How to Pay on Amazon Using a Gift Card

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“This is anthony with a video tutorial on how to pay on amazoncom. Using a a gift card. I m creating this video because some of my viewers requested for so i m assuming you already have an amazon gift card that you received either a physical gift card or an email. Like this one.

You will need this claim code each gift card has a claim code and you re gonna require this claim code in order to redeem it so make sure you know it is an amazoncom. Gift card and not an amazon that ca or c or uk of australian one because if not it won t work you have to use an amazoncom gift card on the amazoncom website so what you need to do for us is a login to your amazon comic and go to the gift card section and then click on the redeem gift cards link and in this section right here in this little box that say enter claim code. You have to enter that claim code that i just showed you and then click the apply to your account button. And then well you know once you do that it s going to show up in your account currently i have two hundred fifteen dollars in my amazoncom.

Account which i m going to be using to purchase some products so first obviously what you need to do is you know choose the products that you want to purchase or in this case for example. This is one of the products that i m gonna be purchasing and when you visit the product page you will see this you know add to cart button so once you decide that that s the product you want approaches you know enter the quantity and stuff. If it s just one then leave it as one and then just click on that add to cart button and once you do that it s going to add it to your cart so currently i ve got you know four items in my cart or products..


And if you click that little shopping cart icon. It will display the items in your shopping cart and once you ve done that it ll basically show you you know the total items. And as you can see here. It also says your order qualifies for free shipping.

So i m not gonna have to pay shipping on this and next. What you need to do is just once you re ready to you know check out you can click this proceed to checkout button. You will then have to choose a shipping address and you may already have entered your address. When you you know open the account or you can you know use another address right down below here.

So i m gonna be using this address here and so you just basically click that ship to address button and in this step you you essentially need to choose the shipping preference in this section. Right here as you can see there are a couple of options. So i m gonna go over this you know five to nine days you may have amazon prime..


So if you do have that often will show up here and this second option right here. It says you know group my items. And do as few shipments as possible you know it s always good to do that otherwise you may receive you know quite a few shipments and then an extra just basically click this continue button now on you need to choose this payment option method in this step right here and as you can see we are gonna be using you know a gift card balance to make the payments so make sure that you check that box now the other thing you need to do is you need to also enter your credit card or bank account information even though you re not going to be you know paying it through your credit card or bank. Account you re just going to using your gift card balance.

It still need to enter that either credit card or bank. Account. They have a few options here now they won t charge your credit card or bank. Account.

Unless of course your your purchase exceeds the balance in your gift card balance so i know that mine s not gonna exceed and i ve also confirmed that indeed they will not charge my credit card. I ve basically entered my credit card details here you know just chose that option and then once you ve done that just click the continue button and finally they ll ask you to confirm the billing address off in my case. I ve entered the credit card..


And so i m just gonna say you know use this. Address it s the same address that i have on my amazoncom. Account and then finally it ll miss display the the final order and in this step. You basically just review.

The order here to look at the shipping address. You know the products and and whatnot and of course check. The price as you can see a right you ve got the place auto button. So once you re finally ready to you know place the order that you collect this place your order button and then once you do that it s going to just process your order.

Now one thing. I noticed was that it charged me shipping and handling. But should should not have been there because they said that my order qualified for you know free shipping so what i did was i contacted amazoncom..


Using the online chat and i got it reversed so as you can see right here they reversed it for me. And it was very seamless process. I really appreciate that their customer service and you know it was done really fast. So you know what i m saying is when you get your order before you hit the submit button just make sure you you know you check it out once you do that you will receive a confirmation.

Just giving in the details and i ll give you the order number as well and you will also receive an email that with the same details all right so that s pretty much it you know hope you found this video. Useful. If you did please give it a thumbs up and subscribe. And if you ve got any questions.

Please feel free to leave them in the comment. ” ..

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