How To Ruin A Joke (Mob Psycho 100 Netflix Drama)

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“And tv. Tokyo s live action adaptation nof mob. Psycho 100. Is unwatchable garbage literally literally unwatchable like you actually could not pay me enough nmoney to sit through the series and give it a thorough review.

I mean obviously. It was going to be a train nwreck from the second. They announced it live action adaptations always suck and this is na story so abstract and surreal that it just doesn t make sense in live action. But ni wasn t expecting it to be this awful.

I haven t seen special effects this bad nediting this terrible or facial expressions. This forced and over the top since back. When njim carrey had a career you know before he shifted gears to convincing nparents to let their kids die from preventable diseases. What an asshole sorry.

Where was i right mob. Psycho. 100. Is a manga from one the creator nof.

One punch man that explores the life of mob. A socially awkward middle schooler with nincredible psychic powers. Who really wishes that he could just be normal and popular between his part time job as an exorcist and nthe actions of some shady evil organizations. He does get into some psychic brawls.

But nhis ultimate goal is to just grow as a person and get on with his everyday life it s a refreshingly original premise. It also happens to be one of my favourite nanime and favourite manga of all time. One s writing for the series is nothing nshort of transcendent and his art is charming. If nothing else and bones adaptation is an innovative nphenomenally directed work of mixed media magic.

So i thought i d have a lot to say about nnetflix s take on the series regardless of its quality. But i just can t do it it s so incompetently made on every level nand. There are so many better things i could be doing with my time right now like refreshing myself on steins gate. So i ncan properly.

Enjoy and talk about zero or watching the old galactic heroes. Ova or slamming nmy head against a wall repeatedly and praying for death. But i did force myself to sit through one nepisode of the series and even that was enough to give me something substantial to rip into because netflix took one of the best jokes nin. Any anime or manga.

Ever and took a big steaming shit all over it. So..

What s the joke. In episode. 2 of the anime chapters three nand four of the manga. We and mob are introduced to the telepathy research club.

A group of slackers who hang out in a club nroom after school eating snacks and well that s about it one of their members quits because he s ngetting weird looks about the club from classmates. And they re left scrambling to find someone nnew to join because without. 5. Members the student council will force them to disband and they have no time to do it because the nstudent council vice president shows up one femtosecond after their member quits.

Telling nthem. A new club wants their room. Almost as though he s just been waiting for an opportunity nto shut them down. Luckily for the telepathy club mob s just nbeen talking about how he feels he s not doing enough with his youth and he s ngot psychic powers to boot as soon as they set this up you have an idea nof.

How it s going to go the telepathy club is going to approach mob out of desperation nand after thinking about it for a bit. He s finally going to join at the last minute nsaving their butts afterward. They ll find out about his powers nand. Join him as he gets embroiled in increasingly dangerous and kooky psychic shenanigans.

He ll find a place where he belongs and ntheir long dead passion for the supernatural will be reignited. But that s not how things go down even nthough. They make you believe it will right up to the last second after the club approaches mob. As you d nexpect he begins.

Considering his options and thinking about joining them. He takes a bit more time to think it over nthe anime than in the manga. But at the end the day he ends up the club room where the ntelepathy club is confronted by the student council and the intimidating tough guys of nthe body improvement club that wants to take over the room remembering advice from his con man mentor nreigen mob digs deep inside himself to figure out what he really wants out of life. After recalling how his psychic powers.

Once nhelped him impress his childhood crush tsubomi and thinking about how she s drifted away nfrom him becoming more interested in the school s athletes. He reaches a conclusion he wants to join the club. The body improvement club because mob wants to impress tsubomi by getting nswole god. I love this joke and not just because nyou ve gotta respect any show that dedicates a whole episode to setting up a single punch nline.

It really works on every level. And that s impressive because in order nto work. The joke. Both has to come as a genuine surprise to us in the audience.

While still nmaking perfect sense based on the progression of the story. And what we know about the characters..

So what makes it come together this joke is an ingenious subversion of a nbog standard anime trope. We ve seen play out a thousand times before the evil student ncouncil wants to tear apart a close knit club of friends for no other reason than the rules ndemand. It only if you look at it objectively. There s na lot of good reasons.

The club should be disbanded. The members are really just exploiting. A loophole nto take away space that other clubs could make better use of all so that they can hang nout after school and spend their 20 dollar. A month club budget on junk food.

No wonder. The council s so eager to give nthem the boot. They re the villains in this story trying nto take advantage of the school and mob for personal gain. But we don t see that immediately because nwe re so familiar with this trope that we just expect them to be in the right.

Plus. Ntokugawa comes off as an asshole. We re also introduced to them from their nperspective and of course from that point of view. They re gonna be framed as correct.

They also have juuuuust enough personality nthat. We can picture them as a decent supporting cast of friends for mob spending. An entire episode or two chapters n. Focusing on this storyline makes.

The club seem like they have some sort of greater plot nsignificance instead of just being effectively gag fodder. We expect this story to have big ramifications non the plot moving forward and it does but only because mob signs nup with the bodybuilders and they end up being his friends and helping him better himself ninstead speaking of the body improvement club they re nexplicitly framed as dangerous intimidating thugs surrounded by an aura of menace and njojo villain sound effects in the manga from the moment they walk in the room. We also meet them pretty late in the story n. So it s unlikely that we ll make the connection with mob s previously expressed ndesire to be more popular and second guess the punchline.

But when the punch line does come all of nthat information clicks in an instant and we laugh all the harder. Because yeah. It nmakes perfect sense for mob to join the body improvement club. He s already got psychic powers.

So why nwould a telepathy research club be of any use to him especially. One that doesn t actually do nanything and deserves to be shut down. The only reason to have him join is frankly nlazy writing this moment turns our expectations on their nhead. Presenting a fresh perspective on a story arc.

That s been done to death broadening nour understanding of mob as a character and leaving us wondering. Where the story could ngo from there..

And it also makes us laugh. Our asses off nwhich is arguably equally important. It s a carefully constructed bit of narrative nmachinery that impresses me every time i look at it and the netflix drama tears out basically nevery moving part that makes it function for starters in the drama. We only ever see nthe club as a side character yes character singular.

The president kurata tome is the only member nof the club in this version and we don t even. See the vice president threaten to shut nher down that threat. Only comes up toward the end of the scene as far as we know she s just some weirdo nwho tackles mob because she s weird also this is the take you guys are gonna nuse yeah i totally believe she s overpowering nhim right off the bat we have zero context for nwhy. It might matter that the club will be shut down.

There s no friendship to tear up and non top of that no big group of supporting characters to potentially join the cast. If mob joined the club it would just be the ntwo of them which would be a weird dynamic. This also happens 15 minutes into the episode nand the gag s done a few minutes after that meaning tome doesn t really seem significant nthe way that she does when she gets a whole episode of her own in other words. We have zero narrative reason nto root for the telepathy club and zero reason to believe it will be a significant part of nthe plot.

They haven t even bothered to set up the ntired old trope that this joke is meant to subvert nbut. That s not the only problem by a long shot. When tome first meets mob. She s immediately ndrawn to him saying that he received her psychic signals.

And when she gets him nto the club room we see it filled with all sorts of fancy sci fi bullshit like she s actually studying the paranormal which undercuts the whole point of her character n in the manga. She s got a passing interest in the supernatural. But it s really just nan excuse to waste time. We re not supposed to take her seriously.

We re also supposed to be intimidated by nthe body improvement club when we first meet them and yeah. That doesn t happen like the music is heavy and they make really nmean faces. But the camera presents them in a mostly neutral perspective. Not as the nintimidating giants.

They are in the anime and manga. And they re with mob s brother nritsu for some reason who we already know is a good guy who cares about his brother. So by association. They re probably decent npeople.

As well and oh yeah right before the telepathy club. Nscene. The show introduces the body improvement club by explicitly framing them. As the answer.

Nto mob s question of how to change himself. They re presented with triumphant upbeat nmusic that s meant to leave mob and us in awe of their energy and fitness ntwo minutes before we re supposed to see them as potential villains..

Yeah. That s some grade f. Fucking. Awful nfilmmaking and even worse joke delivery not only does the show s sloppy editing.

Nmean. It takes forever to go from the setup of i m joining the club to the punchline nof. The body improvement club. Where the manga and anime make it quick and snappy n.

They tell us the goddamn punchline three minutes before it happens. It s kind of impressive how hard they missed nthe point here this is a degree of script level incompetence nthat. We don t often see even in live action anime adaptations and from everything. I ve nseen of the show shit from the trailer.

It seems like just the tip of the iceberg in a vaccum. Some of these decisions kinda nmake sense like cutting the other club members who don t nhave an impact on the plot and reducing the time the club s introduction takes in order nto make the story move faster. But only if you totally ignore. What mob.

Psycho 100. Nis about as a whole. And what purpose. These elements serve by being written the way they nare.

It seems like the writers of this drama. Haven t ngot the faintest understanding of any of that the whole point of the fucking story is that npsychic powers aren t a big deal that it s more important to be a well rounded nperson. No matter. What you can do yet from it s goddamn opening monologue this show nis playing up espers like they re the defining feature of its world.

The most important thing in existence it certainly seems like they couldn t have nmissed the point harder. If they tried this could very well be a worse anime adaptation nthan anything else i ve covered on this channel. But i can t say for sure because i m nnever ever going to watch the rest of it i m never going to know how bad it gets. I just know that they butchered one of my nfavourite gags ever and as far as i m concerned that s enough for me to permanently write nthis one off.

” ..

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