Headsets for PS4 – PlayStation Wireless Gold, Razer Thresher Ultimate and more!

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“Welcome to playstation access. My name s rob. And this is a video about headsets headsets for playstation 4 starting with the new gold wireless. Headset the gold.

Wireless headset a bunch of features from the wireless. 20 headset 71 virtual surround sound custom audio mode from games developers available through the headset companion app and a built in rechargeable battery but it also features a new design with an extra sturdy frame with refined over ear cushions that s been optimized to fit with playstation vr. The gold headset comes complete with an audio cable for use with playstation vr. The gold wireless.


Headset. Also features two multi position noise cancelling microphones for clear in game. Chat which as with the wireless 20. Headset can be balanced with in game.

Volume. So you can hear the game and your teammates when it matters. Most if you re looking for even more of a premium experience then also available is the platinum wireless headset based on a similar design but with some added features the platinum headset comes with 50 millimeter speaker drivers offering enhanced 71 virtual surround sound while 3d audio in compatible games delivers a new level of spatial immersion and precision like the gold the platinum wireless headset also features two hidden mike s discreet chat and game volume controls a rechargeable battery and custom audio modes through the headset companion app outside of the gold and platinum headsets there s also an officially licensed range of options available this logo means they ve been tested to make sure they are totally compatible with ps4 and ps4 pro the range includes. The plantronics rig 100 hs and the rig 400 hs camo.


Wired. Options offering quick plug and play setups. The rig. 100.

Is a single cup design. Good for sharing your gaming space with the real world. Also you can still hear your in room surround sound with a memory foam. Cushion and flexible boom mic.


The rig. 400 meanwhile has the same lightweight design and foam ear cups. But this time two of them for a more immersive sound. There s also the hyperx cloud another wired option that plugs directly into your dualshock 4 and comes with 50 millimeter speaker drivers a durable aluminium frame closed cup memory foam cushions for comfortable enclosed gaming and a detachable noise cancelling microphone and finally there s razors thresher ultimate an esports focused premium wireless.

Headset offering 71 virtual surround sound through 50 millimeter speaker drivers the thresher comes with a lightweight design with leatherette cups retractable microphone and is designed to be used lag free at distances of up to 12 meters. Which unless you have a tv. The size of a house is going to be just fine. So there you go thanks for watching let us know your thoughts in the comments like this video.


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