How to Convert MP4 to MP3 in Windows 10

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“Recently i got asked about converting nugh converting video files you know like mp4 to to audio files mp3s sigh yeah first it s best to understand nwhat the hell re talking about so. Here s some geek speek. Mp4. Is a newer file nformat and supports video encoding compared with mp3.

Which is older and is nonly for audio files. Mp4 is a multimedia container and can technically support nnot just audio and video. But also text and images oh boy so why would you want to convert an mp4 nto. An mp3.


The most reasonable answer would be for conserving drive space nalthough smartphones and dedicated music players can handle mp4s no sweat. It s often far easier to convert the nfiles to mp3 to lighten their footprint. I mean really if what you want to do is nlisten to the audio. You certainly can talk about the unnecessary excess nbaggage ahh and this one cracks.

My ass up no matter. What anybody tells you changing nthe file extension from mp4 to mp3 in windows. Explorer. Is not i repeat.


Not nconverting the file. It s just renaming. It it might work in a npinch. But you still have this huge ass file and all you really need or want is nthe damned audio.

Okay so enough talk already let s nconvert the files for free in the app store for windows 8 or 10. You really should move up to 10 you need nto search up follow along don t get distracted first you want to make sure your system nmeets requirements most likely it does but it never hurts to check click download page in the app store click n installing click you ll think you messed up simply select the video and it will nstart converting and saving it to another pre selected folder now if you ndon t like the folder. The program shows change it. Before you convert any files.


Nbut. Once you re happy with the folders select your video nand watch out fast. It starts converting it right away and save it to another nfolder without losing your original. So simple even us old farts can do it.

Now nthere are other free converters out there. But this one is by far. The nsimplest and quickest and since it comes from my billionaire buddy bill gates. I m nreasonably certain that doesn t have any viruses or malware for those of you still nclinging to windows 7.


Like a security blanket. Relax. I ll have one more video just for nyou and i ll put the link in the description below as well thanks for the nquestions keep them coming and as long as it s free why not click. ” .


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