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“Oled tv installation guide 65 w7. This video is the installation guide for lg oled oled tv w7. We will walk you through the installation process from unboxing to bracket oled tv installation. Let s begin with the unboxing of the product.

This is the product box of the lg oled tv w7 carefully open the product box. When you open the box. You will see the welcome guide. It provides a simple introduction to the installation process examine the welcome guide carefully there are two handles located on each side of the product box remove the handles from the right and left sides of the box.

Then remove the front and back panels from the box remove the top boxes before removing the foam packing from the package. These boxes contain the accessories and extension cable box now remove the foam packing from all sides. The following component should be included in the box. An old led module.


A magic remote control to double a size batteries. A slim. Remote control to cr2032 batteries. An a v gender.

A qsg manual. A primary cable. A safety manual. A punching guide.

A wall mount bracket. 7. Anchor bolts. 7.


Pi 565 millimeter. Screws. 4. Strips of two sided tape.

2. Setup guides a harness holder a primary holder an extension holder 2 pi 3 10 millimeter screws extension cable a companion box be sure to have all these components ready before beginning. The installation now that we have all the accessories. Prepared let s begin with the wall.

Mount bracket installation remove the wall mount bracket box from the main package do not remove the protective cardboard panel from the main package and open it carefully using a box cutter next remove the wall mount bracket and set up guide sheets from the box. The set up guide sheets are located between the handles of the box. Before installing the wall mount bracket check. If there is enough space between the bottom of the bracket and the a i o box.


If you will not be using the extension cable a distance of 480 millimeters will be sufficient now let s install the wall. Mount bracket move the bracket to the place where it will be installed use a level to be sure. The wall mount bracket is installed evenly mark the locations. Where the bolts will be placed remove the seals on the back of the wall mount bracket then fix the wall mount bracket to the wall.

Using 5pi 565 millimeter. Screws fasten. The wall mount bracket to the wall next. We will install the oled tv attach the set up guide sheets to both sides of the wall mount bracket before installing the oled module now let s unpack the oled module lift the rear foam packing from around the oled module then remove the protective cover from the oled module remove the adhesive primary cable.

Protector and holder from the back of the oled module. Then extend the primary cable attached to the back of the oled module finally remove the protective film with velcro strip from the module being shorted support the bottom of the old led module lift the module and line up with position. Number 1 on the set of guide sheets push the old led module downwards to secure it to the bracket make sure it lines up with position number three on the set up guide sheets let s check that the oled module is securely fastened to the bracket press down on the top of the module to attach the bracket firmly. There are six magnets that secure the oled module to the bracket press.


Lightly on the oled module to secure it to the bracket now remove the set up guide sheets from the wall next. We will connect the oled module to the a i o box. First remove the a i o box. Protector and place.

The aao box on the shelf. Remove the cover in the protective film from the primary cable plug. The primary cable into the a. I o box attach the primary holder.

Over the connection after connecting the primary cable and fasten it with 10 millimeter. Screws finally press. The power button on the remote control installation of the lg oled tv w7 is ” ..


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