How to Drive without a Front Plate and NOT get a Ticket! Vlog #237

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“Is going on guys welcome back to the channel welcome back to the vlog today today s chicken video is gonna be very very short. But it s something that guys might really really like and that is going to be how you guys can be driving around without a front plate all right guys so as you guys can see i don t have a front plate and bracket or anything like that because i do not like the front plates and i also have expired. Temp tags now i do have the actual plates registered to this car. I just hadn t put them on but i m about to put these on and i m gonna put the back one on and i actually have this nice black frame.

And then i m gonna use for the back for the back plate. And here s the license plate. So you go like that and that ll be in the back. So we re gonna put that but i m going to show you guys how you guys can drive around without a front plate and still be okay.

Whenever. A police officer pulls you guys over all right so there we go we ve got the texas plate with the black frame. I might have to get this frame taken to get painted once we paint our side skirts and stuff that is coming in so that it can match all the gloss black. But we ve got the white license plate with the frame black frame around.

But now you re wondering well what do you mean no worries about no front plate well that s because i ordered something from zero on add ons that is gonna not be on the car permanently like some people do it. But will be available..

So that a cop does not issue you a ticket for the front plate alright guys so this is what i m talking about and that is the zl1 add on license plate holder and this actually goes in the tow hook of the front of your camaro. Now on these 2019. The tow hook is right behind this piece of plastic here and unfortunately. If you decided you want to run the tow hook permanently you would have to remove this big chunk all right here it looks really ugly personally.

And i don t want to have the front plate. Here all the time and have to be removing the is back and forth back and forth. So i don t plan on actually using that unless. A police officer pulls me over and asked for my plate.

So let me go ahead and show you guys what this is and of course you have your license plate holder. Which is this here and as you can see here you ve got the bolt where you re gonna bolt the to the actual tow hook. Thing so you get this and then you also get a bunch of screws for what you get a bunch of screws for the plate to put the plate on here. And you also get the main bolt.

That is gonna go onto your tow hook bolt. So let me go ahead and unwrap this and show you guys what i m talking about alright guys so here we go this is what you re gonna get this right..

Here is actually the main tow hook that screws onto the chassis of the car. And it actually has this screw in here and this is the main bolt that actually screws right into this. But before you screw that of course you ve got this plate. So this has this backdrop and you can actually adjust the angle using this screw.

But what we re gonna do is we re gonna run this bolt through it here as you can see here and we re just going to screw this in and i m not worried about how tight it s going to be i m just gonna do it hand tight. I m not too worried about it so we re gonna have that hand tight you end up loosening this up anyways when you re trying to screw that in they re gonna be going side to side and to pick the front plate which on this you do have the supplied screws. So let me go ahead and get that put on and just like that we now have the famous toe hook. Now i actually might have put it backwards because i believe if we look at the angle this toe hook.

Actually is gonna end up going in this way and if we do it this way it kind of goes outwards as well so i m not sure which way. But that doesn t really matter because we can always fix this on the road or whatever. But yeah that actually ends up going in the front. But we re not gonna put this on the front of this car.

What i m gonna do with this is actually just throw it in the trunk and if a cop ever pulled me over then he asked where is your front license plate. I m gonna tell i took it off..

I went to a car show. Which is where this thing is gonna be probably going for the most this time and i didn t want on the front. But i forgot to put it back on and let me get it off the street and then we ll put it right back on it ll be ready to go so that is how you guys can get yourself away with not using a front plate is buying this zero. One add ons front license plate holder and having it readily available to put it back on the car for so that the cop does not write you a fix it ticket or any of that stuff because it s very easy for you to fix.

It and take it back. And it would just be a waste of his time so very very good investment. I would recommend a zero on hand on its a tow hook front license plate. If you have a six gen basically.

27. 16. Or a camaro. Very very good.

And definitely gonna be a lifesaver in the future. Although here in texas..

I never really at least here in houston never really gotten pulled over for no front plate. I believe my mom has gotten pulled over a couple times out and going out of their cities. By the state hooper s and even if they decide to try to pull us over of course. We have our saving grace.

So this is gonna go in the trunk and the car will have remaining having a clean front end without any bracket or ugly license plate to covered it and still remaining so anyways guys. That s it for today s video was fairly short. I really just want to show you guys since i got them two plates in and i ve gotten all this i wanted to show you guys what you can do if you guys don t want to have a front plate and your steeper partisan. I hope you guys throw this video.

It did hit that like button make sure you subscribe if you have it because there s a lot of stuff coming to this car. So i ll see you guys in the next one ” ..

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