Honest Unboxing and Review Amazon Best Selling $40 Acoustic Guitar – Guitar Buyer s Guide

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“Ii you hello internet. This is chris mckee with alamo music center in san antonio antonio texas you can find us at alamo musiccom. And i did a thing we sell guitars and try to educate you about what to buy. But we see a lot of guitars that come in for service or for string changes and whatnot that people bought online and increasingly like a lot of goods.

That s a place where people get things a lot of you buy guitars from us on our website. We thank you for doing so but some of these guitars that come in i kind of look at him ago. I hope you ve got a really good deal on that guitar and so what we wanted to see was maybe what the drawing is and what you can get what you can find online. So here s what we did if you already saw the intro.

We went online to a very popular online retailer and we found a really just the best price. We could on an acoustic guitar. That was a best seller and had good reviews. This guitar is described as being made of all wood.

And having a warm tone due to rosewood and at 38 inches. Having a very deep sound and as a bonus. Our guitar for about 40 bucks came free shipping with some accessories. So we got a whole pack for 40 wow.

So how the question is what did we actually get now i want to say right here this is my don t sue us disclaimer. This is not to disparage any company. We saw this guitar sold from a number of retailers. So it s not from a particular retailer.

We re not disparaging anything we really just kind of want to see what you get for 40 bucks. And i don t really think brand plays much in this because i kind of saw the same you talked i bought this one with a bunch of different names on it so let s see what we got for our 4000 online guitar purchase it s sealed in the box. And we ve kind of covered up the brand because again. That s not what we re looking at this isn t a review of the brand per se.

This is what we get we re curious because as a company and shooting these videos we re trying to tell you all the time what is the best bang for your buck. What mistakes to avoid what to look at that are important so on and so forth so let s see if this ticks any of our boxes on a guitar that we would want to own ourselves. That s the real question here so i m going to take this bottom part off and yes. I always carry a knife.

I m texan come on all right we ve got some cardboard. We ve got a gig bag take a look here and our other accessories right here. So here s our bag. No padding or anything just kind of a nylon sleeve with a single zipper down at the bottom.

That s broken no it kind of works. I mean. It s a cheap zipper it ll probably break. But right now it works.


So that s our bag all right got a strap take a look here i didn t see strap buttons on this guitar. So we ll see how we connect it that s it s a very basic black strap. But it ll work right yeah okay so this is the largest guitar pick. I think i ve ever seen in my life.

So we got an extra set of strings. I will say if this is intended for a new player. Having the strings label. Probably would have been a good idea or individually packaged or something.

But it s just a bundle of string steel guitar strings with ball ends on them and then the pick and just just for reference. Okay. I always carry a pick like a lot of you guys. And you know when you can t find one check your dryer.

But this is this is a normal guitar size pick and then this is bordering on a coaster. This is huge it s like an attached let s see what else we got okay. Oh. I like this and i wondered about this and sure enough.

They did include it i have a pitch pipe. And i have a digital tuner. So i i don t know why they would give you both. But yeah.

They did they gave me both a pitch pipe and a digital clip on tuner. Which is which is cool. I guess based upon preference let s see if the tuner works. So it s a simple practical auto tuner you know i ll use my giant pick to open the battery part no maybe oh i m turning it the wrong way.

No. One said you had to be a genius to shoot youtube videos there we go alright so we re going to put our battery in and see. If the tuner works. There we go i see a light okay our tuner works yay.

We ll need that in a little bit to tune this guitar up now they advertise this guitar as being very easy to play so we will see now i will tell you that there s a bunch of different color options available on this guitar and i picked blue because i have a thing for blue guitars. So so there you go and i m covering up the headstock on purpose because again we re not trying to disparage company or anything and this guitar. I think can have a lot of different names on it to be honest with you so it said. It was made of all wood and i can tell you it is made of all wood.

I can tell you it s not made of all solid wood. It is definitely laminate construction. It the strings are we ll get a close up here obviously they re not in tune. And they re kind of rusted already particularly the d and the g string.


Don t you hate that when you buy a new guitar. And your g string. Comes arrested parts of the b. And e string are rested on it as well.

So it s a good thing that they include an extra set of strings with the guitar here and there is a strap button there strap on on the bottom there s not one on the heel so we ll have to tie this strap on behind the nut and it s a you know it s a blue first classical guitar. Here s the problem and steel strings on it so. If you re buying one of these okay. If you see a headstock like this okay slot.

It headstock like that usually but not always that means it s a classical guitar. If you then see a bridge like this there s no bridge pins. That also generally denotes that it s a classical guitar and a classical guitar is supposed to have nylon strings on it not steel strings. And the reason is that steel strings create a lot of tension and usually these aren t braced for it and this doesn t look it doesn t say what kind of bracing.

It has on it. But it s not x grace. I can tell you that it might be ladder brace or fan braced. I don t know but we re gonna tune it up and see what it sounds like so check it out all right so here we go we covered the headstock with some tape okay just so you guys know what s going on up there and we re going to tune it up using the tuner and i m gonna play it with the pic who knows i might end up falling in love with this ginormous pick.

But you know i realized even before we tuned it up is this thing will gent doesn t yeah. It does alright. Let s tune it up. See if y all.

Can hear that i think the bridge is ripping off. Okay. I don t want to hold my hand on the bridge. Okay not usually nervous tuning up a kids bar.

I just don t want my handy is smacked with 150 pounds of tension. It s supposed to be a g chord. But the guitars moving around all over the place as we as we attempt to tune it i think probably because again. It s it s really kind of designed like a classical guitar.

But it has steel strings on it and that s a lot more tension. You know i don t think a lot of people realize. If you re new to guitar. And you re watching this and you ve maybe wondered hey can i put steel string guitars on my classical guitar.

No and that this is why it s not designed for it you know the x brace. That that s typically used on a steel string guitar is there in part to help support the tension of the strings. A nylon string. Is that not designed to support the attention and so it will kind of implode now on the other hand.


You don t want to use nylon strings on a steel string for a different reason. There s not enough tension. If the guitar is built to you know brace to handle a certain amount of tension. Then you know you want to have the the top driven enough and nylon strings.

One you ll have bridge issues because how do you put it on yeah. If you have normal sized bridge and had to get tuners. All that other stuff so use the strings. That s designed for unlike this guitar.

So that says. It s pretty much on on the tuner. But not when i fret so that s the sharp d. Fretted.

But that s a pretty much in tune d. A little flat. But the a is in tune. So and the tuners okay so assuming the top doesn t or the the the bridge.

Doesn t fly off let me kind of before i play this give you a quick rundown just of what i ve shown so far. It s not a full view of this guitar. The idea is you get what you pay for. But you have to also realize that there s a certain economies of scale when building an instrument.

And it s very very difficult or next to impossible to build something that is an instrument you can learn and play on for 40 bucks. You know if you re paying that much money you have to realize what the seller paid for it. And how much it costs to manufacture and there s just simply a limit to what can be done so. See if we can do a g chord.

All right. We finally got it in there. So let s play a little bit. And see what we can get the frets are so small okay enough my fingers hurt so they re advertisement about easy playability i m gonna shoot that out right here because you can you can probably use this for archery.

This is like really really high action. There s also another problem with playing this guitar. There s no side dots. So i kind of had trouble knowing where i was because there s no reference on the top or the side of the fretboard on where where you re fretting and about the only playable position.

Because of the action is at the at the first position kind of around a g chord. And the neck is kind of bent the you know the the whole guitar. The geometry is kind of wonky here s some other things if you feel the back of the neck. You can feel bumps on it it s it s pretty crude construction.


I can already feel a seam that s popped on the neck. Where the heel is two piece and it feels like it s kind of coming apart. Probably again because of the tension of the steel strings. The frets are really really really small again.

The action is really overall high. They said that the the bridge was made of rosewood. But it s plastic and again. I can t get over how it has the wrong strings on it and there s a a nice sticker rosette on there so here s the thing bottom line.

If you were wanting to learn guitar or you have someone who wants to learn guitar don t buy them this okay don t don t buy them that get them a decent guitar. Because that thing i can kind of play on it and i ve been playing for years nobody s going to learn on that guitar what s gonna happen is they re going to the wanna learn guitar and they re gonna get very frustrated. They re gonna do what i just did which i did because i really don t want the bridge to snap on me. There is one benefit now that this guitar kind of has that old telecaster players used to do if you need a place to keep your pick you can slide it right under the bridge.

Because it s already coming off of the guitar. So there you go adventures in ordering a guitar online. Don t get a cheap one buy from a reputable brand buy from a reputable dealer. So that if you do have problems you have someone that you can talk to and i know what you re getting know that you you get what you pay for that old adage is true and beyond that if you are interested in any other information check out our other videos where we try to help you get the right instrument for your needs.

This ain t it. But it would look handy hanging up in an applebee s right as you order some fries or some wings. So there you go our quality allwood blue burst guitar with a pitch pipe and a tuner and a giant pick peace out hey. Everyone i want to thank you for watching the videos that we produce we put these out to help you choose the right guitar.

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They re gone. So follow the link below and get your guitar nut shirt that only you and other guitar players will understand with a knowing week thanks again for watching. ” ..


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