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“Up induce peter from panda here. He got myself a snail judge snail watch here. Here. And i thought it looked pretty cool as you can see it s a s shock trying something kind of go back to media in the past.

But let s see you know i think this watch maybe one that s going to keep giving away too. But i can t make any promises you ll just have to wait till the end to find out. But i thought i would check it out because it seemed like a cool little watch seemed like it was rugged if you re outdoors. If you re looking for something to accompany you on your adventures this might be the watch as you can see pretty rugged massive case.

This is a man s watch. It you know. This is probably crafted with abs plastic and testosterone. Because it s it s kind of military tactical looking.

In fact when i was looking at it through the window. There i think that it just kind of looks like a standard black sports watch. But obviously it has like an od g. Our green strap rubberized soft and pliable.

But certainly like plastic rubber and a little bit of a kink right there and some texture it says mud resist mud resist resist to the temptation of mud 20 bar water resistant world time and you can see double holes. All the way down. And that s because it has this double tang or double tongued buckle on it kind of a brushed stainless steel look to it i think this is something that like hamilton uses as well because it looks like an h strap here again texture twin senses. I don t know what all this has but it s probably more information in the description.

Which will get for me this is what it looks like on the back side. As you can see the way the the lugs are designed in the way the strap is attached you know they really drop down. Quite dramatically and that s because the suckers big how big you ask let s see if i can give you some numbers here. We just open this up and the protectors are pretty big.

So this is going to give us a pretty big number look at that 55 millimeters. All the way across there in terms of thickness. Almost 20 millimeters thick 19. And between 19 to 20 millimeters.


So it s a big watch. No doubt. No doubt. But most smart watches are especially in the s.

Shock range. It has some interesting design elements here. It s got like a looks like if there s a bar that holds down the straps. I mean.

It s just kind of nice some like texturing on the buttons. Where the buttons look like they are metal. Like some sort of aluminum alloy type. A little polished around at the main crown here light search you know i m sure what else does kind of like a black chrome type of rivet on the front looks great and looks great let s just throw it on here.

That s what a lot of people are always wondering. And so let s just get a quick wrist shot this definitely says outdoors to me more more. So. Than more like militaria.

Because of the price. I love. Drab green color. Then even some of the other watches that are just kind of black.

So i don t know if you like that green you might like this i think it definitely looks cool and kind of breaks up the color. A little bit it doesn t make it look as sinister as an all black watch. But you know for 55 millimeters. I ve got a wrist that s pretty generously sized a little chubby but i think it looks good and if you re all kind of doing your thing and being an iron man and living the outdoor adventure.

I don t think anyone would think it looks funny it just looks like what a lot of operators use now let s take a quick look at the dial here. We have looks like gonna straight hands pointed loom on them we have a really deep bezel in see the our markers looks like there s kind of like these like ivory plastic markers at the hour that are like hockey stick shape. They kind of kick down to 12 3. 6.


In arabic. Numerals are raised and painted a little bit. And then below this dial. Which is kind of skeletonized.

There is an lcd behind it so kind of your standard liquid crystal display behind it so giving you both an analogue in a digital interface timer alarm second time or dual time zone down here as it says gmt looks like a date window. Here and then i m assuming maybe your second time zone is being displayed up here because this is obviously showing me it s about four minutes to 7 00 pm. And this is up here it s showing me like 1103 so keep that in mind got a ticking seconds. Hand right there let s see here i hit this yeah we ve got the blue light on there so it got light up here as it says search button down here we have mode and adjust buttons here so if i go through the modes that looks like it s alarm one stopwatch.

So i assumed this would be the start you know looks like the start is up here. Which is a little a little odd and then if i hit that again maybe hit let s see which one and then down here which is generally the reset button on stopwatches is actually the reset button so you start and stop it up here and reset down here i started here and hit this let s see if it splits and hit it again. I guess it did. But you ve got to hit this button down here too to see what the split is so stop it reset.

It let s get out stopwatch hit the mode again and then we re back to the front. So totally sure how the crown is going to work it looks like it pulled out and then you can twist. It now one of the things i ll tell you is if you look at the crown. Here.

It has like a little rubber o ring on the outside. So you do think you can get a little traction on it. But it would help if well there were some more knurling because it s not the easiest thing now it does turn pretty nicely. I what i ve heard on some of these watches is that when you pull them out you lose the water resistance here.

So don t change any time don t pull the crown out when it s wet or you re in water you re getting rained on that type of thing it may not be the end of the watch. But it could be so that s going to be how you re going to adjust the hands here the analog portion of the watch. My assumption is you ll use the mode to get to the time the digital time portion so if let s see if we can figure out. Which one it does looks like this bottom button will scroll you through the adjustments.

And this button up here is going to actually increment for you so if we get out of mode. I think now we re just back to the front so pretty cool. I think it s a good look and watch it is certainly tough looking watch i m gonna enjoy wearing this watch on my next adventure all right see you later i m just kidding. I promise here let s give this watch away.

I want my snail on someone s wrist out there in the panda nation..

So let s give this sucker away on may 27 2017. One lucky viewer that liked this video subscribe to my channel and then comment below any comment will do to get you entered. But just put the country that you live in someone to comment. Because this giveaway is only going to be available to people in the usa and canada because that s where i can afford to ship it to and then on may 27th.

I will pick one random comment or reach out to you and get this watch off to you so. If you want something that looks rugged and you know oil company you on your next operation. This one should do look really cool it is if you have a curve so i m gonna curve mine a bit not too much okay and then to make it look really cool go on the style. Then at the top.

It says color. So then click on style. Then it has spacing underline and shadow you want to turn on shadow. A little bit you can turn it on those if you want i m just gonna put it on around 40 and then click done you can change the color of the shadow.

If you like you could make it a darker version of the color that you already have but i already make as much of a difference as to just doing it. But so i m just going to use a black shadow and then i think that looks really cool just make sure. It s aligned in the center. Then click share in the corner save image and then okay now just go to settings scroll down.

Until you get to wallpaper choose new wallpaper or photos. Then go all the one that you re picking make sure you go on still because perspective means that it can make move around so just go still align. It in the way that you want and then click set i m gonna set both okay now we re gonna see how this looks okay this looks really cute and ascetic and it was really easily done if you can do this in any way. As you want you can do any color.

And it looks really cool okay. So another way to have a really cool homescreen is to use a photo or lots of different photos. So i m gonna click on the camera image again and then go on through to albums then just go through your photos and pick one that you want so i just picked this image of my friends then if you want you can add a filter. I think i m going to use mono because that can look really cool especially if you have some color over the top you can use one because i don t want to spend too much time doing this so then i m just gonna add text.

I m gonna say. Which is barcelona so i m just going to put that then you can change that then you can change the color and the style and the front. If you want and i mean i i m gonna put this on curve like the other one and make it a bit more curb this time and then i m gonna change the style to make it a bit shadowed or you can t see the shadow that might so i m making it a bit stronger. Then you can change the size if you like now i m just gonna change the color.

But i think i m gonna put it as a light pink to go with mono background..

I m just gonna put this at the top here. I think that looks really cute all photos click on the picture that you want make sure. It s still then make sure that it goes well with the time or with the apps. You are having it with then i m just gonna set lock screen.

Okay this looks really cute that i think. This is really athletic and it looks really nice as well again this one s really personalized because it s a picture of my friends. And it says where it was taken you can do this as a collage. You have lots of pictures you can have pictures of you know friends you and your family and then put the text that you want over the top.

You don t have to put text you could put emojis. If you want you can put whatever you want it s literally up to you okay and the last way that i m gonna share with you guys is this one isn t as personalised and original. But if you re not very good at making your own things or you oh you don t want to have a picture of you and you don t want it personalized just go onto pinterest if you have pinterest by the way. I think you should definitely get it it s actually one of my favorite apps.

It s so great and it s and it s really good for inspiration and you can pin things yeah basically. It s waving so then search in in pinterest search aesthetic wallpaper. Then it comes up with loads of collages and access. It will peepers.

I m just going to pick this one because i think this looks really cool then then just click the dots at the top in the top left and click download image image downloaded then you can go to settings go to wallpaper or photos and and then pick the one that you picked click still and set. I m just going to set as both okay this looks really cute and aesthetic obviously. It s not personalized as the other ones. But it s still looks really cool.

I think this is it for this video. If you guys liked this video. Don t forget to like comment and subscribe if you enjoyed it bye. ” .


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