How to buy a #Bathroom Scale —The Weight Scale Challenge Review-Bed Bath & Beyond

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“Hey. We re here. Trying to find. The best key.

Oh ha ha broke. My my scale. The other day. My baby.

Baby. Skill..

Yeah. Now i m on the for skill so we here looking at all these different skills and all he s gonna help me find out which one i mean they re all different prices they all look different. I don t know i gotta find out which ones are best for me so we got it we got different ones down here. So let me try the first one.

We re gonna have a test here. And we re gonna test the scale that works best okay ready get started wow. So many skills to choose from i m selling they got him from 1999. All the basic skills so i am here to find that perfect skill.

I broke mine it let s get started this one let s see what this one is i hope i hope it comes close to my wage uh uh. Sarah let s we can reset..

It okay still an era gotta come back to this in a minute all right let s try to analog analog is like your old faithful you know i mean you can always depend on those digital by technology. You never know anyway here we go whoops yeah. You know not too bad. It s like a uh.

You know the fun you think yeah. If i moved. I move to the map. I weigh 125.

If i move morton laughs anyway. I m making cities because it s really flat and it can fit in my bathroom just perfectly..

But let s see if it tells the truth come on come on if i woke up every morning. And i gotta go through all this 1 41. About an inch or so let me see oh go dig this out let s see if it s coming down at all you step off come back on again. That s a real slow.

One dear oh. I forgot. It s the slow. And okay just hang in there give it a minute.

I m in there two or three different by now you know what getting up every morning. I m not sure if i m gonna have this goodness just thinkin hmm..

I don t know i do like it s 1 30. Okay. I was hoping it would take it up again get off again there now step on it oh. It s getting lower and lower all the time look.

At 127 126. So what s your choice annie. It s nice 1 27. Yes always good to choose a scale that gets the weight you want all right there you go that s how we buy our stuff.

That s way ” ..

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