GTX 1070 Ti! – It s PHENOMENAL But Still Stupid & Can OC

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“Can be forgiven for thinking that i wasn t all that excited to get my my hands on in videos. New gt. 1080 or i mean 1070 ti. I did it stupid just four videos ago after all but nothing could be further from the truth that not being an excited part of course.

The 1070 ti is still stupid. But more on that later the 1070 ti has always looked great on paper. I mean almost 1080 like performance at a lower price point sign me up and sign me up h. Through south africa did when they sent over the rocks tricks 1070 ti for review as rumors have suggested the 1070 ti does indeed seem to be a card that was destined for gt x.

1080 glory. But fell just a little short. The. Ted.

70 ti is equipped with 2432 code of course runs at a base and boosts clock frequency of 1607 and 1682 hertz respectively and sports 8 gigabytes of gddr5 memory at the 256 bit interface. It also sports a tdp of 180 watts and will fill a nice price gap between the regular 1070 and 1080 coming. In at 449. Which is a little more than the initial rumours were suggesting.

But it s still a really attractive price point in fact it comes. So close to matching the specs of the 1080. The gddr5 x. Memory.

That i d wager nvidia intentionally left the 1070 ti s boost clock at the same level as the original a seuss s rob strix model has all of the after mention specs along with everything that makes the raw product. So darn popular among gamers these days it comes with the republic of gamers patented good looks all of the rgb lighting. You can shake a glow stick at and one of the best air cooling solutions on the market. One of my favorite parts about this.

Particular card is its inclusion of two fan headers right on the end of the pcb fans connected to these headers can be adjusted to ramp up according to the amount of heat being generated by your gpu helping to keep thermals to check when your graphics card is running and helping to keep noise and check when it s not but hey. The important part of all of this is to find out how well the card actually performs and among other things to see if it accomplishes and videos. A parent goal of cutting amy s bag of 56 off at knees running at 1440p with the highest graphical presets possible and low anti aliasing. I played with the 1070 ti against the gtx 1080 and rx vega 56.

And even vega 64 from good measure to see which one will come out victorious spoiler alert. It was the 1080 the gtx 1080 was never not going to win. But that s not why i include in the benchmark. I included it to show just how close to 1070 ti comes to matching it in performance even running at stock settings as you should be able to tell right off the bat that 1070 ti doesn t call back against its rival.

Vega 56. In all. But two of the mention works. I ran the 1070 ti comes out on top.

It s an extremely close race and some of the titles tested. But a wins away the 1070 ti s core clock speed jumped to around 1880 six megahertz thanks to gpu boost 30. Kicking in the card stayed relatively cool throughout testing only maxing out at 68 degrees c. But here s where things get interesting when compared to the gtx 1080 in vegas.


Both cards that absolutely crush. The 1070 in every possible way the 1070 ti holds its own remarkably well with a combined average fps score of 65 point. 5. 3.

Fps. The 1070 ti was only 8 percent slower than vegas 64. In a mere 10 point. 6 percent slower than the gtx 1080.

That s not a whole lot. That s a small enough increase to make the 1070 ti look like a mighty. Tempting alternative to the vegas. 64.

And even the gtx 1080. Which makes me think confirming the initial rumors and vidia is indeed strictly preventing their ai v. Partners from factory overclocking their 1070 ti cards this could be seen as a move to get more people to buy their 1070 ti o cards from nvidia directly which would undoubtedly increase their profits. But i don t really think that s the full story.

I think a more likely reason for the lockdown on factory. Overclocked. Is that overclocking the 1070 ti might bring its performance too close to that of a gtx 1080. But hey why am i speculating.

I have to 1070 ti right here and just because vendors can t overclock. It doesn t mean that i can t either. So. Let s just see how much smaller the performance gap between the 1070 ti 1080 and even vega 64.

Becomes when we play around a little with the settings now while nvidia has prevented aib partners from overclocking the cards from the factory nothing has precluded them from still pumping out cards that are capable of overclocking. That s where this particular rob strix 1070 ti comes in now the way asus labelled their previous cards was a standard strix and oc edition with the 1070 ti since they can t oc it out of the factory. They re labeling. It as the advanced binned edition.

Meaning. That these cards are the ones that are recommended for getting much faster clocks than the reference set up with overclocking even if asus won t do it for you. But it s actually kind of funny to me that old habits do die hard. With my review simple of the strix.

Just having a sticker. Saying. Advance been placed directly over the part of the box. Where it says oc edition.

Seems like a rushed last minute change to me maybe retail samples. Won t be a slapdash. So here are the same benchmarks again only this time with the 1070 ti running as fast as those able to get it i bumped its power limit to 120 percent and in about 75 to the voltage. Updates core clock speed by about 214 overclocked the memory by 400 and set a very aggressive custom fan curve the rocks tricks.

10 780..

I was one of the easiest. Cards i ve owned clocked in a long time and it hit 21. Gigahertz on the core and the results of this increase are kind of phenomenal with the highest stable overclock. I could get on the 1070 ti on air cooling at least.

It outpaced vega 64. In five of the eight games. I tested and it completely pummeled it in 3d marks times by taking averages across all the titles tested into account. There is almost no difference between the 1070 ti and vega 60 for a literal 0.

Difference obviously there s some games out there that aren t currently in our testing suite that vega is wrecking at like forza and wolfenstein. But those appear to be outliers rather than general performance. Instances. The overclocked had 70 ti is impressive performance even makes the 1080 look slightly back.

I mean yeah. The 1080 took the top spot again in all. But one benchmark and took the one in time spy. But it was an inn comfortably close victory overclocking.

The 1070 ti boosted its performance. So much that it was only three percent slower than the gtx 1080 overall. That s freaking insane in fact. I think it would be fair to refer to the 1070 ti as the gtx 1080 light or even maybe the jt 1080 and look i get it had a given that 1080 and vega 60 for the same overclocking treatment.

Things would be a whole lot different. But that s not the point. The fact that you can overclock the 1070 ti and get around the same level performance as a 1080 or vega 64. Even at stuck is absolutely ludicrous.

The 10 80 s msrp is just about 100 more than the 1070 ti. And even if you could find an arts vega its msrp of 499 or whatever the actual prices these days that s still 50 dollars more than the 1070 ti yes. No matter how you slice it the gtx 1070 ti is a phenomenal card and i wouldn t blame anyone for picking it up. But it s still stupid.

It s not stupid because i think it s a bad gpu. I mean i just said it was phenomenal no it s bad because it probably didn t need to exist in the first place or at least shouldn t have had to i ve already harped on about this in my first 1070 ti video. So i ll keep this short the 1070 ti is completely reactionary and it s a particularly unfortunate. Reaction meagan.

56. Has been snapping up sales in between the price point between the 1070 and 1080 for a while now nvidia doesn t like that so in response. The releasing the 1070 ti to battle it out at around the same price point instead of looking forward even though they re great cards effect. It doesn t come close to taking nvidia in the gtx 1080p eyes performance crown.

So one can t imagine that nvidia is feeling all that rush to launch their next gen volta gpus. Especially when all they need to do to be amd is to release. Another pascal card unfortunately in the process of bringing the fight back to amd with the 1070 ti. They ll also likely move in on their own gt x.


Sales. As my benchmarks would seem to show an overclocked 1070. Ti. Is essentially a stock 1080 at about 50 cheaper.

I could think of many people who d rather overclock their card and spend their 50 on some killer rgb upgrades and another issue. I have with the 1070 ti outside of performance is as i mentioned earlier the issue with overclocking if you ve been following along with the launch of pascal nvidia has made a few interesting moves when it comes to their newly minted founders edition cards you see founders edition wasn t a thing before the 1080. There were just reference cards and they were sold through the aib partners with the 1080 launch and video. Showed that they wanted a bigger piece than pie by selling founders editions.

Directly and at a higher msrp than what the aib partner cards had to sell for it was an odd move as the fe cars weren t supposed to be higher bend chips or anything just a price premium for buying the reference models and prestige of buying directly from nvidia instead of picking up an asis founders edition. But it seems that in video wasn t necessarily happy with the sales of the founders of dishing as on subsequent launches. They decided to match the price of the fe. With the price of the aib partner.

Carts msrp of course. Reel pricing is a whole nother issue. But with the 1080 ti. You can get a founders edition card for the same price as an arb partner.

But it appears at least to me because this is completely speculation that nvidia wants the work founder edition sales. Which is why they re enforcing this no oc matter. I would recommend it s not just about the 1070 gti matching a stock and 80 with a decent overclock but rather nvidia continuingly wanting a bigger slice of the regional pie blocking aib partners down to reference clocks means that there is no visible performance difference between the cards on a spec sheet. Which means.

You have less reason to not go. With the likely cheaper founders edition. 1070 ti. It parsley.

Seems like a slap in the face from nvidia to the av partners. Which is how i see things. But might not actually be the case. I m sure we ll get more details out in the days to come.

Now. As far as local pricing is concerned for this model specifically the asus strix 1070. Ti advanced edition is quite the performer. But holy crap is local pricing on any 1070 ti.

Completely borked er oniy. The cheapest 1070 ti can be found right now at around 8200 ran the strix advanced model thanks to its advanced spinning has a local price right around nine thousand two hundred grand that s respectable. Only a thousand ran more than the cheapest card and you get a shoe squall ti. The strix aesthetic and it advanced been gpu no complaints at all with how asus is stacking up against the local competition in the same gpu tier.

But ten seventy ti prices are bork dur oniy because for that 9200 ran that you can get this strix 1070 ti. 4. You can get at least two different gt. X.

1080 cards..

Now. I know a cos considers themselves a top tier brand. But no matter what they do to their gpus. A top tier 1070 ti isn t as good as a lower tier gtx.

1080. And it makes the 1070 ti. A silly purchase from price to performance perspective. If it s costing more but before they get upset with me for comparing issues to other brands.

When i directly compare the 1070 ti against their own 1080s. The 1070 ti advanced was priced higher than the 1018 on oc edition. When the pricing was first announced. It appears now that they ve raised their prices to be above a lot of in 2000 ran on the gtx 1080.

But they weren t that high a week ago. The prices were raised on the gtx 1080 to make room for the 1070 ti. Which isn t how it shouldn t be the 1070 ti needs to be priced lower here in south africa. No matter how you slice it as you can get a gtx 1080 for just a few bucks.

More but conclusion. The 1070 ti or gt. 1080 has all affectionately know it as is a formidable card from nvidia. It slaps.

The vega 56 competes with the vega 64 in many games and uncomfortably close to the gtx 780. That s a good launch especially when it s only a 50 price jump in the us. Of course not here over the gtx 1070. It s an impressive gpu and i definitely love to have one in this strix advanced edition of the card has been amazing to use low temps low fan.

Noise gorgeous. Design well. Implemented rgb and not to mention that super sweet 21. Gigahertz overclock make it a gpu.

I could easily recommend and with that i want to think of sioux south africa for getting this card over for us to review let me know what you all think of the 1070 ti are you going to get one. What do you think of the current local south african pricing of the cards in general do you think that this is another nail in the coffin for vega let me know either down in the comments or on twitter. I m at uf disciple and i m sure many of you are wondering what the mining performance of this gpu is like especially compared to vega and the 1080. So we re going to be having a video coming out on that tomorrow right tank yeah as long as my wife doesn t go into labor tonight.

We should have a 1070 ti mining video out tomorrow anyways. I m going to wrap it up there be sure to smash that like button. If you enjoyed our review on the 1070 ti subscribe to show your support and stay up to date on all of our tech related content and shout out to the notification squad for having that bell on and showing up as soon as all of our videos dropped. I m brett with the uft cycle channel.

Thank you so much for watching. And i ll see you all in the next video cheers. ” ..


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