How To Make A $300 Camera Look Pro!

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“What s up my name is nigel. And as you can see the shot looks looks absolutely horrible. And it sounds horrible and you know what i m using a gh3. It was made like back in 2013.

And they re pretty cheap lens on there that s probably why this shot looks so bad so i think i should just go out and buy a new camera and that s gonna make this shot looks so much better just kidding buying a new camera isn t gonna fix this shot the effect this shot looks horrible is the fact that i haven t lit absolutely horribly and i ve made a bunch of rookie mistakes like shooting with a way to close down. Aperture shooting with my iso way too high. And not white balancing properly and also the lighting in here is absolutely horrible. I have practicals on and i thought most one led light pointed right at my face these in my opinion are mistakes that probably every new filmmaker makes and so i just want to show you that even with an older camera like mine you can still create a really great image and you can go from looking like this to looking like to this.

So i did. A video looks similar to this a while back you can check that out right here. But i basically showed that you can take an image from looking really bad to looking pretty decent by just switching to lighting up a little bit. And doing a little bit of color grading and obviously bringing in some better audio.

So that s something to do with this video. And it s gonna be kind of like an updated version of that older video that i did so let s fix this shot and i ll show you that even with an old camera like my gh3 and a relatively cheap lens. I m using the dji 50 millimeter f. 1.

Point. 7. You can create a really good looking image. So first thing.

We need to fix is the audio is this sounds horrible and using the internal blanks on my th3. So. What i m gonna do is i m going to use this really cheap. Ass ping stereo hq lav mic and was gonna clip it to my.

Shirt i will see just how big of a difference a cheap little 3000 might like this make to your audio alright. So now we re using the aspen s stereo hq lav. Mic and doesn t the audio just. Sounds so much better.

Even just with a little 3000 laughs like this i m not using any special adapter. I m just plugging it straight in my pants on gh3 with the audio levels turned all the way down and as you can see or..

I guess. As you can hear the audio sounds way better so step one get the audio better and people can even forgive the horrible image that you ve created with your camera. So i think the next thing we need to do is change. Some settings in the camera and right now i am shooting.

It i think like f11 so there is no depth of field or separation between me in the backgrounds. So i m gonna switch my lens back to f17 and i m gonna change my iso back down to its native iso. Which is also the lowest on the gh3. Which is iso 200.

So let s change that right now alright. So there we go we re back at iso 200. So you shouldn t be seeing any grain in the image. Anymore and we re at f17.

So you can kind of see. There s some little bit background separation and some bokeh and going on the next thing. I think we need to do is take those practical lights down and in my studio. Actually have those lights controlled by a dimmer.

So i m just going to turn those down right about there. As you can see those lights were casting a lot of light on the background and now my background is really dark so before we do anything else we do need to fix the white balance on my camera right now my face is kind of blue and it looks really bad so. Most cameras. It s pretty easy to set the white balance.

The way i do it is i just go into the custom white balance setting on my gh3. I find something that s white like this white piece of paper and i might balance it that way super easi alright. So now we re white balanced. And honestly.

This is starting to look a lot better so now i think we need to focus on my key light. And my key light is pretty harsh and it s kind of creating like one dimension on my face you can even see how harsh those shadows are if he s kind of hold one of your fingers up to your face those are pretty hard shadows and not really that appealing so what i m gonna do is i m gonna soften those shadows up by using a simple umbrella this can be bought on amazon for like 7 or 8 bucks. And this little rx. 8.

Is on a really cheap light stand. So i m gonna put this umbrella on the umbrella bracket that i have on the light stand..

So i m also gonna take this light. I m gonna raise it up a little bit so it creates more of a drop shadow on my chin. Which is gonna create a lot more of a flattering light on your face all right so now we got our key light with the umbrella and if you hold a finger up to your face you can see how much softer the shadows are and since it s at a higher angle. It s creating a nice drop shadow here at my chin.

Which is a lot more flattering on my face all right one last thing. I m going to do with my lighting is i do have one other practical on right over here. Which is creating some fill on my face. But just can be okay.

But i m actually gonna turn this off because i want to go for a little bit more of a dramatic look. But if you wanted to keep a shot like this having a little bit of fill can sometimes help. But i m actually gonna turn this practical off. And it s just to be right of the frame alright.

So now we have our key light and we got some practicals. But what i am noticing is that i am completely disappearing into the background with this black shirt on so. I m actually gonna do is put something on that ll help separate me from the background. A little bit more alright.

So now i have something else on that s gonna help separate me from the background. So instead of wearing just a plain black shirt. You can actually see that there s some color here and you ll see the difference between me and the background. But something else that you can do to help separate your subject from the background is to have something called a hair or a kicker light.

What i m actually gonna do is use another rx. 8. Light. And i m gonna use this as my hair light so one thing.

That s kind of cool about these rx eights. Which you ll see in the video that i did for them. But you can actually manipulate these lights and bend them a lot. Which is pretty cool.

Because it s kind of like built in barn. Doors for your lights..

And you can help create more of a narrow shape of light so just hit where you want it to hit instead of spilling all over the place so i m gonna turn this on i don t want it to be too bright. But right around there i think is good i ll just put it slightly out of frame. And there we go we have a little bit of a hair light. It s also kind of bleeding right here.

And just helping me pop out from the background. A little bit more. So i think right now. We are at a really good spot to just call it good.

But there is something else that you can do just to add a little bit more of interest into your shot. And that is adding some color so i m gonna actually try to bring some color into my shot with this little falcon eyes pocket light. 7. Now i just did a video on this light.

You can check that out right there if you want to but yeah. This is a little rgb light and i m gonna use it to kick on to my background. Just to add a little bit of color to my shine. But you don t have to use something like this this is a little expensive it s like 140 bucks.

If you wanted to go super. Cheap you could just get another 50 rx. 8. Lights that i m using right now is my key in my hair light and just get.

Some. Binder dividers and use them. As gels and then just gel your light and put that onto your background. It s dead.

But since i have this i m gonna use it so i m going to set it to teal and kind of light up the background. A little bit just to add some color into this shot. So. This is basically the final shot as you can see behind me.

I have the little pocket light. F7 creating a little blueish teal color in the back of my shot..

Honestly this looks pretty good and if you compare it with what i started out with this is just absolutely night and day. As you can see even with an older camera like my gh3 and a pretty cheap lens. You can still produce a really a nice looking image and that s just kind of what i really wanted to encourage you with is that even if you have an older camera or a cheaper camera. You can still get really good images out of it.

If you just add some lighting and some better audio. And you don t have to go crazy like this lav mic that i m using is only thirty bucks and these two lights that i m using as a key and a hair light are only 50 bucks each and like i said if you get another one and have an entire lighting kit for about 150 bucks. And just you know use some gels. If you wanted to add some different color.

But that s just kind of what i wanted to talk about is that like so much of making a good video is how its lit and how it sounds not necessarily. So much about what camera is shooting. With and honestly a better camera wouldn t have fixed that shot before. But i was able to fix it with some really cheap lights and that s gonna cost you a lot less than going out and buying a brand new camera.

So i hope that was encouraging and helpful in some way if it was it d be really cool. If he s the like button and be sure to subscribe to my channel. You enjoyed my content as always there s links in the description to a bunch of gear that i use and recommend and also a link to my patreon and self ai. Accounts and if you dig the music that i use in my videos.

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Thank you so much for watching and i ll see you next time bye you ” ..

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