How to Pick a Main in Smash Ultimate

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“How s everyone doing my name is zero. And i was the best player in in the world in the previous smash game smash bros for the wii u. Now this video. I want to help you find a main character in ultimate with 74 characters in this game.

It s the most overwhelming. It s ever been to actually pick a character in this game. I mean everyone looks really fun and actually really cool to you so who do we even use in this game. When we want to play this so my first piece of advice will be to not care about fearlesses or competitive rankings or tournaments too much when actually choosing a main especially.

If you are new to smash. This is because the game itself is actually really new i mean it just came out and people haven t really explored the characters properly. So some characters could be sleeper good pigs and nobody really knows about it because the game is just isn t explore fully and i encourage you to experiment and try characters that you feel you might like furthermore carelessness on the like really only matter at the highest levels of play. And it s not necessary to follow those to have fun with the game.

I mean you don t have to pick the best characters to have fun with the game. So here are some general recommendations of characters that i feel are good examples or just good ideas. If you have specific play styles in mind or you re new to the game. So i feel like these could be very helpful.

If you re not sure who to mean if you want someone basic and simple to start with to learn the fundamentals of the game. I really suggest mario kirby ganondorf cloud and samus mario is extremely linear. But very solid. He s actually really fun too he likes to fight up close and has decent projectiles and good specials that can interact with many different aspects of the game.

For example blood will teach you how when box is working this game were like this just attacks that simply push other characters again i can create some very very wacky situations that it s probably a good idea for you to get used to early on and you have to keep. Which allows you to deflect projectiles and also deflect recoveries as well so it s actually really useful so this character will teach you a bunch of fundamentals that will actually help you with a bunch of characters than the whole game. Kirby has the really simple to understand combos and has very forgiving recovery. If you re not used to the concept of getting back to level.

Yet these dombey move also allows you to land much easier. Which will come in handy in a game. Where it s hard to land because the only defensive options that you have is error dodging and that option will it s not gonna help you in every single situation. It s just really hard to land otherwise.

So it s nice to have a move like dumby that just allows you to land. Sometimes ganondorf has very powerful moves and can deal a lot of damage with just one move at a time. And he s simple to get going with so he s a great start if you re into heavy characters. And you re not sure.

Which one is simple..

But also good to start with cloud is one of the easiest or cactus to pick up and play. He has huge range no sour spots making his moves easy to land a lot of sword characters have for example mars has a tipper mechanic. Where you have to land very specific space in with your moves. Otherwise.

He does not do full damage with his attacks making him more difficult to use than compared to flower. Who can you can just swing your heart s content. If you want to put it that way also all the clouds move serve a purpose. So you re not always going to be spamming to say move over and over again so he kind of teaches you hood good habits by just trying to play him properly.

So i feel like cloud is a great choice to grow with as a player. The fundamentals that you can learn what cloud will help you with pretty much almost all of the sword characters in the whole game. He s a really good place to start with if you really want to play a character with a sword. Because you know there s a bunch of them and you steal the fireman character s samus is your go to if you like projectile based characters.

And you re not sure where to start with samus is also decent up close. And it has a good recovery making her more versatile and less extreme than powerful zoners like simon or rick. There. Because you know they have very weak recoveries and they re more about like a pure stone in and they traded defensive weaknesses to basically make it so they re not opie.

But whereas samus is a little bit more balanced. She has a good recovery and good projectiles. But not the best projectiles are not the best recovery. Whereas like simon and victor they have way too good of projectiles.

But the recovery suffers a lot so they re they re more extreme samus. A little less extreme to start with now. If you re interested in meaning characters that are looking very strong so far and that s the angle. Where you care more in terms of picking.

The main. Recommend. Going for pikachu. Oh.

Lamar. Meta. Knight. Peach.

Or daisy roy or crum..

And mewtwo. These are all characters. I have a gun in the competitive players talking about a lot recently behind the scenes some of these characters have either crazy combos crazy setups really good tools that stands them up from the other characters now i m not saying these characters are the best. But these are some of the characters that people that tend to be very good at these kind of games have been talking a lot about recently so these are probably good picks to start with if you really want to just get into a good character from from day one now if you re into picking characters that tend to be underrepresented and i m coming.

I will suggest going for characters like wii fit. Trainer pac man bowser jr. King dedede and you know what all of them ease the hip brawler surf fighter gone in all of them they re all really on there represented now the cool thing is that some of these characters could actually be good like for example. I feel like me brawler actually could be a pretty good character.

But you know he s pretty much onto the writer. So if you made him nobody else is using him. So you know he s a pretty good surprise pic. But in general these characters have gotten much less hype than all the other characters they re bound to stay under the radar.

If that s your thing now. If you would like to do the opposite and ride the wave of hype. Some of the most hyped up characters and the whole roster are in k rool ridley inkling. I feel like every top players blink league.

I feel like half of the top players are playing in clean pokemon trainer and youngling. They actually all are pretty unique and cool characters you can t really go wrong with any of them. But so if it s your thing to write the hype train. These are your characters to go for for sure finally here are some general suggestions depending on what kind of place tells you you may want to play if you enjoy up close fighters.

I ll really recommend roy and crumb mario box pikachu and rio or kim. Now this is because what i mean up close fighters. I mean characters that pretty much their objective is that they want to get up close to your opponent and they just want to mess them up these are all characters that their kid essentially works in a way where they want to approach and you re going be approaching pretty much the entire match even if you re winning. If your interest owners and projectile characters.

I will recommend simon or richter. Alum or any of the links link young length toon link. Any of them are a great pic or if you want something a little bit different you can also go with think he s a mix of projectiles and fighting so you can have a little bit of up close fighting a little bit of a projectile. He s a good mix between them if you re into that in terms of grapplers and heavy characters.

I ll recommending the sinner er. He has a bunch of new mechanics and he s actually pretty decent could be a potentially really good picking free throws and in teams because of his revenge mechanic. That allows him to soak up ahead and then deal tremendous damage on the next blow. Then you have king k.


Bowser. Was buffed tremendously. He s a lot faster than he s ever been so. He s really fun to use way way more fun than its smash.

4. And then donkey kong is looking really good too. He was also buffed. Quite a bit both thousand and donkey pantai looking great actually now if you re into combo heavy characters characters that you want to pretty much just be able to hit your opponent with and then just do a whole bunch of attacks.

Our brothers just looking at luigi he has great throw combos peach and daisy have some very technical combos that they can deal with flow cancels and just doing a whole bunch of stuff. They they they have some really good nice combo potential. There s a lot of cool videos you can you can watch for both characters ice. Climbers you can actually do a mechanic called distinct.

Where you basically separate the ice climber so you can control them separately and then you can do crazy combos like that so that s probably something that is unique in combo heavy and then you have sheik. A calculus really lightweight. And really fast. And her main strength is the ability to link mini moves a pretty much her entire boosted links into itself portal into portal areas into aerials.

She s the kind of character you re always going to be hitting your opponent. Multiple times off of anything. And falco. Surprisingly has really good aerial combos as well a lot of his ground attacks come when two aerials and he just feels really move on really fast in the ground.

I actually have a lot of fun with falcon. Personally now if you re into fighters with unique mechanics characters that cannot really be like anyone else in the cast. Because they just have mechanics that are only exclusive to them i ll recommend looking into show with the bernardo arts really really cool system where you can change his weaknesses and strengths pokemon trainer. You have the whole gaming of switching pokemon and having three characters on once ice climbers you play two characters out one so you can separate as well really unique in clean has the whole ink mechanic they just look really different they just have these quirky little sounds.

You know they they they just you play them and they don t play like anyone else i ve ever played smash. So there they pretty much yell at the screen. That s her unique basic game. I watch is extremely troll and he s just it just feels nothing like everyone else.

He s movement. He s the aerials. He s grounded this is pretty much everything about this guy here. You cannot compare it to anyone else.

He s extremely unique just just give him a try and you ll see what i mean palutena has the teleport and she also has two attacks on her back here and her dash attack which both have raising pretty much they use her shield and you can t attack..

The shield while peloton that uses these moves making palutena actually really strong with these moves. Because you actually just win every single exchange with them. And no other character really has a mechanic like this making her playstyle a lot different than other characters plus. I mean you know she s she s a great wife and then we have bayonetta.

I mean bayonetta is the based on her original games to go into the bane of the games. They did her a lot of justice in this game. She was the best character at the previous game in this game. She s also shaping up to be quite good.

So she has a lot of very unique mechanics. Which time slows down time for a counter multiple jumps. Multiple specials. She just plays very very differently.

She has projectiles that she can use after using moves. She just plays very differently. Usually where you learn from baena you can really apply to other characters. Because she s so unique.

Which is a pretty good example for them so with that those are my main recommendations for mains now. I m not where there s a lot of characters. I did not mention. But i want to say that it s really important and i encourage all of you to actually try as many fighters as possible and ultimate this game is really well polished and sometimes characters you may feel are not for you are actually definitely for you for example.

I didn t expect to like roy so much. But he s actually shaping up to be one of my favorite characters in the entire game. I didn t expect that at all i expected to play lucina who was my favorite in the previous game. But now roy is shaping up to be my favorite so for example.

That s how you can be surprised. If you try all the characters now guys let me know in the comments below who you re gonna mane an ultimate and don t forget guys i m doing a christmas giveaway for to nintendo s switch ultimate bundles make sure to participate by clicking in the link scription below pull all of my social media and become a subscriber both on youtube and on twitch with twitch brian for free for extra entries as well make sure not to forget that and as always thanks for watching everyone you have a fantastic day. I ll catch you guys another video all right zero out bye bye. ” .


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