Gravity falls S2E7

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“Diner at night raised goodnight tiny men stealing my pie lift with your knees. No no your knees. If i go one more hour without eating. I m gonna resort cannibalism.

It is seen well back to pi. I was this close to eating you steve are you not again yeah. Yeah. Filthy green bottle it s a bottle message from amanda remember it s my fish and shirtless guy.

What if he wants to get back together. I wouldn t get your hopes up mabel. It is with a heavy heart so far so good that i must inform you i m getting married. And there it is in order to get over him eventually you don t understand dipper on my first day here.

I made this page for summer romances cycle. Vetoes own hands now wish i could just forget about them forever. Hey. If it s any consolation.

My summer mission isn t a huge success either i m still trying to find the author of this journal. But with his laptop smashed. I ve lost any lead at finding him wait is cook an hour to think of this but it was worth it you can drop the act mcgucket. I know you re the author you ve studied the mysteries of this town and wrote this book do you the geez dippers been searching for all summer geez no genius.

I never done nothing worthwhile in my life. Everyone knows i m no good to nobody i can t remember what i used to be. But i must have been a big failure to end up like this. But the laptop has your name on it are you sure you didn t write it here look closely.

I told you everything before 1982 is just a bar easy. There s something intense what does mcgucket learned something he wasn t supposed to know and someone or some thing messed with his mind. We ve got to get to the bottom of this think dude. What is the earliest thing you can remember this is the history museum that s where we re going i ll buy you a new one.

Oh. I don t wanna hear all right keep your eyes peeled for anything suspicious mabel are you okay you just walked by a cat without petting. It oh wendy everything is looking at reminds me of my failed romances that formaldehyde heart..


That romantic tyrant. Even those poles. Remind looks reason x. Crush come on so your last memory was here anything coming back.

We ll kill my card. It doesn t make sense where did he go i feel like all these eyeballs are watching me they are move aside. A secret passageway. We all have to be still see oh hambone a message.

If there s trouble. I have no idea. What that means who is the subject of our meeting ladies. What is it that you have seen.

I was leaving the diner and i saw these these little bearded doodads and i was like you won t be like one for much longer yes. No it looks like a hairdryer are you guys lazy susan. What do you know of little bearded men is here thanks it s a society of the behind. I erased lazy susans memory guys are you seeing this they just wiped lazy susans memory.

They should have wiped off that awful mascara. You can soos whoa touched a nerve. There lazy susan. How do you feel i feel great.

I can t even remember what i m doing here. Oh your memories will be safe with us buried in the hall of the forgotten meeting adjourned. See you later amazing. A secret society of evil mind erasers.

All that they erased your memory a long time ago. We could find where your memories have been hidden it could be the key to unlocking all the histories of gravity falls all right mabel wendy you two stay here and make sure those rope. Guys don t come back girls club soos. You mean macaca are gonna go find the hall of the forgotten man these are really poorly made i could have sworn.

I heard someone probably just a janitor kissing that wax settler woman. Again wolf mine. Me to erase that from my memory skulduggery you ve got to teach me some of those old man swear words..


I mean why does every play leave. Me who cares boys are the worst. You shouldn t get hung up man maybe i come on too strong you know well. What s your opener.

Pretend. I m a boy that was perfect you just forget about guys man whoa hold up we don t even know what that thing does you could accidentally erase like learn to read or breathe or one of those terrible summer. Songs. You can t get out of your head with all these tools people must have forgetting their memories erased all over child whoa look at this robbie what is it that you have seen stories attacked by this magic kung fu guy that was throwing balls of fire at me i kicked his butt too robbie speak.

Honestly i was saved by a 12 year old why are they erasing people s memories. I still don t get it looky fellers. It s those words what people call me oh dude your memories. Wait dinner grabby grabby.

I don t know mabel are you really sure this is a good idea laughter. Oh you ve really started up. Now fiddleford. This is all your fault.

Is my beard have a bandage that even make sense no one pointed that out i think we re safe the plan. Guess who dude. I know it s rude upper such big strong hands. You shouldn t have come here if we do not give up our secrets.

Lightly who are you wearing freaks why are you doing this well i suppose we are going to erase your minds. Anyway you too how s that marriage going by the way. Oh great great great as you ve never met me. Before and if you had you wouldn t remember i am blind.

We formed many years ago by our founder. A founder does anyone remember who he was but why would you do all this what do you have to gain as you have no doubt discovered gravity falls is a town plagued with supernatural strangers. No one knew how to stop the things that went bump in the night. So our founder invented.

The next best thing a way for us to forget we took it upon ourselves to help the troubled townsfolk by erasing. The memories of the strange things they ve seen now the people of gravity falls go about their lives. Ignorant and happy thanks to us and as a perk..


We help ourselves to get things that trouble us. Everyone has something they d rather forget in fact your own sister was about to use that ray on herself isn t that right maybe seriously. Maybe don t you see this is ruining lives. What about old man mcgucket.

He lives in a hut and talks to animals. Thanks to you don t feel bad about that maybe a little. But not anymore you won t be telling anyone else what you ve learned here say goodbye to your son. We re gonna forget everything i got some stuff i want to get off my chest mabel for half the summer.

I thought your name was maple like the syrup no one corrected me sometimes i use big words and i don t actually know what they mean i mean. I m supposed to be the smart guy okay. I m not actually laid back. I m stressed like 24 7.

Oh. Stop being a bunch of babies. Oh nobody better mess. They know too much look.

It s memory too i ll take that thank you give it up boy. You re no match stop that s right i don t wear nothing under my robe. Not gonna apologize for that maybe. Y all.

Should apologize for being a bunch of prudes well time to erase that forever society secrets belong to us end of the line by tomorrow. This will all seem like a bad dream say goodbye to your precious memories. Okay you took a bullet for me isn t so fun being tied up in it hey look on their faces. We ll have our revenge.

We never forget what you ve done. Oh thank you just like say cheese. Thanks for visiting. The museum for gold miner appreciation night be sure to tip the gold miner on your way out i m sorry.

But what s my name where am. I oh done that one your traveling minstrel with a song in your heart and funny tattoos on your head yes i am toot toot but bumba snazzle cheers steep is my name all right are you ready to see your memories find out who you really are so sure what i see and i wish to unsee what i have seen sweet sarsaparilla for the past year. I ve been working as an assistant for a visiting researcher..


He has been cataloging his findings about gravity falls in a series of journals. I helped him build a machine. Which he believed had the potential to benefit all mankind. But something went wrong i decided to quit the project.

But i lie awake at night haunted by the thoughts of what i ve done i believe i have invented a machine that can permanently erase these memories from my mind test subject 1 fiddleford. It worked i can t recall a thing call it the society of the blind eye. We will help those who want to forget by erasing their bad memories today. I came across a colony of little man very disturbing.

I would like to forget seeing this i accidentally got another car in town today i feel terrible terrible oh god can t i m so sorry my memories back just like you said but did you want those memories back after all these years finally. Know who i am maybe i messed up in the past. But now that i ve seen what happened i can begin to put myself together again. Still don t know what that means so wait you weren t the author.

But you worked with him do you remember who he was it s beginning to come back. But not anymore time and reading glasses had some remembering to do so mabel do you still want to erase those failed summer romances you know no one likes having bad memories. But maybe. It s better to remember the bad things learn from them than to go out the nile.

Crazy trying to forget that s so mature junk right. There mabel. Yeah. Miss mature.

That s me hey picture of my jerky. Ex. Crush. You know what s going on this big adventure.

Actually made me get that stupid song out of my head. It s all so familiar. It s almost like i can remember every day. It s getting strong yeah.

I don t care if it s dangerous. I don t care how long it takes i m gonna pull this off ” ..

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