How to enable Freesync on non Freesync Displays (For AMD GPU s Only)

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“Guys i m gonna show you how to enable free sync on a non free free sync compatible monitor this does not work on every display. But it should work most modern displays so this will work on hdmi dvi single link or even vga. I have not tested it on other displays or display output are cables whatever. But it should work on most except for it does not seem to work on displayport don t know why but this is the tool you re gonna need custom resolution utility.

I ll put a link in the thing monitor test comm download. The file. Here..


And then just extract them somewhere. I ll just replace these just so you can see that i m actually doing them i ll open it up. I have two monitors here so i m gonna go to the monitor. I want to unable so first of all this monitor right here free sync.

Now supported on either device. This utilities open go to the monitor you want to enable this on go down to extension blocks. Here do not click add click edit once here you can click add and then you ll click free sync range..


This monitor. I m on i ve tested at 41 to 60 out of highly recommend on a 60 hertz trying 50 to 60 first. And if that doesn t work try 55. Not all monitors will get a very good range.

Many of them can get about 40 to 60 some get 30 to 60 some won t work at all newer monitors seem to do a lot better most 75 hertz panels can really get like 50 to 75. It really depends on your panel. Here now if you over 144 hertz monitor..


This actually is not going to work. Because your monitor is going to be there displayport or it s going to be dvi and if a dvi it s dual link this does technically work with dvi. But when you do that it changes it to dvi single link and you will not get 144 hertz. While you re using dvi single link and this method does not work on displayport so most displayport these days would have freezing and i don t know if it works on.

Hdmi 11 or. 12 but generally monitors that have hdmi 12. Or two higher would have free sync..


If they had higher than 60 hertz anyways. So you add this free sync range click ok click ok here and you ll click restart 64 or restart this will restart your graphics driver i m gonna have to actually do this in a separate video here i ll have to link them together because my obs will crash when i restart my graphics driver so ” ..

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