How to Base Jump in Ghost Recon Wildlands

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“What s up guys penguin open were here and in today s video. I just just want to make a quick video about how to base jump in ghost recon. Because i don t have active right now because i m playing on doing other stuff after i done recording this video. But in the latest special operations operation silence spade in the beginning.

You are required to base jump into that unidad base over there and a lot of people. Myself. Included have been having some trouble with this because when people base jump. It oftentimes ends up like this okay.

I didn t do it right i didn t do it right because people just the common complaint is they fall down. They just drop down and go splat um. I actually did base jump a little bit correctly there. But i just i pulled down just kind of show you how it could screw up.


But the point is laughs. You ve been screwing up and either not landing at the you dad base or just falling down and dying and truth be told. I have never been good at base jumping in this game like at all like i have tried and tried and tried. But i always kept falling down and after experimenting with the base jumping for this mission.

I finally figured out what i was doing wrong. And what i need to actually do in order to base jump. Correctly. So let me just turn down the volume on my headset real quick cuz.

It gets loud. So here s what you need to do to correct correctly base jump. I m gonna go back up there now what you do when you go up to the wedge. You basically you run up and you get the parachute keep whatever your system is i m playing off you see so we re just gonna call.


It space right now. See you later that s the space for the parachute slash climb sort of thing you re gonna walk up to it now. When you play operation silence paid for the first time you ll get a pop up as you get to the ledge and what it s going to tell you which i wish you basalt mentioned in a tutorial earlier in the game like somehow because i didn t notice when you base jump you hit the forward key in pc case w. To speed up and fall to the ground faster.

You hit s. Excuse. Me. The reverse key.

Which in pc is s to decelerate. Which causing you to fall down to the ground slower. Now i don t know how to say they ve able to do that because gravity is gravity. But hey they figured out the ghosts.


The ghosts argos. We figured out a way. But the point is i think what my main issue is i m hitting the main issue. I had when a failing to base jump is i still kept holding on to that forward key and you can t do that because you ll fall down and die.

So what you have to do you have to go up to the ledge due to base jump. And then immediately hold down the backwards key or s. And you ll be able to base jump just fine. So i m going to demo.

It for you guys how to do it correctly so welcome to the bey edge spacebar hit jump and hit s4 to fall down okay. We re over the fence. And i ve got the future soldier parachute on hey hey okay. I m actually going to be testing.


The optical camo after this although right guarda. See i m actually gonna live to it an opportunity nearby camo tests next. Although you re going to see at first and i m going to upload this video later. But yeah that didn t work.

But yeah so that s how you base jump it goes recon wildlands. It takes it s going to take a little bit of practice. But now that i figured out how to do it i think i can do it pretty much anywhere in the game. I just need to go out and practice it more anyway.

That s it for now this videos gone long enough. I m penguin overlord. I will catch you ” ..


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