How to license transfer on the xbox 360

xbox 360 license transfer This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How to license transfer on the xbox 360. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Everyone and welcome to an exciting tutorial brought to you by gamer by the sea sea here. I m just going to talk to you guys about how to do license transfer. And so technically this is like a how to video tutorial whatever you want to call it basically what you want to do is you want to log in to the account that you want to transfer the information from and once you logged into the account. Then you can begin the download process.

And it s actually pretty simple it takes no work whatsoever. So you after you type in your password. Let s see what happens also i want to note that here..


Remember your password all you have to do is check that box or uncheck. It you know depending on whether you want to remember it or not if you re using somebody else s account do not remember the password if you are using your own account then just click the checked. I mean if nobody uses your xbox. Why not it saves you a ton of time just logging in that s what i do personally i mean if you don t like it that s up to you once you log in then you want to go down to your settings.

All the way in the far right and scroll down to account once you re in account. It should spring back up and then you see different options just go down to license transfer. It s easy you click yes you are limited to the amount of transfers..


You can do i think for game files. I think it s maybe one every four months or two. I am not a hundred percent sure on that but once i figure it out i leave it in the description below then you just scroll down you you want to look at the game that you wanted or the you know in this case. I had the season pass that i wanted from black ops.

2. Because i did start a new account. I lost everything and i just wanted to redownload all this stuff to see if it would work then you know of course..


I have other games that i play like assassin s creed so i saw i saw the brazilian portuguese language pack. I decided to download that honestly i don t know why i m downloading this i don t think that helped me out at all i don t remember the last time. I played assassin s creed honestly. But why not let s just download it and i ll probably download the rest off video and once you hit done you know you get out of the view license transfer your license transfer is complete there s nothing you need to do now other than sign out once you sign up from your account.

All you have to do is log in via your own account and the process is complete everything is good so thanks for watching. If you liked the video hit like button comment below. If you want another tutorial and please subscribe..


But it d mean the world to me. I you know i love you guys. And i hopefully i can keep producing great videos for you guys if there s anything that you see that i need to improve on you know i m just human. I like to think i m god.

But to you guys. I m just human so thank you thanks for watching until next time ” ..

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