Hands-on with Walkie-Talkie for Apple Watch!

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“For the first time ever at apple s worldwide developers conference in june. Walkie. Talkie talkie is one of the biggest additions coming to watch west. 5.

This year. All watch owners except for those with the first generation devices will be able to communicate with each other by simply selecting a contact name and pressing a button. The walkie talkie out first appeared in the initial beta. Release.

But was non functional. With the release of watch os. Beta to this week..


The feature is live let s check it out opening up the app. I m greeted with a screen saying walkie talkie. A fun way to talk to other apple watch users below that message you ll see a list of your contacts to add someone to walkie talkie. Just tap on their name.

And that will send them an authorization request at this time you can add anyone and even attempt to send audio. Even if they don t own an apple watch in the future. It would be nice to see only contacts that have a compatible apple. Watch if you want to remove a contact just slide over and press.

The x icon. If someone adds you to their walkie talkie app. You ll get an automatic request asking if you want to pair once the contact is added select them from the list..


It takes a few seconds to connect and then you can simply hold down the talk button. While speaking if your contact is available. They ll get a notification sound and haptic feedback. Before your voice message is played this works.

In real time with virtually no delay good man just checking out this walkie talkie app. How are you liking it so far yeah i definitely agree i think with this new walkie talkie app. I m not gonna use the audio feature in messages anymore definitely in much quicker too just like real walkie talkies. Only one person could speak at a time and if somebody else is sending audio your talk button turns into a dynamic circular waveform spinning the digital crown will lower and raise the volume if you try to talk to a contact that has walkie talkie disabled the app will let you record your message and then will try to connect after about five seconds.

You ll get a message that the aren t available if someone tries to contact you while you re not available you ll get a notification that they tried to reach you watch will then give you the option to talk to them open walkie talkie or dismiss the notification. Personally we d love to have contacts turn gray in the app. If they re not available that way we won t have to send a message and then wait for the connection to not go through before finding out they re logged off and they wouldn t get a notification as a result walkie..


Talkie is based on facetime audio technology and works over both wi fi and cellular. When you select. A contact a connection is established and it stays open for up to five minutes without activity before timing out. But that time limit could be changed in the future by using a live call nothing needs to be recorded sent and downloaded.

Which makes it much faster and more private. Once you have a contact added. The app is enabled by default and a shortcut icon shows up at the top of every watch face. If you don t want to be interrupted by an audio message you can disable walkie talkie by swiping down.

And toggling. Available. Which will also remove the shortcut..


All watch faces supporting complications will be able to use the new shortcut icon for the walkie talkie app. After our first hands on experience we re extremely impressed my wife used to send me audio clips through messages. But it was slow and tedious to use walkie talkie on the other hand is just an overall enjoyable experience. I don t have to pull out my phone open messages click the play button and wait for it to load.

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