How to replace the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1″ Battery (SM-T580)

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“Walkins. We prepare and so today i m replacing the battery on an smt 580 580 samsung galaxy tab 3 it doesn t you just lift she doesn t turn because the budget is important to charge so we re gonna swap this one out it s a very great job all you should need is phillips screwdriver and something to pry between the edge of the frame and the back so we ll stop the start at the bottom of the charge point is just usually easier to get in there you do have to put quite a lot of force just to get it started again plastic pry tools are usually the way forward here. But i find it very far with them that s it just like that okay as i say you do have to put quite a lot of force into it once you ve started it it s pretty easy going just be careful around the buttons. Don t you what i did there.

And i do all the work you dumb so i m just using me plastic pry tool just to help me hold it so it doesn t pop back in i should be able to just go around and unclip now not sure what it started it s not too bad. It s just getting going so once you watch your way all the way around the back should just come free..

It s like just done that so no. But i back off won t remove that up the way this little bit so you guys can see what s going on so first thing. We re going to do disconnect the battery. So just takes it away to take off that tree so you ve done that before we do anything else and then we have to take these two cables off of the board.

Just so we can get the battery out so. This one is the one to our front screen..

And this one is for charging so pop that one out and then we ve got sort of half a dozen screws and the battery will come out you okay. So that s all disconnected. So it should just lift out at that point so there you go my battery pack. So this one will now go in the bin.

And we will get another one which has already been ordered just grab that okay so new battery and we just do the reverse. So really really simple so lift these two cables all the way country down in what your screws back first where a magnetic screwdriver comes in very handy..

Unless you touch the magnets on the side of the samsung tablet. That is you that s that done so get these cables back in now now in there get down let s lift that all off of it push it back in the clip. It down and lift this tab up push the battery back in and clip. It down.

Then we ll just give it a test for argument s sake and there we go one working samsung tablet. So what we need to do now is just get a backpack on so again i like to strangle the buttons in first just so you re not fiddling with anything..

While you re doing it so just flip into here and click all the way around like that and that is literally. It one samsung tablet with a new battery. Now i hope this videos been useful to you it has drop us a like subscribe to the channel. And yeah.

We ll ” ..

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