Hitman: Episode 01- Paris Walkthrough – The Showstopper

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“To paris 47. The show is just about to start. This is the red carpet carpet event of the season. And the guest list is a veritable who s who the global fashion elite.

You will find victor nabokov basking in a spotlight while dahlia margolis hosts the heavily guarded auction on the second floor for a group of iago s top customers. Now event security will keep a watchful eye on any suspicious activity. But i trust your timeless look shall fit right in good luck 47 good evening sir welcome to sanic wait that is viktor nabokov. Head of sangren and ringleader of iago.

Quite the resume sorry yeah. What the hell is a bare knuckle boxers there what the sanguis boss novikov. Yes. If i could make him one oh that yes shit.

I forgot it s a cocktail. His favorite apparently the palace owner mr. Lehren left us the recipe. But i think i left it down in the basement.

He s gonna copy it out laminate it but. According to staff. Victor nabokov s favorite drink is a rather obscure cocktail known as a bare knuckle. Boxer.

The recipe. However has been misplaced in the basement sounds like a chance opportunity to get on novikov good side. He cares booze is booze right now i should really go look for it man pays our wages. Deserves a decent drink declares.

Son. Hey. Alright..


Someone wants to check nice work. 47 time to mix up a storm. It s an odd sensation to my goodbye big section. Like kinda woozy.

Probably have someone take a look at you that there looks serious have you asked me good work 47 time to find dahlia margolis command in haven. You look fine. I know i look fine. But he s like a like a greek god or something i can t believe.

He s actually here you know like in the same room with us he ll move. According to our intel helmut kruger is friendly with dalia margolis i suspect that iago uses fashion models to infiltrate the lives of the rich and powerful and kruger is likely one of their spies. His face paint conveniently obscures his features and the two of you already share a striking resemblance there s been my role model since college because your hand you ever wash it again yeah yeah are you sure you mailing catalog that s right over. Here.

No waiters here you crazy get out of here. Before i get you fired you re making. Me luck okay. Give me that pose you did in the jordan cross video.

You know the black and white one with the ultra slow motion. Oh yeah. That s it oh oh you know what i m talking about beautiful oh yeah. That s can i get a skimmed milk soy latte dalia helmet.

Not yet i go on in a few cycles. I think i have i think i m in. But i want to be clear on a few details fine. I see there can i help you no well could i ask that you maybe leave us alone thanks dalia helmet.

Not yet. I go on in a few cycles. I think i have i think i m in..


But i want to be clear fine. I ll i ll be up after the show. Yes. Ciao yeah.

Whatever oh wait a table or something yeah. Damn. It s me oh. Now you re watching the live no not anytime.

Soon dalia helmet. Here remind me again where were you supposed to meet donna. You want me to drop by now or helmuth kruger. Wow.

Just mr. Kruger needed to punch up i see no problem just sit back and relax. And take a sec. Appreciate they re all set.

Mr. Goodwin wow. Thanks mister break a leg perfect timing kruger get out there in time well at least. It s mine look like real close that intense straitjacket.

Yeah. I think you d look good at just about anything you smell good mr. Krueger. Miss margolis.

This book about the fashion industry through the ages access to the auction and a private audience with dalia margolis so helmet you accept my offer. I meant. What s the job straight to the point..


I like it. As it happens. I have the perfect assignment. For you.

Jessica hi ma. Hi. More consulting. The very same.

That s why i wanted you in the show so jessica wouldn t notice you now i want you to go to new york seek out jessica and do what you do best. The girl is bright young beautiful should be right up your alley. And yet. She s not the worry hi.

You do catch on fast. No. That would be her father. Ceo.

John hi. More jessica is your way in befriend him get his trust high. More consulting is planning a merger. I want to know with whom and at what price alright consider it done and that s for you keep it on you at all times last resort cyanide good choice.

We ve got trouble both targets are down great work now head towards an exit. You re in good work. So. This is the auction of secrets.

How much can i take a picture with you was that a yes. No. Mr..


Krueger. Let. Me know if you need new bodyguards. Okay.

Call. Me. Mr. Krueger.

Hello. Mister. How was moscow camera off is gone. I set him up as a langley spy.

It s quite the scandal at the fsb. His death will not be investigated your turn. Very well the secrets of the global elite five years of work everything we ve collected this thing makes wikileaks look like a gossip rag. The pen beats.

The sword huh. I have found that whoever wields the sword decides to hold the pen smile victor. The reputation is safe now run along. I m sure you have pretty dresses to attempt victor good luck with the show.

I have a feeling. It s going to be the one you ll be ” ..

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