How to cut clips in After Effects CC

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“Guys welcome to another quick tap tutorial today it looks as if both above the the screen were here look as if we re going to be showing you how do some cool 80s intro where i will be at some point. But not today. I m just using this as an example now a lot of people ask me and have been asking me in a couple comments and a lot of people in a place where i teach often ask me how do i cut clips inside of after effects so a lot of you watching this may be quite a simple thing. But i m guessing if you ve clicked on this or searched and found this video.

Then you are here to find that out so us or. I m gonna be teaching you today now just as i said i m gonna turn this to like a third quality just so i can play it through really quickly turn sound off. I think is there any sound in it nope. Don t matter okay.

So i ve got a clip. Okay with some sort of 80s kind of intro just playing around with a few things for future tutorial hmm. Let s say i want to cut this clip. Okay now there s a couple ways you can see this wasn t a very good version is too bit too wobbly.


But there s a couple ways we can do it okay. If you want to cut the clip and just have it finish at say. This is the three second mark have it finished here there s two ways you can do that you can come to the end of the clip click and drag okay click and drag it up now this can be a nice way to do it. But it can be a little bit tricky.

If it s a long lip to get it bang on perfect on that perfect frame okay if you re especially if you zoomed out so you can navigate as you know. By page up and page down frame by frame through if you get to that specific place. Where you want to go where you want to cut if i say three seconds instead of clicking and dragging. If you hold your alt key and next.

The empty key you ve got square. Brackets. Open and closed. If you go alt.


And then the closed bracket key. It then cuts the clip down to that exact frame for you okay. So i ll do that one again. I ll undo that is alt.

And the closed bracket key to cut to that exact frame. If you want to start from one second for example. I ll click one second. I ll hold alt the open bracket square bracket key next to the enter key and then it starts from that exact frame.

So that s how to cut two specific frames. Okay instead of clicking and dragging because you can click and drag for you want. But it can be quite inaccurate sometimes oh i ve done white jump. There.


But there we go yeah. So that s a very kind of basic way of cutting another way of cutting if you want to just cut a piece of footage. But like i separate the first half into one layer and the second half into another layer you can do that so let s say at the two second mark. We want to split this into a separate layer if i hit ctrl or command.

Shift and d. Then it splits. It we ve got a ts. Intro here and 80s into.

Here. So you can apply just an effect to this layer from here on so let s say we wanted to blur from there on for whatever reason. Let s just get a blur chuck it on let s go for just. Fast box blur and then from there on this clip has a blue on it so please do and then we ve split the layer into two separate layers and then that one has a blue on it for whatever reason.


But yeah. That s two simple ways of cutting clips inside of after effects remember i say what the sort of finish down three settings jump to they re old and an end square bracket key unless you want us to start at one second click. This layer alt. An open square bracket key and they re cut.

Exactly okay so this is a very very short tutorial. But just wanted to illustrate that cuz that s a question i get asked quite often and just want to clear that up awesome. I ll catch you in the next. ” .


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