How to Pressure Your Opponents to Victory in Smash Ultimate

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“State. This is the part of the game. We all look forward to you ve ve got the opponent s on the back foot and now it s your turn land hits. You ll damage and take stocks why if you re facing a good opponent.

They re not just gonna let you hit them just like they ve worked on their disadvantage. You have to work on your advantage. Which is why we ve put together five ways you can push the advantage even further hey guys bonk here and for our question of the day i want to know which character. You think has the best advantage state go ahead and tell us in the comments below by the way if you re looking to work on your disadvantage.

State be sure to check out our videos on how to recover and how to improve your disadvantage state. If you re looking to get better at every part of the game check out pro guides. Calm you can find even more guides on our website including master courses written by pros like sam m. Kao.

We ve also recently launched live classes here on our youtube channel. You can check out these free live classes right here on this very channel monday through friday at 12 pm. Pacific time make sure to subscribe to the channel with notifications so you know as soon as those classes go live before we get into it let s go over what the advantage state is really quickly to simplify advantage is whenever you push the opponent into a spot. Where they have less options and a generally worse position advantage isn t the same thing as winning or having a lead on an opponent for example you have the advantage when you re juggling ledge trapping edge guarding or tech.

Chasing naturally two huge parts of advantage are combos and kill confirms you should be working on both your combos and kill confirms. But we re not gonna include this as part of the tips at this point. It s just common sense. Now let s get started number one know your limits overextending might be the most common way smash players give up advantage you ll see it in every level of play from the top 10 people just picking up a controller.

One player has the other cornered in in a rough spot instead of waiting patiently for their opponent to try and get out of the corner. They run in force. The issue lose stage control and the managed going for that deep edge guard or high risk. Play can be the smart calculated play the difference between overextending and making a big play is knowing your limits top players like mars and m.


Can go deep offstage to edge guard. Because they know their limits. You don t just start smash with that level of knowledge. You ve got a play practice.

Watch vod s and learn knowing your limits is surprisingly tough. Because it varies. A lot based on context. A character s limit will change based on stage and matchup.

For example. Donkey kong. Has more kill potential on pokemon stadium. And even more depending on the weight of his opponent dying to a grab from center stage at 63.

That s a tilter if you don t know your limits. It s very easy to overextend and lose advantage or even get reversal. If you find yourself greeting out for an extra hit that won t land and giving up the advantage. You should focus more on frame traps.

Less on follow ups. If you re not too character. Too far away for a follow up you can still chase down their landing throw out a move they can t beat force them to air dodge and then have punished the lag on that air dodge. Sometimes you can jump up and throw out a safe aerial to condition the opponent.

The next time you jump you just wait for them to air dodge too early and punish follow ups are great. But a high percents frame traps and conditioning are often better ways to push the advantage number to retreat more often and by retreat. We mean a tactical. One don t run to the other end of the stage.

Just give your opponent a little bit of space..

Whether you re pressuring. An opponent s shield. Reading ledge options or tet chasing. Sometimes you don t want to be right in your opponent s face.

If you get right next to an opponent. They have a better chance of landing a hit or rolling away. You re not positioned wall to cover as many options and your position to get hit by more options. If you have your opponent cornered and you with an attack you want to retreat a little bit.

The retreat could be a retreating aerial or it could be a dash back this will often bait your opponent into a defensive option that you can punish they might try and up be out a shield of the whip s because you use the retreating aerial. They might drop shield thinking. It s their turn to play giving you time to dash in and land a hit the level of play gets higher running in over and over doesn t press the advantage it usually loses. It try more retreating aerials more backs and standing rule distance away especially at ledge.

If you stand up roll distance. You re in a good position to cover a roll in normal get up and get up attack. All that leaves is roll away and usually if the opponent rolls away. They re rolling back into the corner and into disadvantage.

Speaking of rules get ups in defensive options. Number. Three learn what moves cover. Which defensive options.

Ultimate has such a huge amount of variety in the cast. But at least the defensive options area is a bit more uniform while different characters do have different data and frames for rolls and dodges. A lot of characters are closer than they used to be that means your character will often have options that can reliably cover the normal defensive options. And by normal defensive options.

We mean things players can do after teching or on the ledge or even shield..

So things like rolling normal get up ledge jump. And so on if you know a good move for covering different options you can use that to apply pressure and keep opponents on the back foot. A lot of really good characters in the cast can use one move to catch. Several options for example fox s neutral air has such a long lasting hitbox that it can catch rolls jumps and normal get ups from ledge.

If times right your coverage options can lead to guaranteed kills at a very low cost you ve seen this in action. If you ve ever watched a great roi or crom player their jab can cover normal get up super. Well and leads into a backer that kills at low percents. If the jab lifts.

The end lag is so low that it s much safer than whipping. A smash attack alright. We ve had a few study heavy tips so here s an execution based one number four master runoff aerials and dropping to ledge this one sounds really simple but if you re newer to the game were just not that practiced it s easy to overlook movement on and around the ledge itself. However learning how to move around the ledge can open new ways to push the advantage to relatively easy things you can learn our runoff aerials and dropping to ledge a runoff aerial is when you run straight off the ledge to attack instead of jumping off the ledge is a pretty easy mechanic to learn the main trick is waiting until your character has just left.

The stage to attack for as simple. As this is it opens up a ton of simple edgeguarding options and prevents your opponent from recovering at certain angles. When you do a runoff aerial and you keep your jump. So you can drift further out to hit an opponent and jump back to recover safely.

This is a great way to catch opponents moving horizontally to the ledge and push them to recover high or low instead number. 5. Learn how to pressure and approach shield in smash ultimate shielding is much weaker than in smash. 4.

However pressuring shield isn t as easy as it looks a lot of newer players attack a shield with a fast approaching aerial across up or a grab these approaches can be good. But a lot of characters can beat them by being patient and shield or by calling out the grab with a spot dodge good shield pressure comes from moves that are hard to punish out of shield or moves that beat shield without giving an opponent time to react. Some characters have grabs with great shield pressure palutena has great grab ranges. Which adds to her shield.

Pressure for pivot grab in particular has crazy shield pressure by the ledge when we get back on stage..

Our instinct is to shield palutena punishes that hard remember that there are lots of kinds of grabs to see your character may have certain grabs. You should go for over. Others. Their shield grabs standing grabs grabs and pivot grabs.

And they can all have different. Ranges. And data. If your character has a great grab.

But bad standing grab you just want to input a little before the grab if you want to improve your grabs as approach options give boost grabbing a try to boost grab you just input a dash attack then quickly input a grab before the dash attack can load you ll get a little boost to your grab effectively adding distance you can boost distance even further by roll boost grabbing you input a dash a shield and then press a but it only works out of initial as for attacks good attacks on shield have low end lag and high shield stun that means they keep the opponent trapped than shield stun. But don t keep you trapped in lag. Some characters like ken and ryu have so much shield stun that they can break shields with their normals. A well spaced disjoint can also do very well against shields since it now takes 11 frames to drop shield a lot of characters aren t fast enough to punish a hit if it s outta range.

If they re out of shield options. A well spaced move can even trick an opponent into whipping and out a shield option giving you a free punish. And that s about it there are a ton of other ways to improve your advantage state. This video just gives five relatively simple things to think about and build on as you play to recap those five things are one know your limits and avoid overextending for follow ups you can t hit to retreat more often by using dash backs for treating aerials and short strategic movements that prevents counter attacks and tricks.

Opponents. Three learn how to cover defensive options by figuring out which of your character s moves. Do best to stuff out rolls normal get ups and jumps or master runoff aerials and ledge dropping that way you can edge guard more effectively and 5 learn how to pressure shield by improving your grabs and finding moves with good shield stun low lag or strong disjoints. It ll take some time and effort to work all of this into your game.

But if you stick to it you ll start closing stocks earlier keeping opponents on the backfoot longer and winning more games. And if you want more tips for all stages of the game. You know where to go pro guides comm head over and use tools to your advantage. ” .


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