How to Remove a Page from a Google Site

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“Everyone and welcome to this short video on how to delete or remove. A page page from your google site let s get started have a little sandbox here that can play with so let s say we have a page that we want to remove or let s say delete this page is no longer good and we want to delete this page completely. So be sure to have the page selected and if we click on the more button. We should find the delete page icon.

Let s select that and it says. It s about to delete this page do you really want to do that yes indeed. I do and so it will now delete that page completely it will no longer be in the background..


But there is a place where you can recover deleted. Pages. We ll show you a little bit later on under manage site. So that s how you delete a page.

You just select it click on more and delete page. Now there s another way that we can work with us instead of deleting. A page..


We can simply remove it from our navigation bar keep it in the background in case. We want to use it again. So let s just remove one of these pages from the navigation bar. So i m going to go up to my more menu once again and i m going to go to edit site layout and when you click on edit site layout it says click on the parts of this site you want to edit.

And you can see we re in the editing mode of the site currently so i ll come down. And i m going to click on this navigation bar. A navigation window does come up and allows us to begin to edit this navigation bar..


Now if you ve never done this before google automatically places these pages on your navigation bar in whatever order you start putting them that s the automatic. But if you want to control that all you have to do is to uncheck that and now your pages will appear listed in any order that you want to work with now if it comes up blank. All you have to do is add pages. And you ll be able to go in the background of the pages that you have created and add those pages to the navigation bar.

So let s say for a moment this class calendar is one we want to remove so we just select it and you ll see over in the side. We have a little x. And that will remove it from the navigation bar so let s take a look at that we ll click on ok and now you see it is removed from the navigation bar and i can close that and of course..


Now. I can always go back and add pages to that navigation bar that i ve removed simply by reversing the process go to more edit site layout and click on the area that we want to add the page you know we just click on add page and begin to add pages and organize them moving them up and down or indenting with these tools as well well thanks for watching. I hope you found this video helpful have ” ..


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