How to Map a Network Drive or Folder

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“Everyone welcome back this is eric with it conflict computer training tutorials today. We re re gonna be going over how to map a specific network location on your network. A hard drive or folder. So let s go ahead and get started.

I m gonna show you a couple ways how to do it here but the first way i want to do it is a pretty pretty easy way go ahead and click start here in the bottom of course using windows 7 if you have windows xp windows vista it should be the same way basically we re gonna do is go to start go to computer or my computer right click. It and click map. Network. Drive.

Ok. So we can see here. Let s just choose the drive letter. We want to use let s use t for training or tutorial of course.

You can use whatever drive letter..

You want doesn t matter. And what we re gonna do here is this is where you would normally type in where the destination. You want a map. We can also click browse here on the right hand side and let s just hit our network.

This is the computer. I m currently on so we don t want anything on there that is a bluetooth printer that s a printer. So i m gonna go ahead. And just choose this one right here and let s say i want to map this drive right here are this folder.

So we ll select the folder. I want to map and just hit ok. So you see where it s typed. It in it s filled that in for us make sure reconnect at logon is checked and connect using different credentials.

I don t think you ll need this unless..

It s your networks a little more complicated or if you have a different username and password you probably won t have to set this. If you do shoot me over a comment. Let me know i can let you know i can either walk you through getting around it or setting up a username and password on both machines. You might have to do a little more maybe setting up the network or a workgroup.

But we can get around it so don t worry about that so just assuming. It s gonna be easy and work out for us select reconnect at logon. We ve chosen our folder. We ve browsed for our folder and we have our drive letter.

So we ll just hit finish here. And it should pop up right away up. There. It is so it has popped up that we have successfully set that up one way you can check is by going to computer or my computer.

And under network location you can see the drive that i mapped earlier..

Which is users. This is actually a folder. So that is one way how to map a hard drive folder or specific network location on your network. So the second way you can do it is go to computer and type in the destination of say a i don t know computer node climb pc server on your network.

This is one i happens to know off the top of my head and if you want to say map. This the c drive. Just right click. It and click map.

Network. Map. Network. Drive.

Choose your drive..

Letter. It s already filled this in for us. Again make sure. It s checked off to reconnect at logon and hit finish.

So now we ve successfully mapped to different network locations. We can check this by going to computer. And you can see that i tcp co. One which is the l drive.

I just mapped and the users folder. Which we did earlier to disconnect from both these network locations just right click on it and hit disconnect again thank you for watching this is erik with it conflict and please you guys have any questions leave them in the comments shoot me over a message. I m gonna have a lot more computer training tutorials coming your ” ..


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