detailed Camera Test

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” s up guys. It s ed from texas and welcome to another detailed camera comparison comparison test this time we are facing off the samsung galaxy note. 5 against the 6 plus. But before we jump into the samples let s take a quick look at the specs.

The galaxy. Note. 5 has a 16 megapixel rear facing camera with an aperture of 19. That can shoot up to 4k resolution.

Whereas. The iphone 6 plus has an 8 megapixel camera that can shoot up to 1080p for 5 facing cameras. The note. 5.

Has a 5 megapixel camera that can shoot up to 1440p and the iphone 6 plus has a 12. Megapixel camera that can shoot up to only 720p by the way for those of you wondering where i got these awesome carbon fiber skins from that i ll go ahead and leave a link down below on where you guys can check them out so without wasting any more time. Let s sit back relax and take a look at some samples. What both of the phones do a phenomenal job when it comes to auto focusing the iphone.

Six plus. However has slightly faster speeds thanks to its focus pixels feature the note. 5. Does a great job as well not quite as fast as the 6 plus.

But it still gets the job done nonetheless and it s extremely accurate when it comes to daytime video. There s just no competition against orc..

A video when comparing it to 1080p 4k resolution. Will always look better because. The footage is super sharp and detailed there s also a lot more field of view on the note. 5.

Aside from 4k the colors appear to be warmer on the note. 5. Whereas the iphone 6 plus is more towards the cooler side. However it s barely noticeable for low light.

Video the. Note. 5 remains on top thanks to the 19. Aperture.

Giving it amazing low light performance. The footage is not only brighter on the note. 5. But there s a lot less noise.

You can especially tell by looking at the shadows on the ground for that billboard sign for stabilization. Both phones feature optical image stabilization. However. The note.

5. Also includes video stabilization as well both of the phones were also strapped on a device to ensure a very accurate reading and by the looks of it the note..

5. Is by far the most stable out of the two so it takes the point. What s up guys and welcome to the front facing camera and microphone test portion of the video between the galaxy note. 5.

And the iphone 6 plus the iphone 6 plus is being shot in its highest resolution. Which is 720p and the galaxy note. 5. Is being shot in 1440p.

There also been a do icon somewhere on the screen. Which will indicate which phone s audio is being used and i m going to stay quiet for a bit. So you guys can hear the background noise. And i strongly recommend using headphones for this portion of the test for front facing videos on o5.

Not only has a much wider field of view. But it also has sharper footage. Thanks to its higher megapixel counts. The iphone six plus.

However has a much better dynamic range you can actually see the color of the sky. Whereas. It s completely overexposed on the note. 5.

So i m gonna go ahead and. Award the six plus and the note 5 both 84 front facing camera..

However the note. 5. Takes the point when it comes to mic audio. It s slightly louder and a lot clearer than the iphone 6 plus for daytime pics both phones lover excellent color reproduction.

The note. 5 has much sharper pics because of the higher megapixel count. But the iphone 6 plus delivers truer to life colors there s not a huge difference. But i do notice it on some shots for example in this pic.

The flower in the middle appears to be more on the pink side on the note. 5. The closest to the actual color of the flower is represented by the iphone 6 plus. The same goes for the subscribe below on this shot just like the galaxy s6 the note.

5. Tends to have slightly more saturation which throws off the balance. The note. 5.

Also has a much better dynamic range you get crystal clear image with a nicely balanced exposure. There are times. Where certain areas get overexposed. But overall.

I find the note. 5 to have the best dynamic range out of any smartphone..

That i have ever tested for low light pics both phones. Actually do a great job in low light performance. The note. 5 has sharper pictures because of its 16 megapixel camera.

But the iphone 6 plus holds up well too. Which is surprising seeing as it s a much older phone lastly when it comes to flash. The note. 5.

Takes the final point for having a brighter and balanced flash. Which is great for taking pictures at a distance so there you have it the galaxy note. 5. Completely dominated the iphone 6 plus on the camera comparison test.

But some of you guys might argue and say that these 6s is right around the corner. And that this test was pointless well there will definitely be a rematch between these phones. No doubt along with other comparisons. Including speed tests and benchmarks so make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel.

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