How to Resize / Adjust a Watch Band

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“There i m nils and today. I m gonna show you how to adjust the the metallic watch band so let s say you ve got a watch like this has the band that s not adjustable at least not an easy way i m gonna show you how to go ahead and take care of that we re gonna be working on this timex. Watch today. Just to show you how to take a link out of it and get that part done and let s go ahead and get started.

The first method is to just use some simple tools that you have around the house. So i ve got a pushpin here and then we re going to use that to actually push these push these little lot pins right through and then we ve got some needle nose pliers to help pull things through and some sort of a hammer. A regular hammer will do fine. I have one of these little guys.

That s a little softer so i m going to use that any sort of hammer will do just fine. The other thing. We re going to want is something to set the watch band on that we can then push the pin through so i happen to have this piece of wood. That s got a little notch cut out right here.


So i m gonna take advantage of that fact and use this wood as my pounding block basically so very simply i m just gonna put the pin line. The pin up over the little where i have a hole here you can also do this like in between two pieces of wood. It doesn t have to be wood. You can use other materials as well just anything where you re going to be able to hit down.

And there s going to be a little spot or a hole for the the pin to come out so i can just push this here. It set this here set it set the push pin on it okay. Everything is lined up here and then just whack. It a couple times.

Now we re shooting for at first anyway is just to get it to come out a little bit like you see there so we ve got it so. Where it s actually removed a little bit from the or protruding a little bit from the band and then we can if we get a little bit. More. I d like to go a little bit more than that if this will work and the push the pin.


The thickness of the push pin might be a problem here that might be all we get so now. I m gonna take this and see if i can get my needlenose pliers around it there we go pull it out and now i ve disconnected it so that s that s one easy way. Without any special tools necessarily or anything. Then i would do another one.

So. Let s say i wanted to remove one link from this i ll go ahead do that there we go so you can see it s pretty quick and easy to get something going so now i m gonna just remove that pin set it down make sure you don t lose those of course take it out and now i can do now i can put it back in keeping in mind that the split part right here was the side that came out so i m actually gonna you push that push our side of this side right here. I got that backwards there s the split side so you can see that a little better now. I m gonna take that part and make sure that that goes in last since that came out first line it all up get it in as far as we can and we ll go almost all the way in which is great then we just tap it back in all the way.

And we re good to go so that s one way to do it the next. Way is a little bit easier. It doesn t require the miscellaneous tools and such i m gonna do the same thing with this tool here that you can get on amazon for about 375. I think is what it costs something something like that okay so this one definitely a little bit easier to use we just the way this works is it s just a screw screw method.


Here and it just has a little pin. That you push out and it pushes the pin out with its own little metal piece. So here. The key is just to line up the pin.

So let s say i want to take that same. I think it was that same pin anyway out i m just gonna line it up inside here kind of keeping an eye on it let s see where is it right there. I think i think that s it right there. We ll find out and give a little twist and you can see how much resistance.

You do or don t get fact. I think it might be better again to go on this side. Because it s there s a little bit of a hole started there so you can get it into the right spot easier go and then what this will do if i can get it in the right spot. There we go see that and then i can keep twisting this and push that out further that s as far as i need to go and again this guy just comes right out so makes it really simple and then to put it back together and just go the opposite way and then push the one pin up against the other and it goes.


And so i ve done that with this watch that i wear here usually and i must have tiny wrists or something because i had to take almost all the links out of it. But this works out just fine. I ve got all the all. But one link on either side.

And i ve been wearing this watch for quite a while now and it s held up great and the pins haven t slipped or moved or anything like that they re meant to pop into place and stay there so that is how to adjust the wrist bands on metal banded watches. If you have any comments or questions or anything leave them below. I ll be happy to help as much as i ” ..


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