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“Is the leader of its clan for video streaming nand for all take savvis this this market giant has revealed that python is the secret nto its success so welcome guys here is wajiha from nedureka with all the interesting information nabout. How netflix uses python before we begin just nmake sure you subscribe to our channel and hit nthe bell icon to stay updated with all the latest nedureka videos coming back. Towards the session. Let s first begin nwith a small introduction to netflix and then we nshall move on to see how netflix uses python in various sectors nsuch as for its cdn.

Which is open connect fordham and engineering and machine nlearning big data analytics and scientific experimentations nvideo encoding animations security and finally for nmonitoring and auto remediation so without any further delays. Let s get did netflix as we all know is nan american company. Which renders video non demand services. It has about a hundred and nforty eight million subscribers throughout the world and the number.

However keeps ngrowing each day in a period of approximately two decades. Nnetflix has emerged as the king of its clan nfor. The biggest tv series and movies throughout the world being the fastest ngrowing brand of america and having a revenue nof twenty point five billion till june 2019. It s enough for it nto be an eye catcher thereby interesting all ninto its technical spheres let s move on to see how netflix uses python nin its various domains engineers at netflix.

Admit that they use python nfor. The full content life cycle from deciding. Which content nto fund. All the way to operating the cdn that serves the final video n248 million subscribers.

Now that we ve taken the name nof syrian over here let s move on nto. See what this is and how it makes use nof python the cdn or content delivery network. That netflix makes use nof is open connect this basically ncomes into picture. When you hit the play button.

All nthe content delivered to the end user is looked after by this cdn nopen. Connect basically requires various other software s nto design built and operated. Which are in turn nwritten in python not just this the network devices underlying this cdn nour python applications. Since python is prominent nin.

Solving network issues now that we are aware of the nfirst component open connect let s move on to see how netflix uses npython for its demand engineering. The design on the engineering..

Nteam is responsible for handling netflix nclouds regional fail. Overs traffic administration ncapacity operations management. Which is looking after the limit nup to which the content can be made serviceable nand fleet efficiency. The library is used by nthis team are the numpy and the sci fi library.

Which is used for performing nnumerical analysis. Both 03. Which is the software ndevelopment kit of the amazon web services for python this helps python developers nintegrate python into aws thereby allowing development nin. The infrastructure radius q.

Or r q. Which is a python library. Which helps to keep ntrack of the tasks. That are present in the queue nand allows their execution thereby allowing the management of asynchronous workloads.

Flask. Nnetflix. Uses flask for python web. Development.

Nnetflix. Uses flask apis to bind all of the nprevious segments together not just this netflix also nmakes use of jupiter know books along with interact. Which is an extension nfor jupiter on the large scale jupiter is known nto be popular for data analysis. It serves very well nin.

Operation. Data. Analysis and visualization. Which in turn helps in ndetecting.

Capacity regressions. Now let s move on to see how python is used for machine nlearning machine learning ranges from creating npersonalization algorithms to figuring out nthe use cases personalization algorithms help to train nthe machine learning models as per the netflix standard it also provides personalized nrecommendations outlines on a day to day nbasis label generations..

Etc. The library is required to learn. Ndeep neural networks are tensorflow kara s nand pie. Thought whereas xg boost and light gbm for gradient nboosted decision trees netflix has also developed quite na few higher level libraries.

That help in combining nwith. The work area such as fact. Logging. Feature.

Nextraction publishing. Etc. Apart from all. This.

Nnetflix. Also makes use of meta flowed to create nmachine learning projects. The big data team is responsible nto. Execute the etl or the extract transform load nand.

Ad. Hoc pipelines. A major part of this orchestration nis written in python. This team uses a scheduler nwhich runs on jupyter notebooks with paper mills to produce njob types with templates for example spark.

Presto. Etc. In addition to this the team has also created nan event driven platform. Which is built ncompletely on python.

They ve created a number nof events and combined it into a single one allowing nnetflix to filter react and route events okay so now let s move on to see how python is used nfor scientific experimentations. This platform is basically ncreated for experimentations and to allow a b testing..

Guys. A be testing is also ncalled a split testing and it deals with comparing two versions. And figuring nout the better performing among them the scientific nexperimentation team can also present new innovations. Nin data.

Statistics and visualization. The python framework that has implemented nhere is metrics. Report. Which is based on pi pika and allows writing of nreusable parameterised.

Queries for the statistics sector by arrow and rpy to are used nto calculate the statistics in either python or are plotly helps nin visualizations video encoding or media cloud engineering this nteam is responsible for encoding and re encoding tasks for the netflix catalog python is used approximately n450 projects such as the v math. Which is video nmulti method. Assessment. Fusion and mezzanine file system ncomputer vision solution which deals with imagery nusing archer etc netflix animation and n vfx npython forms the basis for all animations and visual effects nat netflix maya and nuke which are 3d and 2d ncomputer graphics applications are united using python now let s move on to see how netflix uses python nfor.

Its information security. Netflix uses python npod information systems for auto remediation nsecurity. Automation. Risk.

Classifications. Etc. The most active nopen. Source project of this team.

Is security monkey. Nnetflix also uses bless. Which stands for passions. Lambda.

Nm. Farrell ssh service to protect secure shell..

Resources nrepo kid is used to grant i am permissions and tls certificates. Nare allotted through lemma both of these tasks nrely mainly on python finally let s move on to see. Nhow python is used for monitoring and auto nremediation. The monitoring and auto remediation team is also known insight nengineering team there build and execute tools for operational insight ndiagnostics auto remediation and altering for most nof its services.

This team makes use of python for example. The spectator npython client library. This library is used nfor. Recording dimensional time series along with these nlibraries products like winston and bolt are also built non python frameworks.

Which are flask go unicorn and flask rest. Plus. Summing nit. All up one can easily claim that python is the driving force nfor netflix.

With this we ve reached the end nof. The session. I hope you ve enjoyed and learned something nnew in case. You have any queries or suggestions.

Please do let me know nin. The comment section. And i will revert nto. You at the earliest good bye and take care.

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