How To Change A Videos Original Resolution – Vegas Pro 16 – 2018

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“Is going on everybody welcome back to another vegas pro 16 tutorial in this tutorial tutorial guys. I m going to be showing you how to change the output resolution. The render resolution of video projects that you ve made in vegas. Pro.

This is a video that was suggested by one of you guys so thanks for the suggestion and here is the video now on my timeline at the moment. I ve got a video of my cut. If i play this quickly you can see all i ve done is just zoomed in added. Some text nothing too crazy.

But basically we re going to imagine this video is your final project and i m gonna show you how to render this out at a different resolution so this video itself was recorded in 1920 by 1080 so 1080p. And it was recorded at 50 fps. So that s the standard resolution in frame. Where i would export as i would render it as but if you do want to change the resolution of the render settings simply start by going into the render by clicking render.

As and i m sure you ve seen this screen before where you have all the presets and different settings for the render resolution to change the resolution on a video you can simply click one of the options here now i d recommend using the magix mp4 format. This is just my preferred format. It s the former i use of course if you want to use a different format. That s perfectly up to you.


But for video mp4 works perfectly fine and it does everything you should need to do now. There is a few i ve got starred down the side here as you can see so i m just gonna turn my filters on and show my favorites. This will just let me see the videos that i ve starred and as you can see i ve got a few 1080p formats. Some at 50 fps summit.

60. Fps and some at 30 fps. This is just because these are all the type of videos that i end up making let s say for some reason that did want to do a 4k video. I could either untick.

My favorites and first of all just look for 4k setting as we can see here. There s lots of 4k settings. It different frame rates. I could go into one of the other formats for example.

This hd. 1080p video 60fps. I could click on it i could click down here on customize template and then here s all the settings for the video now change the resolution all you need to look at is frame size. If you click on this you ll get a few different options for the frames.


As you can see you ve got four kids on the bottom. Here you ve got 1080p you ve even got some other ones like different aspect ratios. You ve got wide screen. You ve got square pixels.

You ve got different things have a play around until you find what you want. But personally instead of changing this format. I m just gonna pick on i m just gonna pick one of the already made templates. So i think i m gonna go with the 4k 50 fps and if this is a template you might possibly want to use more in the future just click the little star next to it it ll put on your favourites.

So when you have the favor to only filter option on you ll be able to see it there now bearing in mind. I m keeping it at 50 fps. Because my video was recorded in 50 fps. You can t change the frame rate as well if you want to but i would highly recommend sticking to the same frame rate or at least.

If you re gonna change. The frame rate either do it inhofe s or double. The frame rate don t do a random frame rate. Number.


Because then you ll get like frame. Clipping and your video will just come out looking really weird. And that s not what you want it all i recommend always much loved fps and then just changing the resolution to how you want it if you do want to up it or down. It up to you so now i ve got my 50 fps 4k settings.

I m gonna browse. I m just gonna choose where i want to save it so for now i m just gonna save it to my desktop and i m gonna call this 4k cut because why the hell not save and then click render. And it ll start rendering out the video. Now luckily i have got quite a short video here so it will happen quite quickly.

If you ve made a longer video project. It will take longer also it depends on the size of the project. As well what i mean by that is if you are recording 4k or sorry. If you are rendering in 4k.

It ll take a lot longer to render out then if you were just rendering in 1080p because it s higher resolution. So after waiting a couple minutes here it s just finished exporting. I m gonna now click clues on this when i go on my desktop here we can see that we have got the 4k cup video. If i right click on the video and click properties then go over to details at the top here.


You can see the frame size is 3840 by 2160. Which is 4k so just a good way to check if the render has actually work and as we can see the video is okay. Now remember this isn t actually going to make the original video 4k. The original video is still 1080p.

It s just being displayed on a 4k format. The only way to get the original footage in actual legitimate 4k is if you were to record the footage in 4k. It s just now the file size is technically bigger. And you ve got more pixels to work with.

But that s going to be it for this tutorial guys so remember if you want to see more vegas. Pro tutorials. Then just click that subscribe button and help me out it helps a lot i appreciate it thank you very much and also if you do want to suggest any tutorials on the channel. Then just tell me in the comment section down below.

But that is gonna be it for this video guys thanks for watching i ll see you next. ” ..

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