Garmin Vivosmart HR restart, reset and band replacement

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“Right today we want to talk about the garmin vivosmart hr. We currently have a a couple of these bands and i absolutely love them i m a heavy user. What and have had a couple problems i want to talk about how i fix those problems. And how maybe it could help you so to start off this is the vivosmart hr and if you ever having problems with it.

What you may want to try to do is a soft reset or a restart so to do that you press and hold the button at the side and it will beep and you ll get prompted for to lock the device or power off tap power off and it powers it off what this allows you to do is any software glitches that are going on with with the device it might help to resolve them just tap. It and it restarts. So that can help you resolve some problems. It helped me resolve a problem of mine after banging.

It a few times for some reason. My heart rate sensor was reading double the heart rate. Which is a very useful but after a reset..


It solved the problem and hasn t reoccurred the other option you could do is go into the menu by pushing the button. You can go to the gear. And then under here. There s language time units activity tracking and if you go right to the end.

There s a restored default you can click this click. Yes. And it will reset the device as new like you received it right out of the package. So if just a reor the power down and start doesn t fix a problem.

I would go on to this next step to reset user data and that might resolve the problem. I haven t needed to do that these devices have been very good. I m very impressed with the garment support as well we ve in this particular band my my wife s band you can see here that the band had broke it come loose..


It got caught on something and that came apart. So a call to a garment. Support and to that we received a replacement bank. It so they were very helpful within a few minutes got it all set out and i sent sent out and it took three days to get here so we called on a friday and then it came on tuesday.

So in this kit comes a band the open it up and take a look in so you get the torx screwdriver. The replacement screws and the band s question here. So this side of the bands in tax. I m going to leave it there i m just going to replace the other side with the buckle.

So first time. I m doing it obviously. But they said that it s just a matter of removing the two torx screws..


So i could see in here. There s two torx screws. There s two charging point so i ll make sure that you re not damaging those. But we ll go ahead and let s power this off just to be safe while i m working on it so here we go i m going to remove one torx and the other let s see if we can get this apart.

There we go i m actually going to reuse the old torx screws and wheelies in case. We have another problem down the road get it cleaned up a little bit just a matter of lining up the band over the existing unit itself go ahead and place these screws in there we go and just going to tighten these up there we go you don t over tighten. It just give it a some pressure you don t strip the screws or ship this today these googles for the real smart and i m not going to go on with the review of these products. There s a lot of reviews out there i absolutely love them for the battery life is great two to three weeks.

I get on it lots of videos on the reviews for these things i ll leave a link to to the product below in case. You re interested checking it out or needing to buy a new one but also i can t speak highly enough on the support garment and the previous products. I ve had with them that have had problems they ve been absolutely fantastic..


I can t recommend their company itself high enough these particular units. We ve been using for about a year and besides a broken strap and an odd software glitch. Which firmware update has fixed. We ve had zero issues and just love it so once again links below.

If you want to check them out. And if you like the video. Give me a thumbs up and subscribe for some future videos. ” .


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