How to record from the webcam on a chromebook

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“Know they say the third time s a charm on doing anything so hopefully. This this is uh. This is the third and final time. I have to make this i had a teacher ask me how do i how to use the how do i use a camera to have students record.

A daily vlog is that possible and with chromebooks now it is yes. It is and we re gonna use a couple of apps to you to show you how that s done and then how to access those files. The first i m going to do is are going to go down into the app launcher at the bottom now i ve got video recorder right here however if you don t see it readily available in your quick launch. I m going to click on this drawer.


And here i see the camera. We re gonna quickly go into the camera app for those of you who are wondering i m using the screencastify to record my video screen. Now if i go in here. I m in the camera app immediately if i take a picture takes a picture now if i go over to the video mode.

I can record video now i can record video hit this red dot and it starts recording ba ba ba blue blue blue welcome to my vlog today. We re gonna vlog about all sorts of flogging things so and when i m done with my vlog i m gonna click on step and where does that video get saved so i m gonna close this camera app. I m actually get out of here hey look at that it s the files app. How do you get into the files app.


If you don t see the files f readily once again. We re gonna go back into our launcher app. Launcher and open this drawer up you re gonna look for the files app. I ve got mine in a little folder.

But here s the files app initially the file that you just recorded your students just record to is going to go into the downloads folder. Which is actually on the hard drive of this machine of this device and you can see i ve done. This. Several times already.


There s a video jpeg. A video a jpg. A video and hopefully. That s the last video.

But anyway. So with that we ve got the mkv that s the movie file and the teacher would be able to watch that in google drive all i m gonna do is it gonna open up on the left hand side here s my drive find a folder that you want about google classroom there we go i m gonna click on this i m going to drag it over to this folder and just like any other file that you ve got you can right mouse click on it students would be able to share with others. I believe they can and once it s in their drive. They should be able to upload it or or submit it through google classroom with that said.


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So thanks so much for watching have a great ” ..

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