Galaxy S8 / S8+ Cases Worth Checking Out!

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“Probably will have noticed that the samsung galaxy s. A and galaxy s8 have a a lot of glass on the front and back side. So of course. You might looking at a case to figure out how you can protect your very expensive investment thankfully for you we have a ton of cases to check out from various makers that were sent to us in anticipation for their release.

So we re going to be going over a few cases that we think are worth checking out for the galaxy s8 and galaxy sa plus. I m tempered roy life let s get right into it. The first case. We re going to be checking out is this this is a leather.

It s called the further advanced thinner refined dandy laird for galaxy s8. And this is from a company called vrs design and with this as you can see you will stick the phone in the right side of the case here. I ll just go ahead and throw it in there. So case on the right side fits in pretty good will definitely protect your corners.

And all that. But you still have access to all of your ports. And all that the mic port up. Here is totally clear and of course.

You can access your bigsby button and all that but on the left side here you have a few slots for credit cards. I ve got a handy dandy hotel room right here wrote a hotel room key so you ll slide that in and then of course. You ve got this wallet folding action with this little kind of clip here this magnetic strap. Which will keep this apart from popping up now the nice part is you wouldn t think that a case like this might be wireless charging supported of course.

The same si have wireless charging. So you don t necessarily want a case. It s going to cut out you know a big kind of marquee feature on this device. So of course.

I got a wireless charger. Set up here. We ve put the s8 in there throw it on the charger and a way it goes. And i can actually kind of show you here if we properly place it on the charger.

There she goes so as you can see it does work through this leather pouch wallet. No problem at all so this again was the dandy the dandy layered for the galaxy s. A plus room vrs design. If you like those little kind of wallet or sort of pouch like cases that is option moving on from bodyguards.

We ve got the shock case for the again the galaxy s8 and this one more of a standard kind of your typical. What is this like a hard plastic tp not not tp use is a pretty hard plastic. But the thing about this device is that they what they market is this material. That s right up here in these corners.

And this is that same material. You would actually find in a football helmet that protects the players head from you know concussion or brain damage or anything. Like that and for me. When it comes to cases like this not only getting it in is sort of a deal breaker.

But also being able to get it out and i will say this this case is nice because it actually doesn t add a lot of girth to the galaxy si. I mean it s already sorted. It s not a large device in hand. But you don t want to add too much kind of width and weight and all that so not that bad of course you can access the buttons just fine.

I can access bigsby or my volume. Rocker there on the left of course you got access to your ports external speaker. Headphone jack atop you got your mic right. There.

So definitely a full featured case and of course will test the wireless charging capabilities and yet there go so a work work on that one too a lot of times..

You ll find cases. If you buy one and you are looking inside the case. A lot of times. You ll see like a sticker right here.

And that that could just at least indicate to you and that the case will support wireless charging. Which again. I think is a pretty big deal moving on we have another body guards. This time for the si.

Now this one what i like about these cases is that they don t hide the entirety of the color right. It s it s kind of tinted sort of a grey. But you can only see through it and still see the phone that you have now for me. Personally.

I m not a huge case guy because i love just seeing like my naked phone right. I mean i got these really really pretty colors. Why am. I going to want to hide that but at the same time again super fragile phones and if you drop.

These one time it could be game over so having a case is a not a not a bad idea. But at the same time. I don t want to hide that phone so a lot of times. If you can find a clearer version of these definitely one two check out of course.

You can access all the reports here and then we ll test the wireless charging capability wireless charging works just fine for this case so again. A bodyguards ace pro for the galaxy si. Plus. There s the packaging for if you wanted to see that one more time.

While i pop it back in there alright moving on this is another case from vrs design. This is the simply mod now what i like about this is that it s got a touch of class to it you see it s got these kind of gold plastic round here. But then it s also got a touch of touch of leather and stitching right here for your device. Now.

This is for the galaxy s. A pull us so we ll go ahead get that here and here s that that sticker. I was referencing you ll see this and you can definitely you can pretty much know for certain that is going to be wireless charging not a problem. But i mean even as we saw work just fine with that the leather folding pouch so pretty much i m guessing that wireless charging stuff technology can penetrate quite a lot of materials.

So here s that the gold not sure if gold and brown leather goes too well with this orchid grey on the galaxy s. A plus. But hey maybe you have a black model. It d look really good or a white model on this one we can see that the corners.

Don t actually touch and i will say it probably probably makes that easier to take it out and put it in but for some reason that just sort of works my ocd seeing the corners not touch. But not bad you can easily easily access your power button volume button bigsby button and all that so definitely a good choice here again from vrs design. Be simply. Mod simply mod for galaxy si.

Plus moving on now. This one. This one s pretty cool. It s one again from vrs design.

It s called the dam to folder a pretty pretty sweet. Idea here. So you ve got you re not to take that out you ve got your case here phone goes in for the galaxy s 8. So we ll pop it in this one feels really good to set inside the device and it just slides right in feel super snug secure.

And it does add some bulk as you can see like it definitely makes the phone fatter..

However that added bulk does come with a bit of a functionality. If you will so right here. You see we just fold. That over sort of like a like an old cell phone actually like this was the old phone you got your speaker right here t9 pad right here.

But that s not how this works you ve actually got your little case here and you can actually certain credit cards right there so if you ve got a couple of credit cards you want to keep on you at all times. I want to carry your wallet maybe throw in your id one credit card flip that over and you re good to go for the day and sadly you know it doesn t come with like extra battery juice or anything like that so you re adding bulk. But at least you are getting a little bit of functionality and we ll try the wireless charging here on that one not not seeing much love for the wireless charger. On this one.

That s alright probably. There s a little too much space probably with that added bulk so anyone who needs a case that supports wireless charging this may not be the one to try let s see if i take out the card does it work nope doesn t work so mark this one off the list. If you need wireless charging moving on this one again is the simply mod. But a different color.

A simply mod vrs design easy to put on this one s for the s8. Though black leather with sort of a white maybe. A grey stitching super classy easy to put on again. It s got these kind of cutout corners.

But of course you can access all of your ports. All of that everything is accessible unlock you here shows i can access bigsby just fine yet. And there it is so another case from vrs design. Definitely not bad at all in terms of adding bulk or anything like that it does a really good job.

It sort of sort of stained stained. Slim. But also protecting your device still from falls. So another one i would recommend hope we got to test wireless charging wireless charging does indeed work some no problems there for all you wireless charging fans.

Oh always a pain to take a case off. I don t want to break it it hurt it or anything. Like that the next one up spigen sends us over. I want to say 25 30.

Cases or so for the sas. A and this is one of them this is the air cushion technology the slim armour cs from speaking for the galaxy sa. Plus. Another case that adds a little bit of girth a little bit of bulk to it.

But actually adds a little bit of functionality as well so with this one you ve got your phone you slap. It in here. I will say the speaking cases are known for just being able to provide protection. But not adding too much bulk and the phone looks still pretty darn good in this case and its core.

It s not going to hide your beautiful gorgeous huge display or anything. Like that so. All the buttons are accessible. Everything works.

All that and got all your ports down here. And but the nice thing. This one adds a little bit of functionality like i said this one you actually slide over to the right and you can slide it over and then insert your cards that way and and this one. Let s check.

The wireless charging. Here yet so the wireless charger. Works for this one. As well.


I have to say got to be keep it real here transparent and it seems odd to me that if i would put my credit card in id and all that in between wireless charging and the phone itself you know like that stuff those those beams. I m not a theoretical physicist or anything it just seems odd that that stuff is beaming through my card for some reason that maybe that s just me i don t know it s probably completely harmless or they want to release it but definitely nice little little pouch here for your your credit cards. It just slides over not bad at all so that s the spigen slim armour cs for the galaxy s 8 plus. We re going to keep this train chugging along here this one is the high proceeds from vrs design.

Again this for the galaxy s8. This is just a classy looking case. It s got some really nice texture here definitely a sort of like a a lighter plastic kind of that tpu feel and this harder plastic around the sides here we ll throw it in the case here of course. We see a sticker there probably supports where i was charging of course.

We ll put it on the charger here just to make sure to find out it charges. Just fine this one might be one of my favorites out of the batch. It just feels really good super slim still doesn t add much girth at all to the device. And it just looks good especially.

This is a black galaxy s8 so of course it just looks really good and there s something about this textured backside that i can really appreciate right here. It says that hype rochelle right there definitely a nice option. I highly recommend this one this one feels good again that s the high pro. She ll for the galaxy s8 vrs design.

Moving right along now this one this again is a spigen. But this is the classic sort of that thin fit and that s exactly what the colors the thin fit for the galaxy s. A. Now this one is probably one that a lot of people are looking at because it won t add much you know kind of girth or width or anything like that super thin case.

But it s gonna protect your back you know when you re putting the the device down you re sliding it around it s going to protect your corners from a fall. Obviously. It s not going to protect your front much. But you know the point is this one very nice super slim.

But it s going to protect your device. And i think you know that s what a lot of people are looking at actually looks great this black case with this grey orchid. A finish orchid grey finish on the si looks pretty good as i said doesn t add any sort of width or depth at all still just as slim as the si is out of the box of. Course you can access all your set of 35.

Millimeter. Headphone. Jack usb type c. And you ve got your mic.

There. On top. The question is wireless charging of course wireless charging. So this one the spigen ultra.

Thin or the thin fit excuse me. For the si. Highly recommend. This is one of the the classics.

I think when i was rocking a note 4 or no 5. I had a thin fit on there and it was great served me very well so moving on from the vegan. This one is a crystal bumper for the si from vrs design. Now this one i like a lot because like i mentioned earlier.

This is a clear case you can see whatever color you get and it s not going to really take away from the overall design. I think of the phone it s a classy phone. Why do you want to hide it and can still see your orchid gray just fine. But you ve got protection on the back up protection on your corners and all that i love clear cases.

I think the most probably because i can still appreciate you know that color and that backside and all that glass and all that you know..

But still protects my phone and doesn t add a lot of weight or anything a lot of bulk. I mean yes a plus. It s already pretty big. So this isn t too bad moving on we ve got one more to show you and it s another one for the galaxy si.

Plus. I do believe yes. This is speakings wallets s4. The galaxy si plus.

This one much like the other one. But it s a black black version obviously. But you will throw in your phone. Here and then so this one is more like a case inside of a wallet.

So you ve got your phone. Protected and all that and of course. You ve got your ability to throw in cards. So that works just fine you close it up close this little magnetic.

Little tab. Here. And you still got a speaker. Here.

So i m assuming yeah. You can answer the call. So you take your call that you close. It up you can still talk on the phone.

Because you ve got your earpiece. There and of course. The mic is here mike here. So you can talk just fine with the case closed and of course take pictures all that access all your buttons everything s there for accessing and then let s see does it fit with the wireless charger.

I heard a beep don t know if you can hear the beep through the mic. But i heard the beep and we can lift it up and sure enough it is charging here and i ll pick it up and put it down just to show you guys here that is charging just fine. So another another good option from spigen. So we showed off a few options from spigen from vrs design.

As well as bodyguards all seem like pretty good options to me now since we have highlighted all these cases and i m only one man. I can t exactly use all these cases myself. So what we re going to be doing is we have a ton of cases. And when i say a ton of cases maybe let me show you what i m working with i m working with a whole lot of cases.

I can go on for days. With cases cases are not a problem for me. So. What we ll do is we are going to give all of these away you can follow the link below to a google sort of form fill out the information and once we have enough entries on monday morning at 10 00 am pacific.

I will close the form down. We will randomly select winners all you got to do is let me know if you want an s8 case. Or an si plus. Plus.

Case. And i will ship out the case to you and you will enjoy it on your brand new galaxy phone and hope wish you guys all the best and good luck. If you guys have any questions about any of these cases feel free to shoot them below and until then ” ..


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