How to find your Main Overwatch

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” ve heard so many complaints of people playing soloqueue saying. They are constantly forced into into roles. They are uncomfortable resulting and then playing worse than they would on another however finding out which hero you are truly good with isn t always the easiest task especially you switch around as much as my solo cues. Do so today we re going to discuss right that will talk about what constitutes as a main.

How you can find yours what is beneficial about it and try to see if we can find some weight and potential new. So let s get right into it before we get into the subject of maine s let s talk about the available roles the players of a team can identify what most of them are pretty straightforward. The last one seems to be rather unknown while most people actually do fall into this category. So as you expected we got supports tanks and dps roles in this case.

Any character that is not a support nor. A tank constitutes as a dps katha. We do not distinguish between the attack and defense hero. The last role available is called flex as the name suggests this role pulls into the hands of a player that flexibly switches to whatever hero is needed throughout the match in this video.

We ll not talk about the professional teams and instead take a more realistic approach. Taking your average play soloqueue. Most of the time and queueing with one or two friends on occasion. So don t worry about what flex plays or really any players doing the pro scene as it stands.

The pro. Meta has little to no influence to us on the latter. Okay so let s put an example on those rebels in my usual setup of three i am joined by one of my friends who primarily plays tag and another one who primarily plays support is a flex player will usually be sitting on a dps character and switch to whatever kind of damage. We need to either match the advantage.


We have with our setup is that we as a three man stack can fill one of each role necessary for our two to two composition. However since one of our place is not a dedicated dps. But instead a flex player. We are also prepared for a situation in which one of our three randos is not able to fill a support or tank role sufficiently the job of the flex player is not to be amazing at every single role.

He s supposed to fill a gap more than anything else just recently. I had a game on king s role where i couldn t play characters. I considered my mains and instead played mccree what i ve done by that is allowing everyone else in my team to play heroes. They are strong with me insisting on playing support in this case could have resulted in a chain reaction causing our entire competent maybe even having multiple players lock into characters that are just not good with so by me biting the bullet and playing mccree.

I managed to fill the calm now here s what s important to note as some of you might be able to judge. Which i showed in the past. I am not an amazing mccree by any stretch of the imagination with a korea average of 44 percent accuracy and an observed average of 38 to 56 per match me play mccree can just barely do the trick. However if a game balls out to be needing an exceptionally good mccree.

I would fail the team and that s the downside of a flex player they are perfect for a gap in your comp and do that job sufficiently however since they re switching their heroes around so much they never really master any all right now that we discussed in detail which roles. There are to fill let s talk about what constitutes as a main and how you can find yours do keep in mind. That this guide is not directly replaced with a hundred hours in competitive. Obviously if you spend that much time in rank you ll probably already know yours all right so and manners are here that you feel comfortable playing in almost every single situation you know all the strengths of your character how to best utilize.

The kid and you are aware of their weaknesses and how to negate them ideally you d spend a lot of time playing this curve in a competitive environment and by that have built up a decent amount of experience in a variety of unfavorable situations. Giving you vast knowledge of how to deal with your heroes counters. Now the reason. I mentioned competitive environment specifically is because quick play does not give you anywhere near the experience.


You have on ladder. You won t ever be stumbling upon six horns. Or four ganges playing ranked. Therefore all the experience you build up is not very useful.

However that doesn t mean that it won t help you mechanically obviously you have to start somewhere. And that s quick play you get to learn how to handle a hero s kid and that s certainly not to be neglected usually i would say that finding your main is more of a gut feeling than anything else the way. I found mine was simply by me playing them a lot enjoy my time and being very effective. It is worth reinforcing that quick play skills do not necessarily translate into rank.

Though hans was my second most played character in quick play. I m fairly confident on him and usually do really well. But that s against role comps. People knocking the game seriously and so on me being able to quick play kill for us and winston s with ease doesn t mean i be able to do the same thing on rank simply.

Because teams are much more coordinated and actually take the game seriously. The best way for you to find your men is by stopping to be a flex player. I know a lot of people yell angrily about how you don t have a mane and you have to be flexible or else you re useless. But that s not really accurate at all at this point in time if you spend some time and rank you ll likely have a couple characters that you feel you do better than others.

In this case. Should try to build up more experience with them play them excessively and quickly to master them mechanically and then try to translate those skills into your ranked matches. There you can build up your portfolio of experience with this particular hero. Until you feel completely confident.


There are also some skills that might be translatable to other here so let s go through some examples shall we if you consider yourself a widow main but always get yelled at by your teammates try playing other precision based characters. If you re such a good widowmaker. You probably have some pretty good aim and reaction time heroes like mccree and anna might suit you very well if you re a really good faro man you probably have a decent bit of knowledge on how to handle movement prediction in conjunction with your projectiles and hero that might suit you well could be me. If you lend your icicle headshots.

Consequently and learn how to properly use your ice barrier to split the enemies in half. You ll be an absolutely deadly force. If you re a mercy or lucio man. Maybe.

Gives aerial shots. Support mates. Often have a great sense for the surroundings and a good eye for their teammates. If you can translate that into time your protective barriers on teammates properly you re already a good bit ahead of being a good zarya everything else about it either does or doesn t come naturally.

Now we talked so much about what a main is and how you can find yours what about all the people say that having a mint is stupid and only makes you a burden for your team well they are not wrong. If you are the kind of prick. You insist on playing only a single hero and that s really all there is to it you don t usually have one main. You probably have three or four maybe even five and if you didn t really find them yet it s about time listen.

There s nothing wrong with you being exceptionally wet on one particular hero. But if you insist on playing that and by that force you team to build a cup around you you might as well force. The other five people here teaming to roast our garbage. Yet you see it doesn t matter how good you are on your main.


If everyone else in your team plays heroes they are bad with overwatch. It s not a game that allows one to simply carry no matter. How good you are and it s not like all of your mates have to be in a single category of course. If you happen to be good at one hero in each category.

That makes you a very flexible person. But that can t necessarily be forest. I for example consider myself an ana zenyatta and zarya main since i have so much experience as a flex player. Though i can still draw from a huge pool of experience with other heroes.

Including lucille soldier. 76. Junk red and if i have a really good day maybe mccrea. But i also know not to ever pick heroes like tracer reaper or mercy since that s when i m least effective and that s really all is about know your strengths and weaknesses and try to work some with your team.

So that everyone can play heroes they are strong with there s always better to be exceptionally good at a few things than being ok at everything alright guys. This is me done for the day feel free to leave all of your thoughts and opinions down. The comment section below will leave me like any way out if you enjoyed the video subscribe. If you want to see more and i hope to see you guys next time.

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