Hot n New Ep. 22: Hostile Havoc Chrome 22×14 -76

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“Guys shawn again custom offsets custom offsets tv on the youtube got another episode of of hot and new and it s gonna be episode 22 nand. This is our wheel. This one s been around for a while definitely had their nchallenges with back order. I know they had some stuff going on between the pvd and the chrome.

They re now back to chrome plated and it looks like they re back in stock can still be hit and miss depending on your size of bolt pattern. But this is the hostile nwheel and this is the havoc h a v o c. Because h a v o k is a ntotally different company that s havok wheels this is a havoc with a c. So this is a hostile havoc and this one comes in 18 20.

In the 20s they got a 20 nby. 9. In a few offsets. Then they got a 20 by 10 and nthat s i think a negative 19.

It s a perfect level ntruck offset and width and then they got the 20 by 12 and then they go up to a 22 by n14. Which is what this one is a 22 by 14 will run you around 2400. Bucks for all four of em nstripped to your stripped strippered to your door. I m just kidding we re gonna ship em shipped to your door in nchrome would be about 2400 now you ll see on the website.


There s an e mail. Me for a better price. If you hit that we will personally set up a quote for you guys we can usually do a little nbetter than that price if you ve got the time to nlet us shoot. You a quote so this is the wheel so it s 22 by 14.

And this one. We ve got set up with a massive 375 45. 22. Tire.

So that s a 15 inch wide tire on there. So you get a perfectly nstraight up and down sidewall. What s interesting nabout this wheel is that these what do we call those junior these bump outs. These nridges on here basically come out past the tire.

It gives it a really cool look especially when it s nrolling down the street. You can actually see these chrome. What did we just call em bump outs. Actually going down the street makes for a cool look.


The lip on this one for a 14 wide is about six and a half inches. Now that s a pretty short nlip for a 14 inch wide. And if you ve been watching nalong. You re seeing that some of the 12 wides are getting nseven and a half inch lips.

So to have a six and a half on a 14 wide is actually pretty shallow when it comes to lip size. What you ll see is the nreason that s happening if you look at these spiked. Lug nuts a lot of times. You ll see they stick out way past the center cap.

They re not because nthey re sucked in there because this spoke is so thick. The spoke on this one. When it starts is like over two inches thick. So it s got a really really nthick blocky design to it and then the spokes tip nforward a little bit so that s why you re losing that lip because even though it s a nnegative 76 offset on a 14 wide the fact these tip forward and the fact that this is so thick is basically causing it to neat up some of that lip size the good news is it s a chrome wheel.

So it still looks super super deep because of all the reflection. But i have to be honest. I do wish it had an eight nine inch lip like some of the 14 wide negative 76s that we ve been seeing you ll notice the other nthing is this is an eight lug and obviously they re exposed lug nuts. That s why i was running nthe spiked lug nuts and then because it s eight lug nit s got eight spokes and you ll see that a lot of times that a six lug will be a six spoke.


A five lug will be a five spoke and then the eight lug nwill be an eight spoke mainly because one it s good on the eyes in the geometry of it. But nalso that beefs up the wheel as far as the structural strength of it. So that s pretty much well nlet s talk about finishes. So this one will come nin either an all black or black and milled.

So it ll be black. And then nthey ll have the edges milled or the chrome. As you can see and like i said this is na true chrome plated this is not the pvd anymore they re back to traditional chrome. I think they had some troubles with pvd so they went back to what they know and went back to chrome that s a hostile havoc in the size wise you can see nthey re pretty.

Competitive the 2400 sounds like a lot because it s a 22 by 14 negative 76. It s a lot of wheel. And it s also chrome. So that s why it sounds nlike so much money.

But the typical size 20 by 10 20 by 12 are super competitive with the like sizes. We still love hostile still nlove what they re putting out great looking wheels in my opinion. They have nsome of the coolest. Some of the most edgy ndesigns.


Which is what i love and when you look at the nswitch blades. And what not it s a cool wheel. That s nwhy. We re runnin her on co2 the one that currently nis my favorite choice.

But like i said i could nuse a little more lip so i felt a little shorted there. But i m sure it s hostile they ll keep bringing you bad ass for you it ll keep getting better. So. That is another episode of hot and new make sure you subscribe to us.

Non. Youtubecom customoffsets and also come out to customoffsetscom check out these wheels check nout. Some of our pricing check out some of our wheel care products. I just hit this one with the nchrome and polished wheel floss gloss and also nsome of our back to black on that sidewall peace.

” ..

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