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“And welcome to the benefits offering in the premiere edge independent program especially designed for for home smart international. I want to invite you to listen to this exclusive. Offering. You as a realtor for home smart international home smart international has partnered with resourcing edge to provide you with a robust offering of medical insurance dental insurance vision insurance 401k retirement plans long term and short term disability insurance and some life insurance.

I think you will find most of these programs are comprehensive affordable and should fill a need in the event that something unlikely or unforeseen might occur whose resourcing edge resourcing edge is a professional employer organization based in rockwall texas. Just outside of dallas resourcing edge has been in operation since 2003. And was recently one of the very few in the country to be certified by the internal revenue service as a certified peo that means that you can rest assured that this partnership is with somebody strong and stable and able to handle your changing needs resourcing edge. Is owned by a surety life insurance company in lincoln.

Nebraska. A surety is a hundred and twenty five year old mutual insurance company. A plus rated by the am best rating. Resourcing edge is a professional employer organization.

What that means is they partner with clients like home smart to provide best practices best solutions and products and services for our groups at a reduced price. So you can enjoy the purchasing power of the large organization. We provide services like payroll hr benefit administration risk management and others. Along with the benefits that you have offered today.

So by joining this program. You ll be partnered with a solid reputable long standing group a company. These that are designed to focus on your needs. So you can get out there and focus on selling real estate make an appointment and doing what you need to be successful.

What i hope to do today is walk you through the benefit offerings. Explain the benefits in a little greater detail and tell you what the next steps are at any point. If you need more information or would like additional information reach out to our 800 number. That s specifically designed for you that number is 1 800.

767 8713 account in dependent care. Reimbursement. Health savings. Accounts.

Dental and vision insurance long term and short term disability basic life insurance voluntary life insurance. Which is additional life insurance that you can purchase employee assistance programs that are available to you our legal plans our 401k and retirement and go through any other housekeeping details that might be necessary so without that up we re going to go ahead and get started here so is your open enrollment period. That means that you as a designated realtor with homesmart are eligible to enroll during this time after this the enrollment is going to be 30 days prior to the effective date. So keep that in mind.

And then during this time with homesmart. If for any reason. You have a qualifying event. Then you can change your coverage.

That you apply for here qualifying events are things like changing your marital status either get married or get. Divorced. I m changing your family. You have a child you lose a child things like that can affect our can affect your coverage and thus can allow you to make changes otherwise you ll need to wait for the open enrollment period.

If you have changes in your salary your geographic region. If you re in the military and you have changes in that status or if your spouse has changes in his or her employment. So they had covered with their company and they lost coverage or the coverage changed dramatically. Then those are qualifying events that allow you to change whatever you enrolled for today.

And if one of those should occur reach out to us reach out to our benefits team a benefit at resourcing. Edgecom or you can reach out to us at home smart at resourcing edgecom. Dependents that are eligible for coverage in this program. Vary by benefit on the medical insurance.

Your dependent children are eligible up to age..

26. That will include stepchildren legally adopted children or children that are placed with you for adoption or foster children. Regardless of your marital status on the dental and vision. It s depending kids up to 26 for life it s dependent up to 19.

Unless they re a full time student. Then it s up to age 25 as far as your spouse. Most of these plans are going to cover your mouse and a domestic partner domestic partnership is not covered by the medical insurance. And then your dependent children are going to be covered regardless of age provided they re incapable of self support to the mental or physical disability.

If they re fully dependent on you for support then they d be covered once again. I talked about enrollment changes and then again. The coverage is going to be effective february 1st. So let s talk about the medical insurance.

So this is the medical insurance to pay you for medical expenses or hospital expenses or doctor visits or things like that our medical insurance is underwritten by american national insurance company in american fidelity insurance company both a rated carriers license. 2 bit to do business in the united states medill the healthcare. The name listed on the bottom right hand corner is the third party administrator that we ve contracted with to help enroll you to help you get your id cards to help carry out the benefits that are that are presented to you your network of doctors will be listed on your id card as well as your prescription drug coverage. If you re interested in where you whether or not your drugs are covered and if they re generic or brand.

You can go to wwe network info. And that s ww prescription network. Info. So let s talk about the.

Plans the first. Plan labeled. Plan number one is a 6500. Health savings account plan.

So with that you have to have a health savings account associated with that plan if you have one already we can use that if you need to start one to to work with that and then we will do that for you our health savings accounts are administered through a flex and task. Which is pas c. Either those will work as well as your existing plan in. This plan there s an annual deductible of 6500 for an individual 13000.

For family that s your max out of pocket. So again if you have an hsa you can pre tax those monies to help cover those expenses that you may incur in your deductible. The office visit copay is occur after you ve hit that deductible so you so that s a big difference between that plan and the other plans playing oops. One has a twenty five hundred dollar deductible.

One has a five thousand dollar deductible when is a sixty eight fifty deductible there you re listed your annual deductible amount your coinsurance your max out of pocket for each of those and then your office visit. Copay z if you ll notice all four plans have a twenty four seven a telemed access benefit that s zero dollar. Copay and what that is is calling an eight hundred number talking to a doctor online or on the phone or through a skype portal type of situation and those are zero dollar co pays so if you re working if you re sick at home and you can t get out those are great ways to to see a doctorate at an affordable price plans two three and four our ppo plans with co pays unlike that first plan your rates as you ll see on your sheet. That you have the higher the deductible the cheaper.

The the premium that s because you re taking on the insurance company is taking on less risk you re taking the first sixty eight hundred and fifty dollars and big and the insurance company is taking the the excess of that if the on the twenty five hundred dollar deductible. You re taking less risk. So the insurance company s taking more so those premiums are a little more conventional wisdom. Sometimes tells you to take the highest deductible.

You think you can afford because most people don t meet their deductible. But that s a personal decision that you need to think about and consider your prescription drug coverage. There are dollar drugs and 15 dollar generic drugs. 50.

Brand name drugs that are on the formulary. 80 drugs that are that are not on the formulary and then 50 off specialty meds. Again you want to check that ww prescription network info to find out if your drug is a brand name or on the formulary. A unique feature to our plan is our wellness program.

Our wellness program allows you to get deductible credits on the second year of the program and in some instances cash in your pocket..

So if you complete a health risk assessment in the first two months of your plan. You re going to get 250 off next year s deductible. If you do a lab test you re going to get another 250 off. So you would have total possible 500 off your deductible.

What will you earn in addition to that well if you complete various activities. Which a health coach will be in touch with you and reach out and talk to you about. But if you get certain points through those wellness activities. You can actually get cash back to you so that s hard dollar cash.

That you can do with whatever you like another benefit to the program is our diabetes supply benefit. We re going to provide free supplies for those that suffer from diabetes that are listed there meters lancets lancet devices test strips. Things of that nature. The labcorp benefit is another benefit.

So if you use our labcorp. Your benefit program is going to be covered a hundred percent your lab benefit you must tell the doctor. When you check in usually that you have labcorp you ll have a separate card that you can show them. And it s very then you do that because a lot of times.

Doctors offices will send it to the first doctor that the first lab that picks up the benefit. The lab tests. But you want to make sure they send it to labcorp. So make sure you tell them that and then lastly on this page is a prescription concierge service.

That s going to be a live person. It s going to be assigned to you that s going to help you manage out of pocket costs get rebates get manufacturers programs that are designed based on your prescription drug needs maybe your income level. Things of that nature. We talked about the telemed benefit that s going to connect you with a doctor.

24 hours a day seven days a week for no copay and then we also have a member discount portal. You re going to have access to a portal. That s going to allow you a discount on vision dental diet and fitness supplies prescriptions medical supplies things like that to help you keep your out of pocket costs to a minimum next thing we offer is a flex spending account flex spending accounts can be used with any insurance plan. Not like an hsa that can only be used with an hsa equivalent plan.

These flexible spending accounts also have a use it or lose. It feature. So you got to use the money that you put in there or you can lose it at the end of the year. But what you do here is you earmark money that will be pre tax.

The maximum contribution is twenty six fifty and you can use it to cover out of pocket costs. Medical expenses dental things that maybe your insurance plan doesn t cover or things that are coming out of pocket. Next type of account is a dependent care reimbursement account. So this you can maximum contribute five thousand dollars.

And it s going to cover expenses related to the care of your children. Under the age of thirteen and then any child over that that s incapable of caring for themselves. So those are two nice features the last one in this kind of bucket is a health savings account. So these are different in that you got a these have to work in conjunction with an hsa compatible plan.

Which we listed. There as plan. Number one in the medical plan options this allows you to pre tax money that you can use for deductibles co. Pays coinsurance and other out of pocket expenses that occur that you may incur you can t have you cannot have both an fsa and then hsa the hsa your individual limit is three thousand four hundred fifty per year your family is sixty nine hundred in people that are 55 years or older and contribute in additional thousand dollars.

The next plan that you re going to have access to is our dental insurance plan dental insurance is offered through metlife. Which is a premier provider of dental insurance and we have two options for you we have a twenty five hundred dollar plan and a fifteen hundred dollar plan both provide a hundred percent preventative care. So your checkups. Every six months.

Your x rays..

And things like that basic restorative care is eighty. Percent in and out of network. Your major restorative care our fit is fifty percent in and out of network and you ll want to check with your dentist to find out what procedure would fall under major or basic restorative care. And then orthodontist is fifty percent in and out of network.

Your deductibles are the same fifty dollars and your annual maxes are where we get a difference here so on the twenty five hundred dollar plan your annual max is twenty five hundred dollars per person whereas on the silver it s fifteen hundred dollars. The orthodontia is fifteen hundred on the gold and a thousand on the silver. So you re going to have a little different there. Which will be reflected in the in the premiums.

The vision. We have one plan it s offered by metlife which utilizes the vsp network. So that s going to be accepted it most locations throughout the country most of your walmart cvs is i think costco is included as well. But there s the benefits that are listed your well visit exam has a 10 copay you won a year prescription glasses.

You have a 25 copay and then on your frames. You get certain allowances. 130 150 20 savings and then there s a benefit for your lenses. Enhancements contacts and then diabetes diabetic care.

So it s a pretty solid benefit and one that most companies your size wouldn t get the chance to get unless you were partnered with resourcing edge employee assistance program. This stuff a lot of people don t know exists and again a benefit that s that s really reserved to companies of very large employees. But you re going to get three visits in house visits a year paid for for issues related to emotional problems alcohol or drug marriage parenting stress bereavement those conditions listed there. But it s a really good benefit to help you deal with some of the issues that you might be dealing with at home or at work and and help you get focused and and help your physical health by i hope in your mental health that product is offered through unum.

Which is another strong provider of benefits throughout the country life insurance that s included in your plan is a 15000. Flat coverage. This comes with an xm ental death and dismemberment education. Benefit payable for up to four years in an amount equal to two percent of your life.

Insurance but not more than 2500. A year. There s also a seatbelt benefit in additional 50 of your accidental death benefit up to 10000. That s if you re wearing a seat belt in your in your accident.

The life benefit does reduce when you reach age 70. It reduces 65 and then if you reach the age of 75. It reduces 50 voluntary life insurance is another option. This is voluntary so you can choose to get this or not get this.

It s a great way to get a group rate on life insurance and get guarantee issue on certain coverages. Which means. There s no health questions so regardless of how healthy or sick you are you re going to get the coverage for an employee. This needs to be purchased in ten thousand dollar increments with a ten thousand dollar minimum and it s guarantee issue.

So there s no questions now up to two hundred thousand dollars or five times your salary not to exceed 200000. So great idea and most people don t have enough life insurance. So this is a chance to get more regardless of your health. Your spouse kit can be purchased in five thousand dollar increments not to exceed a hundred percent of the employees.

Coverage amount. And it s guarantee issue up to fifty thousand dependent children six months to 19 years. 26 of you re a full time student. You get a ten thousand dollar flat benefit guarantee issue.

Ten thousand and again that s offered by you know the next products. We offer is short and long term disability insurance. This is offered by unum and this is going to protect some of your income. If you become partially or totally disabled short term disability.

Your benefits going to be sixty percent of your weekly earnings up to two thousand three hundred eight per week..

The waiting period or the elimination period on this is fourteen days for sick for injury and fourteen days for sickness. So that s your waiting period before it ll start paying and then your benefit last eleven weeks no pre existing and it does allow for weeks for maternity long term disability is going to pay 60 of your monthly earnings up to 10000. And that s going to have a 90 day waiting period. And the reason for that is that s because your short term is going to kick in first and then your long term.

It s again it s going to pay 60 of your monthly earnings your disability is going to be based on whether or not you can perform your regular occupation for up to two years after that it s going to be based on your education and training. And it s going to last until your age of social security retirement. So the important thing to note. Here is that you got to enroll.

Now. Because this is guarantee issue. And it may not be that way if you do this during a later date during a qualifying event or in future enrollments. Here s an example of of what this is going to pay and how it s going to pay your first example michelle s breaks your leg or hurts her leg playing football and soccer with her nephew she had a salary of 36000.

140. Her weekly benefit is going to be four hundred seventeen dollars at a cost of 1293. So 13. Bucks gets you four hundred bucks essentially and you use that for whatever you want a long term disability bill.

Here s cleaning out his gutters and falls and hurts his back. He had a salary of sixty nine hundred sixty nine thousand six hundred gross per month. I was fifty eight hundred his benefits going to be thirty four eighty and again he can use that for whatever one of the other pieces of benefits that we have is our hyatt legal plan is offered by metlife. Which is a solid a rated strong company.

This is going to be this is going to cover you for certain legal matters in getting certain transactional and family matter work done for a monthly premium. You re gonna get to get things like a will trust some minor trust documents help you with speeding tickets answer maybe some letters. But it s a great way to get almost like keeping a lawyer on a little retainer. But but that s there in case.

You have an interest in that and then the last thing and probably one of the the best for last is our 401 k plan. So this is very unique in that you re going to be able to participate in a 401 k of over 45000. Other individuals the 401 k is offered through transamerica which everybody s heard of strong company. There are i think over 60 different mutual funds and funds and plans to invest in and you can pick you pick and choose those you ll get a financial planner.

That s going to sit down with you and evaluate your risk tolerance. And based on that you re going to pick and choose your funds you can watch them on an app on your phone and but it s a great way to build for retirement and again all money that goes in is placed in there pre tax. So if you utilize the 401 k. The medical.

The dental division a health savings account your tax savings on those plans are clearly going to cover the administrative fee that we re charging to do all of this so i highly encourage you to take advantage of this. The max contribution for 2018 is eighteen thousand five hundred with a six thousand dollar. Additional catch up for participants that are 50 and over anyway. But it s a strong strong plan that i would encourage you if you zoom out about anything in this grahame refocus.

Right here and take a look at this 401k plan well that s the extent of our benefits. We re honored to be a part of this opportunity to provide you with benefits and a 401k plan that will serve your needs and help you in the event of some of unforeseen circumstances. I would encourage you if you have additional questions call us at one eight six six five six one seven one two seven. We have an email address of home smart at resourcing edge.

Comm. And then we have a general email address of info. Inf o. At resourcing edge comm.

Once again. Thank you hopefully. These benefits and these services will allow you to be more successful in your real estate practice. We look forward to working with ” .


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