Garmin Forerunner 630 REVIEW!

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” s up guys. I m jeff rizzo. And this is my review of the garmin garmin forerunner sick wait hold on of the garmin forerunner 630. And it is the to the 620.

And it is a bad gps running watch can you tell that i like it. But before we get into the review. I need you to do a couple of things number one subscribe. If you haven t already number two follow me on instagram and twitter and snapchat facebook.

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I m going to have links for amazon and for my good friends at clever trainingcom. If you want to purchase you can help me out. If you go that way as well just you know the six thirty retails right now for three hundred and ninety nine dollars or four hundred and forty nine dollars. If you get that really sweet performance bundle with the new hrm run heart rate monitor good with all that now let s get into the review all right so these.

6 30. Is the high end runners watch from garmin. It s a pretty good upgrade over the 620. But practically speaking.

It s going to do largely the same thing as the 620. So if you don t want to spend up for the 6 30. The 620 is heavily discounted at the moment. And it is still a really good runners watch with that said.

If you want the best. The 630 is the best. It s like the silk underwear of running watches. In fact.

I can t even fully utilize this thing. It s really designed for you marathoners and ultra runners out there people that live for running and if you re short on time. That s all you need to know if you re an avid runner..


Don t get it go with the 235. The 230. The 225 or the vivoactive. But if you run as much as my good friend.

Doug then the 630 is the way to go so with all of that in mind. Let s take a look at the design and the build and then we will talk about what this 630 can do as far as design goes. It s comfortable. I love its size.

It s a little bit smaller than the 230 and the to 35. But it s pretty much perfect especially for somebody that s going to be running long distances. It s ultra comfortable on your wrist. Like you don t even notice.

It s on the band s are hardy yet soft on your skin and the overall build is pretty good the device is largely plastic. But does feel really durable and garmin says. It is shock resistant. So that s good.

The display is full color. It s super high resolution and has great viewing angles. Even in the sunlight. It is a touch screen like we saw with the 620 which for me is a double edged sword.

It makes certain tasks easier and i think generally speaking. I like touch screens. But it also feels unnecessary on a runner s watch it just opens the door to more problems. Sometimes.

The touch screen is hugely frustrating and then other times. It s nice to work with. But again it just feels unnecessary. Luckily you do have two buttons on left in two on the right.

So you re not 100 relying on that touch screen. I will say though the software on the 630 is superb. It s easy to use it s intuitive..


I love the layout etc. It s just really good garmin. Put a lot of thought into designing that now the 630 does not have a bolton optical rate sets are unfortunately like we solid the 235. But it can be paired with ant sensors including heart rate monitors the speed and cadence cycling sensor and a foot pot even though that foot pot is unnecessary and actually if you get the 630 you should definitely get the hrm run or hrm tri heart rate monitors without those it s not quite as helpful you won t get the running dynamics.

Information you want. And that is one of the big cells. With the 630 right now the older hrm run and the hrm try don t support some of the newer running metrics. But i ve been told they will receive a firmware update in the near future that will change this.

And i ll post an update in the description. If i see this happen all right so some other design items that you ll want to know. It is water rated down to 50 meters and it is just fine for swimming. But you won t get swimming metrics.

And there is no multi sport option for you triathletes you want to get the phoenix 3 or the 920 xd. If you re doing a lot of triathlons. It has battery life supposedly of up to 4 weeks. However that will all depend on your training schedule and activity level for people that are using this device.

I m guessing the battery life will be right around 5 to 7 days for me. It was more because i m not running as far and as long as you guys. But the battery life is not terrible. But again.

It s all based on your activity level. The 630 has bluetooth for syncing with garmin. Connect you know the mobile app. I have a separate video on that if you want to learn more and then you can also sync it via usb.

Which is great because some people don t like using bluetooth and then you ve also like the phoenix. 3 got wi fi. So basically as soon as you get home it s going to sync all of your information across the garmin. Connect you really don t have to do anything last up.

The 630 has both gps and glonass. So you re like double covered in the mapping arena and i m pretty happy with the addition of glonass. It just helps to make sure the mapping data is consistent and then you re not without a signal..


Pretty much ever and then you ve also got ultra track. Which is the low energy option for mapping a run like if you re running a long long distance. And that s really nice to have as well. So that is designed not much to complain about beyond the touch screen.

Not being my favorite thing ever in terms of what the 630 can do for you it s straight up workhorse. It s an activity tractor. So take all of the features from the garmin vivofit. Or some fitbit and those are now in the 630.

That s awesome even more. It s your smartwatch. It relays all of your phone notifications. So you don t even need to take your phone out of your pocket to see who s calling or to view that last facebook message from the person you probably don t care about it just shows up on your wrist.

You get a notification tub and the weather app and a bunch of other cool. Smart features. I really do like the whole smartwatch thing. But clearly.

It is not the star of the show that s all of the workout stuff specifically the running stuff. But it will also track cycling and then basically any other workout. And yes you can create your own sport profiles directly on the device. You can even change up all of the data screens for each of the sports.

Which is pretty awesome. But let s get back to running because that s important of course. You can track indoor and outdoor workouts for indoor runs. Just so you know it will estimate your distance and pace.

And it s very accurate here based on all of my testing for outdoor workouts. You ll get a map of your route in addition to real time pace speed distance time elapsed. A vo2 max estimate. And all sorts of other related information additionally.

It will estimate your running cadence and you don t even need an extra heart rate monitor for that you will require the hrm run or the try if you want to get your vertical oscillation in ground contact. Time. Though and those are really cool metrics..


That i know a lot of hardcore runners love it helps you to prevent injuries and improve your running form. So if you re running a lot you ll want to get one of those heartrate monitors. But actually. There is more garmin added a bunch of new metrics and tests to the 630.

They added ground contact time balance. Which is basically right to left the proportion also your stride length. Which i like having i like knowing that information and then you get something called vertical oscillation ratio. Which is just your vertical oscillation divided by your stride length to me.

It s not helpful. Nor is it intuitive to think about i m not sure about that metric to be honest with you as far as tesco. You have a new one that estimates your stress level and it just involves a heart rate monitor takes a few minutes it s pretty cool you also get a performance indicator that will predict how well your work we ll go and i think this is like eerily accurate. It basically predicted that today.

It was going to be a good workout and the next day when i was really sore. It wasn t going to be a great workout. I like that lastly you get a lactate threshold test. Which is based on your heart rate.

Variability and it will estimate when you re close to fully fatiguing. The more you use the 630. The better these last two tests will get sort of like learns over time. And i think the new tests are good i really do like them overall.

And there are a bunch of other things to mention with regard to running like that it has a virtual pacer race predictor auto lap auto scroll etc but i want to finish this video off so that i don t keep you guys too long. I know you guys are really busy so i ll just post all of that additional information in the description for you guys so that is it for this review. I hope you found it helpful. I put a lot of time and effort into these videos.

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” ..

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