Horizon Zero Dawn. ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS! (Spoiler Free)

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“Afternoon youtube. What s going on its mesa back at it with some horizon zero zero dawn okay this is going to be a beginner s guide. I m gonna a full review of this game. I ve been addicted to it non stop playing it non stop and i ll put that up sometime over the weekend.

But this is for people who just got the game. I want to learn the mechanics of the game or you re on the fence or perhaps that you ve got it on order. And you re going to be getting it shortly so without further ado let s jump into it so let s go through the basics. If we look in the top right hand corner that s my level 27.

And the xp that i need to get to level 28 on the top left hand side you see my health and you see a green bar on the bottom. Now if i push up on the d pad. You can see the green bar go down. And then my health go up okay.

That s from picking up these leaves that actually give you your health back. So one thing. I want to recommend is pick up everything you see in the game and loot every single enemies that you kill now that s your help up top and that s also the green is dictating how much more healing that i have now if you look on the bottom. Where the d pad is if i push up that s going to give me my health.

If i scroll on the d pad. You can see i got some traps right here. I m not gonna really go into the traps at all this little feature here. I can whistle.

I could whistle the enemies to the enemy right there it just kind of looked over here alright. We re going to get out of cover right here. Because we don t want to get seen you ve got rocks. You can throw the rocks basically you can get them to go.

Wherever you want. There s a lot of stealth involved in this game. I m going to show you one of the like a stealth kill that little question mark right. There means that that that enemy heard me.

And it wants to come over here to see what s going on so there s some potions down. There which give me my health bag. But let s get into the actual shooting mechanics too now for shooting mechanics. You press.

R1 and you pull up all your different bows. Right now. I have two different bows active right now and these are the different types of arrows. I have over here i ve got a shadow rope caster.

Which is very good for tying enemies down you can go up for a strike on them up top. I ve got a slingshot with a freeze bomb not very useful don t waste your time right now maybe down the road. I m still only like about 30 completed in this game. But here s all your different arrows and you could choose them on the fly.

When you actually go to switch. Different arrow types the game kind of freezes up for a second there. And you can make the switch. If you run out of arrows simply go and you hold on x.

And then you craft those arrows. So let s talk about killing things and scanning things what you want to do is you want to crouch all the time okay. It s all about stealth well for the most part one who is press down on r3 and then you re going to tag something so i got right there it tells me what it is tells me some weaknesses. I can tag them and then we re going to go and actually sneak up on one of these things we re going to hack.

It we re not going to kill it we re going to hack. It and then ride over and try to kill some other enemies here now i could either run up behind it and do a stealth attack. If you re in grass..


That s another great place to hide because they can t see you now after a while you re going to see the yellow disappear. The yellow that s the critical area. So i do a quick scan again and then the yellow areas get highlighted so get in there. What you want to do is you want to try to shoot those yellow areas because that s where components are going to fly off some of the bigger boxes.

When you shoot those off actually a big heavy gun drop and you can take it and you could kill the enemy with it so we ll get into skills in a little bit here. But when you have the skill that you can actually hack the enemies here this is a good way to get around pretty fast. I m going to go up behind this thing here. I m going to hold down a triangle.

I m going to hack. It and then i m going to be able to ride this thing around and just go places with it and it also will fight off some enemies too because it becomes your little friend. But i like to keep it healthy. So what i m going to get into a fight.

I stay away from things alrighty. So let s actually get into a fight and show you some of the mechanics here so i m going to be scanning everything. There s a watcher right. There scanning through wall right here.

I could see there s a grazer here is another grazers here and you can see the greys is it pretty i went to an easy area to take down guys. I want to go to the hard area to show you some big fight that i want to spoil anything to you. But you can see it s got all the yellow parts highlighted so there s yellow. There there s yellow.

There that means those are the crit spot. So we re gonna do is i m going to put this thing on it is terror. Blessed and i m going to shoot those things right off the bat and see what they do hopefully it blows right off. And there we go nothing was taken out really quickly so now they re.

All alerted and they re actually running away from me so different enemies. They ll try to attack you some of them will just try to run away like this little watcher here. I m going to switch to my flame bow. I m going to run out of the way i m going to do a melee attack on it and then r2 to do a heavy melee attack on it so you have two different types of manley s r1.

Which is a quick one and then r2. Which is a slower one but does a lot more damage. So now that we killed these uh this watcher and this grazer here. They always drop stuff.

Okay you want to take everything you see oh wait we got another one here. All right let me get out of here. I try to shoot this thing. A few times those are my flame hours right there let me go up to it s going to melee this thing once twice with the r2 and it s dead so i m going to loot.

It see what s got metal shards watch a lens. Don t worry about a lot of stuff just grab everything because you going to use these stuff to use these things to craft things as well as also sell them back to merchants. So when you blow things off. See this blaze here that was one of the things that came off the top of the graves is here so now that they all ran off and i could see in which direction.

They went if i would have tagged one of them i would be able to see exactly where they are so i m gonna show you how to do that what you want to do is you want to press down your scan r3 you want to press r2 to tag. It i m going to tag that one so this way if they run off. I can actually see where they go so we re getting into a fight. I m going to choose my little tera blaster blow.

Thing here because it does a lot of work on these things. So i m going to shoot for that thing right there boom and see what it does a lot of damage going to blow those components off can hit them on another one now. I m going to switch to my flame ball. Now that thing is down on the ground.

Which means i could run up and do a critical attack r1. And it usually can finish off the low yet alright. So that thing got killed quickly on the bigger enemies..


You can also do it. But at the same time. It s not going to die from it just the lower level enemies. Once you get them on the ground.

And you see that little white circle. There that means you can go in for an r1 attack. Which is like critical melee. So sorry.

I m just scooping up everything you want to pick up everything. Remember. I said i needed help right here. Let s see if this is one of these things you have medicinal inter gold.

Now look up top to the left see where the red bar is i got my full help my green oh. It is not all the way up when i pick this thing up watch now it goes. All the way i picked up 12 health add it to my medicine pouch. So there s two ways you could heal yourself by pressing up on the d pad.

I have full health right now so it s not doing it obviously or the potion. I have on the bottom you cannot restore your health and you still those potion packs impacts of one that will give you about 35 your health so 30 of a thing and then there s one that s going to give you your full health. So that s the basics of mechanics. Just you know what let s go find something and use the actual rope caster.

Now another thing you want to do is scan for wildlife. Okay. And you want to kill these. Things and loot them this could be turkeys raccoon and fox s boards you want to kill them because you want once you loot them you get they re going to drop stuff that you re going to need to bring some of these vendors here with a little bunny rabbit gonna try to kill him you can also tag these dudes here so i m going to pick up this rose.

This rabbit has a rabbit. So here i got some fatty meat. Now there could be different types of meats. Don t really worry about that stuff.

But just yet okay to try to kill the wildlife. Because it going to have stuff like bones skin. Things like that so here s a enemy here let s actually try to use our rope cast on this thing. So it s a strider easy killed.

What we do is we re going to use the rope. Caster and we re going to tie this thing down. A little bunny round a bit so now the bigger enemies take a lot more of these things to tie down. So this thing just got alerted to my presence.

There i am. I just tied it down. And now i can go go in for an r1 critical attack press r1 and it should kill the thing. Because this thing is a low level enemy.

There comes as two more here. I m going to try to rope. This one down one to air. It goes goes down to the ground wait for the prompt press r1.

There we go critical attack you can do the same thing on the bigger enemies. But if you go on it for a critical attack you will do a lot of damage. Where you re probably not going to down the thing so we just got finished looting this area. So we re going to pull up our map.

Here and we re going to go to a camp fire. Camp fires. Aware you can sash travel to now down the road will be saved for another video you can get a travel path..


Where you can basically not by travelpod you can go anywhere free travel to any of the camp fires that you find if it s green. It means. It s lit you can stash travel here so we re going to go take a look at a vendor over here and you can see basically what you can sell or what you can buy from them. And we ll go into my menu also i m going to show you some of the basic skills on how leveling up works and so forth so when we get to this vendor here.

Now the lower. We re not going to see too many great things to buy at the lower tier vendors like in the area that i m in right. Now the further you progress in the game. There s going to be a lot better things you can buy weapons armor.

All sorts of stuff. It goes green and blue purple kind of just like sort of like destiny. Once the guy. So here s one of the vendors right here and you have two things you can do you can either sell stuff you have right so let s say i ve got an excess let s see anything i want to sell any well these i can t sell.

But let s say i want to sell some of these right here. I can go in and tell a bunch and get what s called shards. Now you see in the corner. The bottom left have 207 five shard.

So let s go back to the buying so if you look at weapons here it goes from green to blue and then to purple. When you get to the other vendors in the higher areas. They sell a lot more purple stuff and obviously they take a lot of currency so to buy this one it would take 650 metal shards. Because you have top and one crystal braiding.

That s what i m saying pick up everything we ll go through the inventory in the minutina outfits. You can buy outfits and all of them have different perks in them. And things slots you can modify them you can put modifications. If you run out of resources to craft arrows and things you could buy here potions.

It s treasure boxes. And so forth alright. So let s talk about now the quest the crafting inventory. But first skill points okay.

These are a bunch of things you will unlock with what s called skill points. Which you get every time you level up you get one and also some activities to give you more now. There s a whole bunch of different things i m not going through all of them please take one skill point to unlock these take two and these take three so here s like one. I just unlocked a very happy called scavenger increased chance for extra resources when looting down machines so a lot of different stuff you got to pick and choose i m not going to recommend which one to go through just unlock them all okay when it comes to inventory here.

You can just take a look at all the different things that you have on you modifications here i get a bunch of modifications that are greens. I m probably not going to need those i want to sell those these are the things you put on your armor and also weapons to that matter so if i go into let s say crafting right so. Here s my main arrows right here. And it s got three modification slots right so i m going to put a modification right here right now plus 37 air alright.

We re going to mod that what else we got another slot here i m going to put a blue in there plus. 15. Handling. Now the green ones are not so great.

So. What i m gonna do is i m going to hold off on this because i don t have a purse called tinker. Which means i can go back and remove the modifications. So like here at this bow right here.

It s got a few modifications this one is a handling tear freeze. This one s got tear once they unlock tinker. I can get rid of these and just fill them up with legendary stuff here now you also have different armor types and they come in the same flavor there i green blue purple and also you can do the same thing you can modify them with different things that you get along the way here s your traps of potions your carry capacity ammo travel. So forth so when you look at your map.

Here you can see this is a very long game okay when i get into my review. I m going to tell you guys take your time. Do not burn through this game..


And to be frank clearly impossible to burn through this game. It s extreme look at this look at the size. I ve barely done anything i m only like i think 30 will see game progression yeah. 30 finish.

Now let s talk about quests here. So this is the main active one right now now you can go to the different quests here and activate them. And see what they re worth. So.

If i go to this one. Here. It s a level 14 quest easy. Plus.

7000 xp and i get a skill point. So i could switch to that then i can go square. And it will show me where that is on the map. All the way up top.

There so i really want to do that right now what about this one here will show where this is in a mess. All the way over here. I ve got this area cleared out. I can maybe go that one and complete.

It also if you scroll down. We can go to side quests here here s one here 6000 xp and get a remarkable reward box. So let s see where this one is it s uh yeah kind of in a tears can go back and clear that one out so there s a bunch of things you can do erin s also little things 5000 xp. Let s see one just gives you box and this one gives you five thousand three hundred and thirty xp rope caster.

There s a bunch that i have not done you could choose whether you want to use them or not so anyway. That s pretty much it guys hopefully this just covers the basics okay i love this game. I m completely addicted to it and i ll be doing a full review sometime over the weekend. So that s it guys do me a favor drop a legacy.

Oh. I don t you know i totally forgot to talk about the movement system okay. So you press square. You go crash.

Okay. You want to be stealthy and sneak up behind things get melee them you can also do the hacking and do a silent strike amend if you do circle that s your little shade step. That s what you re going to use when these things start. Charging you okay can you press x.

You do a jump and that s pretty much it triangle doesn t even do anything unless you go up to it it ll prompt you to press triangle to whether you re seeing a vendor or if you just want to do is safe so add all the campfires that s where you do you click save so don t you just love unscripted videos where i forget things but i include them in hand so anyway. That s the guys doing beverage. Rob legatus video. Only if you see fit follow me on twitter at makes crunching.

My stream user on youtube and that s it i m a dia like glad amin. It has a dude here also that s probably gonna give me a side quest. I could talk to him and then choose to answer and ask him bunch of questions and then get little side quests errands all sorts of stuff. And it s potential rewards.

Which will then put in your quest menu and then from there you could you take do i want to do this or continue along the main story quests. ” ..

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