How to install SD and SIM card into Samsung Galaxy S8+

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“Everyone in this video. I m going to be showing you how to install your your sim card and sd card into your samsung galaxy s8 plus all right and m also going to show you how to save all your pictures and videos to your sd card from now on instead of them being saved to your memory of your phone alright. So first thing. We re going to want to do is we re going to want to look towards the top of the phone.

This is where it s going to have the opening up and for the sim ejector pin alright you re going to need one of these. If you don t have one of these your phone definitely should ve came with one. But if you don t have one you can use a paper clip is usually a pretty good or in here alright. So we re going to stick this in here alright.

It s going to come right out slightly and then you re going to kind of wedge your finger. Now in there and pull it out this is your sim tray and sd tray for your galaxy s..

8. Plus. Alright so once you have it out we re going to go ahead and place. The sim card in the bottom slot down here.

Okay you re going to face. It like you re going to place it in like this you re going to see it says sim and on the top. It says micro sd. So you re going to face.

You re going to place. The sim card like this with the pins facing down on the downward side..

So you know place like this okay. And the sd card is going to be placed with the pins facing down. As well okay once they re both in there. We re going to go ahead and place it right back in the phone.

Just like this all right so we re going to power the phone on as you can see it s already reading the service of the sim card. It s activating. It and it has picked up signal up here. So it will automatically read your sim card.

Power off your device. Okay..

So it may ask you to reboot your device. All right. So i ll do that restart it and it should start working all right so it looks like it read this it looks like it read that d card okay. So i m going to show you now how to start saving your pictures and videos from now on to the sd card rather than to the memory of the phone.

So you re going to go to camera. Once you go to the camera and it opens up this message should automatically pop up that that says that it s reading the sd card. It says the default storage will be changed to the sd card. So you can automatically select ok.

And it should be set up completely so that from now on pictures and videos will begin to be saved on the sd card. If you don t get that message you can confirm by clicking on the settings tab up..

Here ok. And you re going to scroll down to where it says storage location. Okay you re going to select storage location and make sure that sd card is selected okay. It is so we re going to go ahead and get out of here and all pictures and videos taken from now on will be saved to the sd card alright.

So that s how you install your sim and sd card into your samsung galaxy s 8 plus hope this video was helpful there was please give it a like and subscribe for more videos like this tonic time peace ” ..

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