GoPro Hero3 Third Party Battery Comparison / Review

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” ve been asking my opinion about sort of the third party batteries that are used used for gopro hero3 s of course you see the gopro hero3 battery. In the on the right in the middle that wasabi power in and on the left the smaw tree. I guess it s a system a tree i m not sure any rate. I m gonna fully charge all these the gopro in the camera the wasabi and of course in its charger.

Which seems to be exactly identical to the smaw tree and then i m going to i guess probably record some 1080p 60. Until the juice runs out. And let s see how these things time out okay..


So i have three gopro hero. 3. Black edition s and all three have a different kind of battery in them. Let s turn it around number one has the wasabi number two has the original gopro battery.

Number three has the smaw tree so let s see how these three perform will try to turn them all on i decided to go 1440p 48 frames per second because that s sort of the default. And that you know the camcorder comes with okay. Which one s going off okay..


The first one that died is the wasabi and it is shut off it just went through its own auto shut off so we re still at an hour and 10 minutes on the two and three which is the gopro and the small tree. But here are the chargers that s the one that comes with wasabi this one comes with the small tree as you can see they re exactly the same. I just put a different label on the back right. I can t see one iota of difference in those and of course.

Those do also charge the gopro also but when i did the charging of these high discharge them charge this one with a usb cord going into a computer. You can also use your telephone charger. Just bft to use like a usb mini plug to do that this one..


I used with its charger over here. Okay. So the okay so at one hour and 24 minutes. The smoke free battery just died so it lasted much longer than the wasabi did okay.

So that s and the winner is the gopro regional battery. But not by whole lot maybe just two or three minutes over the smaw tree battery. So there you have it the battery juice power leader is the gopro followed by the small tree followed by the wasabi..


But all three of those batteries are really good. ” ..

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