How to fix Wireless Fast Charging Issues

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“And welcome back to the contractors point of view today. We re taking a look look at wireless charging. And more specifically issues that i ve ran into when trying wirelessly charge. My note.

10 plus note. 10 plus has fast wireless charging. And that was one of my issues is that it wouldn t fast wireless charge. So i wanted to go over a couple things with you guys show you what i did to correct.

It what you might be running into if you ve noticed thing that you re not getting fast wireless charging. And some other stuff that i ran into along the way so let s just jump right into it take a look at these wireless chargers. All right so these are three of the chargers that i picked up this guy here is for travel for me. It s super thin as you can see i think it s about as thin as the phone maybe yeah.

So it s super thin easy to throw in a backpack ready to go everything s good. This is the first one i picked up because i just knew i wanted to try out the wirelessly charging. And i knew i had fast wireless charger. Available right there and then this guy.

I ended up buying after i was having issues with the first one that i picked up so let s go over some of this to make sure you kind of got everything that you need i m going to. Switch some stuff around..

Here so i can make some easy xcom 8x. Explanations you got to love these micro usbs. Yeah. So this one and this one use micro usb.

This guy here uses usb. See all right so when you first when i first threw on my phone. You got the charging wirelessly and yeah you can see it s there but it doesn t say anything about fast wireless charge. So the first thing i found out that you have to do after getting your wirelessly.

Charging your device is go into settings go into device care on this samsung. Specifically. Now you got to go into battery. And then settings and then all the way at the bottom you have the fast wireless charging fast wireless charging enable so there s a toggle there that if you switch that it allows it to fast wireless charge.

Then you have your fast cable charging. Which is always usually turned on okay so once that s on then you should be able to wirelessly charge. It i mean fast now you might where you re saying well this is why fast wireless charge. Why didn t it work okay because it s saying right there charging wirelessly.

But it s not fast wireless and that is because right now. This is plugged into a power brick..

That is not fast wireless qi. Charging capable this guy is fast wireless charging capable plug that puppy in you ll see the difference now it s as fast charging wirelessly and you get a different time so two things there make sure if your phone has some way to turn off and on fast wireless charging you got to get in there and turn it on first and then second you got to come over and make sure your power break that this is plugged into has fast wireless charging available to it and then the last thing obviously is your cheap pad needs to be wireless fast wireless charging or wireless charging and able so you plug this in and you re going to get wirelessly wireless charging okay. No problem. It s charging wirelessly.

It says. It now we re in 29 minutes to full even if you buy this and plug in a fast wiring wireless charging power brick. You re still only gonna get charging wirelessly. It s not going to give you fast wireless because this pad specifically is not enabled for fast wireless charge and then this big guy no matter.

It s powered by usb. See the usb see is specific to this device. Here. And as you can see.

And then it s got a special power brick that it comes with because some things don t come with power bricks like this guy. Didn t come with a power brick obviously. It s not as important because it doesn t have fast wireless charge. The power brick for this i hadn t lost so when you set this up it holds your phone and you can see right there fast wireless charge.

And then this also has the ability to fast one on this charge oops on its side. So you can set it landscape or portrait whichever you feel like i like it as a clock for my bedside seems to work out real well for that and also that s obviously my note..

10. Plus. But your iphone is going to be the same watch this slightly puppy off the table so iphone charges their iphone charges on that one so it does it works the same except iphone. Doesn t tell you whether it s charging wire or charging fast or not now you might be wondering why i have a 1 7.

Pro. Sitting on the table. Talking about wireless. Charging another issue.

I ve seen people have with wireless charging is they think their phone has wireless charge available to it and oneplus does not do wireless charging on their phones. Yet and while that s not the only phone. If you re trying to wirelessly charge your phone that doesn t have wireless charging. It s not gonna do you any good because the phone just does not have the capability.

So don t try that then the last thing i wanted to show you is where i list recharging with a case use example of the case that i have on my phone. All the time. And that s the sub case. Unicorn beetle pro snap this puppy in super simple okay got it everything s in there.

And it works with all of these chargers. Let me put this back the way..

It s supposed to be oh. Man usb. See i want everything usb. See all right so first off first one and you can see it s still fast wirelessly charges with the case that one doesn t have fast wireless charging.

But it will charge wirelessly and last. But not least the 15 watt charger. And it charges wirelessly with fast wireless charging. So even with the case on you ve got is the ability for charging wirelessly alright.

I will throw links up in the description for each one of these devices if you re interested. But the main thing is if you re having issues with your wireless charge those are some things to check make sure your phone can handle it make sure it s turned on if it has a toggle make sure your pad is enabled for fast wireless charge. And make sure your phone is capable of being wirelessly charged and also your power brick. So there s a couple things to look at couple things to think about i hope.

This video was helpful until next time stay safe you ” ..

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