Gravity falls S1E4

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“Tonight s final illusion. We have the incredible sense of mystery when you put your your money in it mysteriously disappears. I was totally worth the drive the tiger was injured in the explosion we repaired him with a fist after these messages hey look it s a commercial. I was telling you guys about are you completely miserable let me see inside don t get too curious ii ever since that monster gideon rolled into town.

I got nothing but trouble. I think we should go and find out never you re forbidden from patronizing. The competition. No one that lives under my roof is allowed under that gideon s roof do tents have roofs.

I think we just found our loophole literally so come down put your money in gideon s second saddle. This is like a bizarro version of the mystery shack. They even have their own soos starting. Let s see what this monster looks like hello america my name is lil gideon that stan s mortal enemy she s so little ladies and gentlemen it is such a gift to have you here tonight.

That s a gift. I have a vision. I predict you will soon i ll say it came true what i m not impressed. I thought your trick.

It s an eight affinity where oh there s a blonde in future lien claim. And you two can see a few as we love me you recall you more leaving everything to my cats. I think that you ve been here before you mind if i m able papa tells me your name able to attend. Sir of telepathy and thanks for visiting man that kids an even bigger fraud than the stand to wonder our uncle s jealous come on dance moves were adorable.

Oh you re too easily impressed is that permanent. I m unappreciated in my time. I know we haven t formally met but after yesterday s performance. I just couldn t get you out of my head you mean this one when i saw you in the audience.

I said to myself now there s a kindred spirit someone who appreciates the sparkly things in life your discretion. That stance. No fan of mine. I don t know how well lemon so sour could be related to a peach.

So sweet. What do you say we step away from here a bit more perhaps in my dressing room you like cuz. I do let s go whoa. Where have you been and what s going on with those fingernails.

You look like a wolverine. I know right i think my new pal gideon he s one dapper little man mabel. I don t trust anyone whose hair is bigger than their head you do stuff with me you insist get to do boy stuff all the time. What do you mean i don t you re ready to blow up these hotdogs in the microwave one by one whoa.

The feel from your family s factory is not good thing. We both brought our maybe when i m up here looking down all them little old people i feel like i m coming. I guess that makes you my queen right now i can t quit it i m speaking from the heart from the where now mabel..


I ve never felt this close up anyone so so close hey look gideon. I am hey. I like you a lot. But let s just be friends at least just give me a chance mabel will you do me the honor.

I m going on a date with me complete it ll just be one little old date time okay. Then i guess maybe you may be that happy boy. The world are you sniffing my hair not at 80. It s just whew i hurt his feelings.

I don t know bone maybe guys don t work that way he s gonna fall in love. With you okay we agree on something here i m not even chapman awaits milady oh boy. But you please good let s bring a horse in here well. People have a hard time saying that with me and action insurance.

John luke. What did we discuss about eye contact. Yes. Yes.

I ve never seen so. Many forks. Oh. Parlez vous francais.

I have no idea what you re saying. Hey hey. What the jekyll is mabel. Doing in the paper.

Next to that crazy three pocket gideon. Oh. Yeah. It s like a big deal.

Everybody s talking about getting into mabel s big date tonight. What that little shyster is dating my great niece. I wonder what the new name will be for the power couple mayberry on gary abel make it belly on i didn t know i didn t hear about it and plus. I told her not to yeah well it ends tonight.

I m going right down to that little skunks house. This is gonna stop right now do it wouldn t be funny. If that was a closet. And you had to come back out again and walk out the real door way.

But i m looking for gideon well i haven t seen the boy around but since you re here you simply must come in for coffee. But i can t it s imported all the way from colombia wow. I went to jail..


There once some digs you got here oh this is beautiful now. I hear your knees and my gideon are yeah. They re singing in harmony. Lately.

So to speak. Yeah and i m against it yeah. No no i see it as a fantastic business opportunity yes. The mystery shack and the tent of telepathy.

We ve been at each other s throats for far too long staff at each other s throats for far. Too long. Yes. We have this is our big chance to brush aside our rivalry and pool our collective profits you see i m listening and so i said autograph your own headshot lady.

Yeah. Yeah mabel tonight state was a complete success and tomorrow s day promises to top this one in every way whoa whoa. You said just one date and this was it park what a surprise a red christmas south american rainbow table two three four mabel so adorably red. They re expecting us please say you ll go gideon.

I m sorry. But i m gonna have to say i m gonna be into my seat this is gonna be adorable. I can verify that that will indeed happen over and you won t ever have to go out with him again mabel. It s over right mabel like this no gideon as a friend slash little sister.

So i didn t want to hurt his feelings. I just need to get things back to where they used to be you know friends was gonna be the end of the evening right don t you want this evening to last my sweet no what in the heck happened on that date. I don t know it was in the friend zone mabel come on it s not like you re gonna have to marry. Gideon.

Great news mabel you have to marry gideon. It s all part of my long term deal with buddy gleeful. There s a lot of cash tied up in this thing. Plus.

I got this shirt bodies. Change. Honey bodies change. Oh no mabel mabel s not here.

She s in sweater town are you gonna come out of sweater town all right enough is enough if you can t break up with gideon then i ll go for you oh different minds. How are you you look good you look good thanks. You uh look gideon. We gotta talk mabel isn t joining you tonight.

She doesn t want to see you anymore. She says. She s kind of weirded out by you no offense..


So what you re saying is you ve come between us you re not gonna like freak. Out or anything are ya. So okay cool well then again sorry man. But uh hey thumbs up huh indeed friend.

How d it go. Well. You know they try to read your mind with his psychic powers. Don t worry mabel he s just a kid he doesn t have any powers dipper pines.

You don t know what you ve done you just made the biggest mistake of your life vivian charles gleeful. Clean up your room this instant toby determined gravity falls gossiper oh hey man sorry for accusing you of murder last week water under the bridge say we want to interview. You about whether you ve seen anything unusual in this here town since you ve arrived. I have notes and theories huh for one gopher road tonight.

Got it there i get your dirty work. Now. It s time to pay your end of the bargain. Hello friend get in dipper pines.

Long. Have you been living in this town a week you like it here enjoy the scenery. What do you want for me man listen carefully boy this town has secrets you couldn t begin to comprehend is this about mabel. I told you she s not read minds isn t all i can do but but you re a fake don t tell me dipper.

It is fake how s that hair. Tasting. Buddy wendy. I need some advice you broken up.

With guys. Right. Oh. Yeah.

Rust. Our. Um. Eli hall.

Stony. Davidson gross. Like worley. Nate holt.

Guy. With the tattoos. Meanie wedding..


Dipper. Do that for me was a mistake gideon. Deserves an honest break up the any. Feldman mark epstein.

Oh man. I m not sure i ever actually broke up with him. I wonder he keeps calling me. I know what i gotta do.

Thanks for talking to me. Wendy ignore use the cute little guy you are and i m gonna make sure you never have any of you brand mabel. What are you doing here i m sorry gideon. But i can t be your marshmallow.

I need to be honest and tell you that myself i don t understand we can still be makeover. Buddies right wouldn t you like that really not so powerful without this listen gideon. It s over. I will never ever beat.

You yes. Oh. This isn t over this isn t the last you ll see rebuked. He will all pay recompense for your transgressions.

What you got like a word a day calendar or something what about our arrangement with mabel in the well. I see he s taken to one of his rages again sorry okay okay. I can see when i m not wanted. I could have had all what the heck happened to you two gideon get in gideon.

Yeah. The little mutant swore vengeance on the whole family. I guess. He s gonna try to nibble my ankles or something oh yeah yeah how s he gonna destroy us now huh try to guess what number we re thinking of know it gets a negative number gideon.

I still love you if only my family were in the way look at me. I m old and i m smelly. Hey. What are you gonna do doubt your precious amulet.

Oh. You ll see boy yells. Me you re done not yet. I don t know their lastest.

” ..

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