Hollow Knight- Dash Slash Nail Art Location

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“Everybody how you doing the day. My name is raelia and thank you so much much for stopping by today. We are gonna go over how to find the slash hallow night starting from here in dirt mouth. The only thing that you need for this is access to the king station.

Which is right here on the map. And it s also gonna cost you 800 geo. So let s go ahead and jump right in the first thing. We need to do is head over to the king station.

That he s gonna be the fastest way to get there that i know of we take a look at our map..

This is where we are and we re gonna make our way down into the right where that lower right benches from here. We re gonna drop down right. So if you re in this room it looks like there s nowhere you can go. But this wall right here is actually broken and you can make your way underneath.

Even taking a look at our map you can see there s a little bit of a gap. So it seems like there s nothing there until you make your way into this room. Just note. See how i m holding a little lantern.

You re gonna want the lantern for this just because it s dark in here..

We have kingdoms edge. If you ve not been here. Before you can find the map to conifer right at the very edges follow this wall down and right here is copper from here we re gonna jump. All the way down to the bottom just be careful because there is acid at the bottom.

And if you don t have this mascara you will take damage. If you wondered how i got through that diet says. I ve got the shade closed and you don t take damage. If you through an enemy all right so from here we ve got a big enemy who s gonna drop through i find it easier just to keep going by him again just skipping these guys they take a lot of damage.

So just keep going and right here we have a bench and this is where we re gonna find nail master ora..

So. He s going to charge us 800 g. Oh. To learn his nail art.

The slash hold. Why concentrate energy. Into the nail. Release the button while dashing to perform the slash.

I ve taught you all i can go back into the world traveler and leave me to my solitude..

Alright and just like that you hold the if you just let go you do a regular great clash. But if you boom. I always liked how in the next room right here there s like a little thing you can practice on then you got the regular great slash and then got your and then you got your slash both the slash and great slash will do fifty two point five damage when fully upgraded with the pure nail and just note that fragile strength or unbreakable strength will not affect any of these nail art moves and just like that that s everything you need to know about the slash. This is the second video in a three part series going over all of the different nail arts.

So if you need to know where to get any of the other nail arts be sure to subscribe and follow me for even more tips tricks and how to videos. I m hollow knight. Again my name is rally a thank you so much for stopping by and i hope to talk to you ” ..


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